Chapter 1: Time Travel

The start of summer vacation was dismal, and proceeded to be well through July. The air was suppressing and thick with humidity. Cloudless blue skies gave way to the Suns intensity. Pristine green lawns turned brown and brittle from the lack of water. Flowers wilted and everything seemed dustier than usual. Not even the weeds would grow in the flower beds.

Even being indoors could not help with the heat. Windows were open in hopes of catching non-existent breezes, fans were turned on only for them to blow warm air around. Cold drinks were in abundance, everybody had one in their hand. All except one. A fifteen, soon to be sixteen, year-old boy sat in his too small room, on his rickety old bed, staring at the ceiling. Ebony black hair stuck up on end, tousled from sleep. Green eyes glazed over in thought stared through thick, round, black glasses. His tan skin was fading quickly from lack of outdoors. Only a bright red scar stood out on his skin. It was situated over his right eye, in the shape of a lightening bolt.

The boys name was Harry Potter, also known as the Boy-Who-Lived. The scar on his forehead was a legend to those of his world, the Wizarding World. You see, Harry Potter was not your average fifteen year old. When he was but a year old, he 'defeated' the reigning Dark Lord. Everybody cheered his name and surrounded him, but he felt alone. So very alone.

The boy sighed and turned towards his desk. It was littered with parchment and open textbooks, along with his companion, Hedwig. She had been with him since he entered the wizarding world and had bed been his shoulder to cry on, so to speak. His two 'friends', Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, had no idea as to what he had to go through. Only three people knew of such things, his year-mate and fellow Gryffindor, Neville Longbottom, another fellow Gryffindor and a year younger, Ginny Weasley and a fifth year Ravenclaw, Luna Lovegood. Each had either dealt with the loss of a loved one or the wrath that is Voldemort. Neville dealt with both. Thanks to one of Voldemorts henchmen, his parents had been tortured to insanity. Ginny had been possessed by his sixteen year memory, thanks to, yet again, one of Voldemorts henchmen. Luna had lost her mother in a Potion lab explosion.

Another sigh escaped is lips when he looked at his clock. His birthday was in a few minutes. No doubt his 'friends' would send the same meaningless drivel. The only things that mattered came from his true friends, ones not swayed by Dumbledores lead. As his clock struck midnight, his room was bombarded by owls. He recognized a few and began to mechanically removed the letters and packages. One by one, the owls left, to return to their homes. He saw Ron and Hermiones letters, scanned them then tossed them away. They said the same thing. He turned to their packages and opened them, only to find, unsurprisingly, candy and books. Next came Mrs. Weasleys with her normal load of food. The fourth came from Bill and Charlie Weasley, surprisingly. They sent him things from their trade. Bill sent him a new trunk that could be keyed to his magical signature. It was made from holly, ash and mahogany, with engravings of Griffins and Phoenixes. Placed on it were several charms, mostly from anti-theft, enlarging and shrinking, multi-compartment and many more that weren't listed. Harry sat in awe of the thing. Quickly, he moved his belongings from his old on to the new one. Charlie sent him dragon hide battle robes, along with knee high boots, elbow length gloves and a wand holster. They were a dark green that seemed almost black. He stowed them away and opened his other gifts. Neville sent him several books on Herbology and rare plants. Ginny sent him a handsome quill she said Fawkes gave to her in her first year, saying it was a primary flight feather. It would always stay sharp and never brake. She even tried to, but it didn't work, much to her pleasure. Luna sent him a blank book with a black cover laced with intricate silver designs. She said in her letter it had an endless amount of pages and was magically connected to the ones she, Ginny and Neville had, so they could write from anywhere, or anytime, she had added cryptically. He frowned then put all their things in his new trunk. Turning to the last gift, he found it was from Sirius, sent to him by Remus. Tears formed in his eyes as he thought of his deceased godfather. He picked up the letter with trembling hands, and read...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Harry,

Hey pup, how's it hangin'? If your reading this particular letter, then I died. If you have the other one, then why the hell are you reading this one? Put it down now! (Harry laughed.)

Anyway, yeah, I'm dead. Probably doing something stupid. Knowing me, I probably left this damned house and duked it out with some death eaters. I never listen.

Anyway, I named you my sole heir, so you get everything under the Black name, that includes my dear cousins' accounts. Mother dearest thought it would be best if they had one or three. Have fun with them!

Along with my being gone, you get this nifty parting gift. An amulet. James gave it to me to give to you should anything happen to him before now. I was supposed to give it to you on your seventeenth birthday, but now's as good a time as any. Legend I your family says that it'll send you back in time. It's made of jade, so take care of it. Jade has some amazing properties. It's said that once you activate it, you'll go on a great journey. James never tested it, saying it was some stupid legend his family made up. What ever. Try it out. You might be surprised.

Be sure your ready, Pronglet. Because once you start, there's no going back. I love you, kid. Be sure to write to Moony.


Sirius, a.k.a Padfoot/Snuffles.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Harry wiped away his tears and picked up the amulet. It was made of jade and had Celtic knots carved onto it's surface. He sprang to his desk suddenly and wrote to Gringotts, asking them for 500,000 Galleons and to close Narcissa and Bellatrix' bank accounts that were under the Black name. He signed it Harry James Potter-Black.

With that done, he cleared off his desk, stuffing everything haphazardly into his trunk. He closed it and shrank it, after putting his owls cage in it, telling her he'd rather have her out of her cage on this journey then locked up. He put the trunk in his pocket and sat down, waiting a full two and a half hours before his money arrived, which came in a bottomless, weightless bag. Not only did it have Galleons in it, but also Knuts and Sickles, along with a note stating that the accounts were closed. Smirking, he turned to Hedwig and motioned for her to get on his shoulder. Be put the amulet on and tapped it slightly, unsure of what he was suppose to do. Suddenly, much like a portkey, he was pulled away in a swirl of color. When he stopped, he landed at the feet of a man with a long silver beard and dark blue robes. "Merlin..." was all he uttered before passing out.