Author: Sparta666

Title: 24 Hours

Pairings: Bridge & Sky

Rating: R

Crossovers: Some mentions of past rangers

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning, Death

Chapters: 1/25

Completed: No

Summery: Bridge is kidnapped and is given 24 hours to live after bring poisoned, while the others search for him Bridge gets his final thoughts together.

Chapter Summery: Bridge is bored

Authors Note:

24 Hours

Hour 1 - Boredom

Bridge was bored, very rare for him but it did happen. Sky was in the command centre with Kruger, Jack and Z where in the range shooting hopefully not at Sam who'd pissed Z off earlier and he was sat in the Rec-Area alone.

"Come on RIC" said Bridge as he got up and RIC jumped up from the spot next to couch were he'd been laying.

"Time for a walk to clear my head" said Bridge as he took the lead he'd made RIC and attached it to the hook on the back of RIC's neck.

Suddenly Bridge became a blur of green as RIC dragged him at speed out of the SPD Academy and into New Tec City. Not long later Sky was the first to return to the Rec-Area they all shared and noticed Bridge was no longer sat were Sky had last seen him.

Figuring he and Boom were in the lab doing Bridge and Boom-like things Sky figured he'd keep clear of the area, so he was pleasantly surprised to find a small paper note on his bed when he entered the room they shared.


Going mad (or madder then usual) with boredom, have taken RIC for a walk to clear my head. I'll bring you something back from that bakery you like in town, have got my Morpher, communicator and Cell on me (for once) wont be long.



Keep Z out of my CD's she still owes me for the two Syd broke last time.

Sky burst out laughing at the note, it was quirky and full of life just like the guy who penned it. Sky smiled to himself as he settled down on his bed and began writing in his journal, very few knew Sky kept a journal very few that is except for Bridge who's been the one to start Sky keeping one.

Sky had to always laugh at how he'd cursed Bridge for starting this bad habit of his in order to help Sky be less stressed out, and yet now most of what was written in it was about Bridge and Sky every changing feeling towards his room mate, best friend, fellow Ranger and soon to be lover Sky hoped?

It had been after a partially nasty battle in which Bridge had forced his empathic power to evolve that Sky had noticed the change, once Bridge had retuned from the Hospital Ward he found the two of them spending more and more time together. Now that in itself wasn't odd because they were friend, team-mates and roommates.

what as odd was the fact that with his senses even more heighten then usual, Bridge couldn't stand to spend more then a few minutes in crowed places alone. But if Sky was around Bridge had no problem spending three maybe four hour at a time in them before he felt ill, Sky had pulled Kat on this and she had posse the theory that Bridge must see Sky as much more then just a friend.

whatever it is that Bridge see in Sky allows Bridge to centre himself when Sky around. Sky had never openly asked Bridge about this but he had started to watch Bridge a lot more and what he saw had him questioning his own feeling for Bridge, after all despite the strangeness that was Bridge he was quite the catch.

Smart, funny, good looking, athletic, energetic and could cook better then anything the Food Replicata make. So the more Sky watched the more he felt himself fall for the Green Ranger and the more he wrote down in his journal. Now as his journal was coming to an end Sky figured it was time for him and Bridge to talk about a few thing and more.


The closer they got to town the more Bridge was regretting his 'walk to clear his head' moment since it was now pounding with other peoples thoughts. Bridge stopped and lent against a tree just before they hit the crowed town, sitting on the grass with his legs crossed and RIC still attached to his arm Bridge trued to centre himself.

Using his mind he sort out Sky through the crowds and the noise inside his head until he found the pease a tranquillity that came with Sky's. After a few moments Bridge's head no longer felt like it would explode and keeping a very low connection with Sky, after all he didn't want to invade his friends mind especial not now when Bridge could since he was happier then usual about something Bridge carried on.

Town was town, noisy, smelly, crowed and busy the only difference was Bridge was off duty and in his own clothing so no one was bugging him for directions or complain about SPD to him.

Bridge went to see Piggy who was one of the few people who truly like Bridge for who he was and not the uniform he wore, actually Piggy had often said he like Bridge better without it and had offered him a job once or twice.

Once that was done Bridge with cake in one hand and RIC in the other started back home with a smile on his face, Sky happy mood was slowly seeping into Bridge's mind making him feel happy and relaxed. But that didn't last long, Bridge had stopped to deal with RIC who'd decided to use his inbuilt weapons to try and take down a cat when an all to familiar screech of a voice cackled behind him.

"Green Ranger out walking his puppy all alone, it's so cute it's sickening wanna play with me?"

Going on instinct Bridge dropped the lead and went for his Morpher, in a flash of Green light the battle started but it was over quicker then Bridge wanted when a sharp pain hit his neck just under his helmet and his world went black. This last thought's where a cry for help.