Author: Sparta

Title: Before we were us - The Outcast & The Solider

Pairings: Sky & Bridge Wes & Eric Tommy & Jason

Rating: R

Crossovers: Some past Rangers mentioned

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 8/?

Completed: No

Summery: A look at what life was like for Cadet Carson & Cadet Tate before they got the Green Ranger & Blue powers.

Chapter Summery: Sky & Syd are grieving but angry, RIC know something so Boom risks all for his friend

Authors Note:

For the love of a friend

Sky was lost as Bridge fought for his life in the Hospital wing, Kat had told them that the fall had broken most of Bridge's bones and shattered his skull. His mind was undamaged with to Kat meant that he knew what was coming long enough to protect it.

Cruger had ordered Boom to look over RIC since he was the only witness but his buggy programming was proving harder then it looked to access. So as the SPD was rocked by this horrendous event Boom spent hour trying to savage RIC's memory without erasing all that Bridge had worked on.

He was all ready to give up when Sky entered the Lab and spooked Boom making him drop his tools accidentally on RIC and started his memory playback. Sky and Boom watched as the images of Charlie and the Rangers looking over the edge with Bridge when he went over.

From were RIC was and without the sound both Sky and Boom knew that they couldn't prove that Charlie had done this on purpose or why she'd done it? All he knew is that the main Ranger team, a team he'd looked up to had been there when Bridge had fallen off the roof.

Boom jumped with fear as Sky smashed one of the computers when he thumped his fist into it.

"They will die for this" growled Sky as Boom refused to argue with this side of Sky that truly scared him.

"BOOM" yelled Sky as Boom jumped

"Yes sir"

"find a way to hurt them and hurt them good I want payback" growled Sky

"What about your father Sky?" asked Boom

"what about him?"

"if you do this you'll be kicked out of SPD, if not charged and contained?" said Boom as Sky shot him a dirty look.

"A-Squad just tried to kill a followed SPD Cadet, my lover or not he didn't deserve it" said Sky with a growl as he stormed out of the lab.


Days passed and Sky's anger only got worse, he avoided A-Squad like the plague and growled every time the shot him a knowing smile. Sky almost snapped when Thoth made a comment about Bridge and how Freaks should learn to fly better, that was the last straw for Sky.

He took one of Booms tool kit and headed down to the launch bay, he soon found the launcher that they often used. Within minutes Sky had done something that he'd never have contemplated before this. Heading back to Bridge's side he waited for his plan to go into action but unfortunately for Sky a rookie team were using it for training.

Sky felt bad as the SPD Cadets were gathered in the command centre and Cruger questioned them all, though the Launcher's crash hadn't caused many injures to the team it was still a dismissible offence.

As Cruger approached Sky seeing as he was the last Cadet on camera to be in the Launcher bay Boom spoke up.

"It was me Commander, Sky was there just to pick up my Tool's. Kat asked me to check over A-Squads Launcher but between my own studies and Patrolling I haven't had a chance to check it over I though I had it taken off the active list?" said Boom with a look at Sky

"Is this true Miss Manx?" asked Cruger as she checked her log

"yes commander I did request it"

"then I'm sorry Cadet Johnson, you are dismissed from the SPD Academy. Pack you things and say your goodbyes. Dismissed Cadets" said Cruger as they all saluted.

Sky's heart felt heavy as he headed back to the Common Room and found Boom packing, he went to talk to him but Boom stopped him.

"Don't Sky I know why you did it and I would have done the same" said Boom as he turned to Sky.

"You're a hero just like you dad and Da, Bridge has the power to be a hell of a Ranger. Make sure he makes it there? Kat's offered me a full time place in the Labs so it's not like I'm going far? Deal with A-Squad Sky but do it with stealth, they will come after him more now.

I'll see you both around sometime" laughed Boom as he shook Sky had and headed out of the Common Room as Sky saluted one of the truest friends he and Bridge had the honour of knowing next to Syd.

"I'll get the fucker for us all one day" said Sky quietly before he headed to his room to change before he headed back to see Bridge.


PART 2 - Now we are us - The Freak & The Ranger