Author: Sparta

Title: Before we were us - The Outcast & The Solider

Pairings: Sky & Bridge Wes & Eric Tommy & Jason

Rating: R

Crossovers: Some past Rangers mentioned

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No

Summery: A look at what life was like for Cadet Carson & Cadet Tate before they got the Green Ranger & Blue powers.

Chapter Summery: Where it all started from

Authors Note:

Before we were us - The Outcast & The Solider

Lost in a sea of emotion

Bridge Cason wasn't your normal, average thirteen year old boy. He was special and unique but very few people could see that most including his parents called him and freak and unnatural. This was how his parent justified the pain, torture and hell they put Bridge through day after day.

Bridge winced in pain once again after one of those day, his mother had taken him to a so called healer in the morning then later that night his father had beaten his 'Gift' out of him. Bridge hated his life and more then once had tried to take his own life but this had only angered his parents more, which earned him more beat because he was 'acting up' or 'attention seeking'.

Bridge had enough and later that night once his injures had settled and his parents where asleep, Bridge grabbed a bag from under his bed and packed it with what little he owned before jumping out the window. Taking off into the night Bridge didn't look back at the hell hole he'd grown up in, he ran for most of the night before collapsing in exhaustion and pain.

When Bridge woke up it was daylight and he wasn't alone, flinching away in fear he heard the stranger chuckle at him.

"Hey don't be afraid? I'm not going to hurt you, can you tell me your name?" asked the stranger with a smile as Bridge nodded.

"Bridge, who are you and where am I?" asked Bridge as the stranger sat down on his bed.

The stranger was a tall man of Asian decent, he wore a grey uniform of some sort with a red stripe down the side and SPD written on it. His once dark hair was going grey and his face was littered with scars.

Bridge was scared but the man seemed unfazed and continued to speak to Bridge without taking his eyes of him.

"I'm Commander Eric Myers and this is the SPD Academy Hospital Ward in New Tec City" said the stranger as he offer Bridge his hand to shake, Bridge took it and noticed the faded gold band on his finger.

"You are married?" asked Bridge as he suddenly felt a wave of sadness come of Eric even though his face never changed.

"But he died, I sorry I shouldn't of asked" said Bridge as he braced himself as if he was about to he hit.

Eric was taken back at both Bridges question then reaction to it and then Bridge's reaction to the answer, suddenly thing fell into place, Bridge being on the streets at night, his injures and his overly shy nature. Bridge had been conditioned under fear to behave and that angered Eric though he kept calm for Bridge.

"He died a hero saving so many, that's were my scars came from, my son Sky and I miss him but we both know that he died doing the job he loved" said Eric proudly as Bridge looked at him.

"you have a son?" asked Bridge as he felt pride coming off Eric.

"yes Schuyler or Sky as he prefers, his other father Wes named him, I was out voted by Wes and Sky's mother" laughed Eric as Bridge still looked puzzled.

"Wes and I met along time ago and vowed that we'd be parents some day. Thanks to Wes's father Wes's was able to become pregnant but our year of fighting as Power Ranger had taken it's toll on Wes's body. He almost died and we lost the baby Sky older sister Faith. Wes was heart broken but a few year later and old friend of ours offered to carry a child that shared both Wes's and Mine's DNA, nine month later Sky was born but unfortunately Sky mother who was a Sliver Guardian at the time was killed in action.

So in her memory Sky was given her last name, after he died I carried on raising Sky" said Eric as Bridge smiled and nodded before doing something Eric didn't see coming Bridge lent forward and hugged Eric.

Eric smiled at the heartfelt gesture and help Bridge settle back down to sleep after he caught the boy yawning, once settled Eric promised to come see Bridge later on and made the doctor aware that unless they were in an SPD uniform and had a reason to be there verified by Cruger himself.

Eric walked with a purpose and he headed to Kruger office pulling his cell from his pocket.

/Kat Manx/

/Kat, Eric meet me in Cruger office now. I think I've found one of you missing kids?/


/SPD Hospital Wing, looks like whoever had him has done a number on the kid. Broken arm, ribs, cracked skull. Not to mention the emotional and mental stuff I just seen. Don't worry I've told them no one without a uniform and clearance from Cruger gets close to him. Myers out/

With that Eric banged on Cruger's door and prayed for Bridge's sanity.