Author: Sparta

Title: Book of my life

Pairings: Wes & Eric Sky & Bridge

Rating: R

Crossovers: Older rangers and SPD

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No

Summery: Set during SPD Sky sits down with Eric after having a fight with Bridge while Eric tell him the story's about this father, how they met, broke up, met again and almost died because of their stubbiness.

Chapter Summery: once upon a time

Authors Note:

Book of my life

Stories always need a beginning

Eric was sat in front of the fire reading in the home he and Wes had shared since they'd started living together in Silver Hills, when the door slammed suddenly and the sound of muttering and cursing could be heard Eric put down his book knowing who it was.

To say Schuyler had his late mother's personality was an understatement, as Schuyler stormed into the room still dressed in his SPD Red uniform and flung himself on to the chair just made Eric sigh.

"does Cruger know you're here?" asked Eric as Sky just snorted.

Getting up Eric went to his room and contacted Cruger, since there was only three things that got under Sky's skin.

His father death and since his anniversary was three months away it wasn't that.

Cruger going against him which Eric knew for a fact wasn't it since Sky had just been named as Cruger successor when he retired at the end of the year.

So that left soon to be commander Bridge James Carson-Tate, Sky long suffering husband and best friends though Eric would never admit aloud he sided with Bridge Eric knew first hand how stubborn his son was.

"So what's Bridge done now?" asked Eric with a sigh as he rejoined his son after assuring Cruger his son wasn't AWOL he was just visiting.

When Sky didn't answer Eric growled and asked again.

"I just lied to Cruger for you so you'd better talk to me or I'm marching you ass back to SPD personally and locking you and Bridge in a room together. Do I make myself clear Schuyler?"

"Cristal Sir" barked Sky back as he jumped up and saluted his father.

"Good now sit down and talk to me" said Eric more calmly this time.

"Bridge is pregnant" sighed Sky as if it was nothing

"Now normally that would be a good thing? But that's just my opinion?" said Eric as he passed Sky a mug of coffee.

"It is and don't get me wrong I'm over the moon after everything we've been though…"


"I'm being promoted soon and Bridge was going to be taking over as Red ranger and my second in command but now he say's he's not going to. Instead he want to stay home and bring out baby up, Dad I see little of him now as it is. If he does this then I wont see him, it mean I'll have to give up being a part of SPD if I want to see my Husband and kid?" whined Sky as he sunk thither down the chair.

"Why does kids mean giving up SPD? Wes and I were Rangers, Silver Guardians and they SPD commanders while you were growing up and we coped just fine. So is it really that what is bothering you? Or is it maybe that Bridge getting pregnant has made you realise that your friends have grown up and moved on?

Jack's married and a father.

Syd's life modelling means she's not often in New Tec City anymore,

Sam's back in his own time and his younger self is rising up the ranks fast,

And Z's death last year hit us all hard but like your father she died a hero saving so many lives.

That only leaves bridge at SPD with you, so I ask again is it him leaving or just your stubborn pride that's getting in the way here?" asked Eric as Sky gave in and sighed as he nodded.

"Come here?" said Eric as Sky got up and sat next to his father as Eric pulled him closer.

"Wes and I where the same once, after Jen and the other went back to their time suddenly the real world hit us and we both had nothing to hide our feeling behind. Right I think it's time I told you a few home truths Sky, about what Wes and me went though to get here today and this time I'm not going to sugar coat it like Wes did when you were younger.

and hopefully you might deal with things better then again you are too much like Wes for your own good?" laughed Eric as they both got comfortable and Eric began his story.