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Minato kicked the small stone which was lying near his feet towards Sakura's shadow cast by the dusk light. He sulked. Why in the world must a Hokage like me be in this position? His head was well hidden in a sack with a weird smell allowing him only to peak through the holes, and his hands were tied unnecessarily tight behind him. "Move!" Sakura shouted. A hard kick landed without warning on his back, triggering the pain from the blow he took earlier.

-Minutes ago-

"And so I'll have you to feed me then!" Minato exclaimed happily as he pointed to Sakura… only to find that she was no longer there when he had turned to her.

"Like hell I would!"

An elbow mashed into his back solidly. "Gah!" Minato coughed involuntarily. Shit, I shouldn't have let my guard down. Immediately, Sakura leapt slightly, gaining possible momentum and ground her knee into the exact same spot she had hit with her elbow, causing him to propel forwards and she made sure he fall head first by dragging his neck down to the ground with another leg. Sakura landed with one of her feet on Minato's body triumphantly, breathing only slightly heavier than she usually does.

"Damn you're insane!" Minato stood beside Sakura, rubbing his back. Sakura widened her eyes in realization that the body she was just stepping on just a few split seconds ago was no longer there. Tsunade raised her hands slowly only to stop mid-air with a thumb up and flashed a cheeky smile. "My best student!" Shizune nodded dramatically together with Tonton.

Tsunade slapped her hands lightly on the table and supported her as she stood up abruptly. "Now, I'll make some arrangements. We are to let nobody knows about the situation right now. We must do all we can to cover up that loud-mouth's absence here." The sudden change in mood caught both Sakura and Minato's attention and they listened to her carefully. "Shizune and I definitely cannot leave our jobs just to take care of this right now, so Sakura, I hope you do all you can to take care of this situation." Tsunade's eyes stared sternly into Sakura's while she nodded. Tsunade then eyed a particular blonde man, "As for you… please behave."


Some people may pass by greeting Sakura happily and eyed the so-called intruder that she had with her. "But I still don't get it! Why in the world must it be like this?" Minato said in a low voice so that only Sakura can hear him as they are walking in Konohagakure's main street. He couldn't see the surroundings clearly, but he can feel the piercing stares from the people on the street. Fortunately enough, it was dusk and there were not as many people on the street as they usually do in the day. He felt a jab in his back and a whisper near his ear. "Don't you think it'll be nice to parade a flashy blonde-haired Hokage on his way to his new home, announcing to the whole world that he just did some silly mistake with his research?"

Minato stopped in his tracks and ready to retort to her statement. Sakura punched lightly on his arm, "Just kidding." He stared at her through the small holes of the sack, frowning. She suddenly tugged at the sack and shouted, "Move it will ya!" Her voice brought his senses back and reminded him of the current situation they were in. He sighed.

"There's no helping it, since we don't want others to know." She whispered near his ear so that it is only audible to him only. Minato rolled his eyes, "There are so damn many other ways of doing things y'know?" Minato caught a glimpse of Sakura smirking. "It's more fun this way, isn't it?"

"No!" He can't help but to smirk back, not that he wanted her to notice.

A kick landed on his back, playfully this time.

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