Author: Sparta

Title: Book of my life

Pairings: Wes & Eric Sky & Bridge

Rating: R

Crossovers: Older rangers and SPD

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 14/?

Completed: No

Summery: Sky sits down with Eric after having a fight with Bridge while Eric tell him the story of their life as rangers, how they met, broke up, met again and almost died because of their stubbornness.

Chapter Summery: Jen's jealousy could cost the Ranger's and Wes the lives of someone they love

Authors Note:

Ranger's Down

December 25th was fast approaching and not even the power hungry businessmen of Silver Hills had escaped its grasp, the Silver Guardians HQ was decked out in sliver, gold and green making the place very festive, even Eric was getting in the spirt. Something about a very pregnant Wes dressed in red sweat pants walking round their home draped in tinsel humming Christmas songs, suddenly filled him with the holiday spirt so much so when three guardians dragged a tree into the office he helped out instead of writing them up.

Yes, the holiday spirt had hit everyone, well almost everyone for one person still found cause to hate the season.

"Come on Jen it will be fun" whined Katie for the hundredth time

"NO" yelled Jen sternly as she went back to whatever it was she was doing.

"Suit yourself but I, Lucas, Trip and hopefully Was and Eric will have fun without you," said Katie as she left the Clock tower followed by Trip and Lucas.

The journey to Wes and Eric home wasn't along one and along the way they got to enjoy something most people took for granted


A few nights earlier it had snow and now most of Silver Hills was covered in a blanket of white, this was rare for the area but no one cared calling it another Christmas miracle. However, for Katie, Lucas and Trop it was something important for back in their time snow anywhere was rare, especially for Trap his planet was too warm for snow ever.

So as cold as they where they didn't care as they pulled up outside the house, Wes met them at the door with a smile on his face, as Charlie demanded hugs from all not that any of them refused her after all she was adorable. Settling down on the couch they took the hot drinks Wes offered them as the caught up, laughing as they watched Charlie on the floor with her dolls.

"So is Eric joining us tonight?" asked Trip with a smile as he somehow was roped into playing with Charlie.

"I'm not sure; he called before saying something about working late due to a 6 ft tree and two injured guardians. He said he'll try to meet us there, its ok I know he'll make it after all this is his first year of taking Charlie to see Santa like he'd miss that?" said Wes with a laugh as Charlie jumped up and down.

"But someone has to be very good or daddy will just tell Santa not to come" said Wes with a smile as suddenly Charlie was very quite and still.

"Works every time come one guys or it's going to be chaos Charlie go get your coat," said Wes as he watched his daughter and Trip race off to find their coats.

"They never grow up do they?" asked Wes as Lucas just laughed and shook his head before helping his excited lover into his coat.

The Silver Hills Mall was busy, Wes, Katie, Lucas and Trip where worn out as they fought thought the crowds. Sitting down Wes was just glad to be off his feet, his ankles where killing him he had forgotten what being pregnant actually entailed. However, it was worth it as he watched Charlie bouncing with excitement as she looked around her, but the pleasure was short lived as screams filled the air.

"Run pathetic humans while you can Rurje has other things to do," cackled the female mutant as she and Nadira tore though the Mall.

"Wait" said Katie as Wes went for his Murpher.

"Wes you can't no in you condition, plus you have Charlie to think about" said Katie as Wes sighed.

"Contact Jen, we can't risk revealing ourselves either or our mission here will be over," said Lucas as Katie agreed.

"I'll call Eric and tell him too no doubt the Guardians will be called to action," said Wes as Lucas nodded.

It wasn't long before Eric and the Guardians had arrived at the Mall followed by Jen, Eric morphed without a second thought but Wes knew Eric better then anyone. The split second it took for Eric to get over the morph Eric's attention was on Wes and Charlie and Wes knew Eric's trademark cocky smile was aimed at him from under his helmet.

Wes shielded his daughter as he watched on from the sidelines, he'd never truly known what it meant to watch the Rangers as they fought but seeing Eric there before him in the heat of battle was amazing and terrifying at the same time. Seeing Eric in his element with a grace and power Wes admired to the core filled Wes with a sense of pride but at the same time, knowing what the man he loved was up against having been there time and time again scared Wes to death.

As the battle left the city and headed into the forest on the outskirts of the City, Jen followed behind Eric as he struggled to track the mutant up the clifside in the snow. Eventually they had to stop after the rain and the snow became too intense.

"Great Myers thanks to you and the guardians we've lost Rurje not to mention Nadira" growled Jen as she dimorphed and stood before Eric.

"Power Down" growled Eric, as he appeared as normal.

"For the love of the Goddess SHUT UP, how the hell anyone wanted to marry you I will never know," growled Eric as Jen stormed over and slapped him.

"How dare you…"

"No how dare you; Wes was mine long before you came along. What happened between us was personal but our feeling never changed, that's what pissed you off so much the fact that Wes might love someone other then you. News flash he's not Alex, yes I know about him and how he looks like Wes but he's not him.

Wes is a good mother to our daughter and an amazing lover and like hell I will let you or anyone else takes him away from me," growled Eric as he stormed off, without thinking Jen grabbed Eric's shoulder forcing him to face her but this forced him off balance.

"ERIC" yelled Jen as Eric lost his footing and tumbled out of sight down the Cliffside.

Jen panicked as she raced down the Cliff but was stopped by Rurje, morphing Jen took up her stance for battle.

"All alone Pinky? What will Red's boy say when he finds out you pushed his partner off a cliff?" cackled Rurje as Jen growled and attacked.

It didn't take long for Jen to subdue Rurje but as she prepared to Cryo-store her Rurje had a few things to say.

"You might be free of me Pinky but I hope the guilt of what you done eats away at you forever, after all you can lie to him and you can lie to your friends but you can't lie to yourself," laughed Rurje as Jen froze her before heading to find Eric.

When she reached him Eric was in a bad way, she panicked knowing that the Ranger's couldn't deal with his injuries. Removing his morphers and all evidence he was a Power Ranger she called an Ambulance before leaving Eric alone, she watched from the sideline as Eric was taken away to the Angel of Hope hospital.

Knowing she needed to cover herself she used her Morpher to contact Wes and the others, making her excuses about having to capture Rurje she told them she'd join them later.

Wes was panicking when he arrived at the hospital, he was numb all over as he tried not to think the worst but he'd heard what Jen had told Katie.

"Mr Collins?" asked the doctor as he approached

"Yes, how Eric?" said Wes nervously as he stood up, the doctor looked down at Wes's current condition before speaking.

"Mr Myers was taken into surgery; he's in a critical condition at the moment. Were doing all we can but you should prepare for the worst. I'm sorry to have to tell you this so close to Christmas and in your condition," said the doctor as Wes had to sit down.

"Its ok doc but you don't know Eric the way I do, he has a way for surprising people" said Wes as the doctor smiled leaving Wes alone as Katie and the others arrived.

Eric groaned as his blurred vision cleaned, he was surprised to find himself sat in the centre of floor in his doom room back at collage.

"What the fu…."

"Language Mr Myers, it's not becoming of a Power Ranger even a Ranger like yourself" came a voice making Eric spin round, stood in the doorway was a woman dressed in a suit with black hair and glasses.

"Professor Haybrook?" asked Eric confusedly as he tried to get up, as the woman offered her hand to him.

"Not really Eric" said the woman, Eric growled and despite his dizziness he refused her help and almost fell over. The woman grabbed him and helped him over to his bed.

"You never could accept help even from the people you loved, that's why you missed him the first time," said Professor Haybrook as Eric growled.

"Oh do quit it Eric, as much as I might look like her I'm not Professor Haybrook. Have you ever read a Christmas Carol?" asked Professor Haybrook as Eric nodded confusedly.

"Well this is kind of that thing, I'm here to show you what was, what is and what could be" said Professor Haybrook as she sat down at Eric's side.

"Why here though?" asked Eric as he looked around

"This form and this place are where your destiny started, your mind created them" said Professor Haybrook.

"My mind?" asked Eric as Professor Haybrook nodded.

"Your unconscious Eric, your body is in a hospital bed fighting for your life," said Professor Haybrook as the world around them changed and Eric was watching as doctors fought to save Eric's life.

"Why?" asked Eric as he watched Wes who was waiting outside for news.

"The Quantum Power was always destined to be yours Eric, you where always destined to be with Wesley but the problem is your attitude. A Ranger even on like you need a team to remind them what they are fighting for" said Professor Haybrook as Eric sighed

"Ok so how does this work?" asked Eric, his attention never leaving Wes.

"Walk down the corridor toward the theatre, your journey starts there," said Professor Haybrook as Eric nodded and started walking

"Oh and Eric don't forget you can't change the past but the futures in your hands" Professor Haybrook as Eric carried on walking.

Pushing the large doors opened Eric took one more look back at Wes before entering, the world around him dissolved into a bright white light but Eric carried on until he found himself in a place he never wished he'd to return to.

"It's been what 15 years Buster?" asked a voice from behind Eric making his heart freeze as he turned around.

"Robin" whispered Eric as he turned round, stood before him was an older version of himself dressed in a military uniform.

"Shhhhhh Buster its ok it's not like you, me or Princess ever had a good life but we can't run from our past forever" said Robin as Eric approached with caution before hugging Robin.

"Your dead, I buried you and the memories" said Eric as he looked up and Robin nodded.

"Sometimes the past has a nasty habit of coming back to bite you" said Robin as he looked behind them at a small trailer, Eric swallowed hard.

"Facing our past is the only way to help our future," said Robin as he stood off the truck he was lent against and offered Eric his hand.

Eric swallowed hard but took Robin's hand as they headed down toward the trailer; Eric gripped him hard as they stood before the door.

"I can only guide you, you're the one that has to open the door" said Robin as Eric sighed; he was practically shaking as he raised his hand and opened the door.

The door opened with ease and Eric entered, the inside was rundown and unwelcoming just like Eric remembered. This place had haunted his nightmares for years, the place his childhood had died. Eric was barely holding down his nausea as he heard one of the doors as it was being thrown open, turning round he came face to face with the biggest demon of his nightmares.

"No" growled Eric in fear as he froze to the spot.

Eric watched in fear as he watched a large white trucker as he dragged a small boy across the room, throwing him in a cupboard he watched as the man locked it leaving the young man crying. Eric truly felt sick as he remembered that night better then anyone, suddenly the door flew open as he watched Robin burst in.

On instinct Eric hid behind the couch as he watched and relived the night that destroyed his life, Robin pulled his weapon and aimed it at the man.

"Don't, you move and I will uses this god be dammed" growled Robin as the older man smiled.

"You haven't got the balls boy never had never will," laughed the man sadistically.

"Yeah well I never had a reason to stand up to you, all my life I've spent in shame as you have attacked, beaten and abused me, Eric and Ash. No more we're leaving here tonight and can go fuck yourself dad" growled Robin as his father just gave him a sadistic smile.

"Misha" yelled Robin as a young man came in to the trailer

"Bedroom back closet you'll find my sister" yelled Robin as the young man nodded and did as he was told.

"Now I'm going to take them and you can do whatever you like," growled Robin as he backed back towards the cupboard, using his hand he attempted to open the cupboard.

Misha raced passed carrying a badly beaten young girl, as he was distracted; suddenly Robin's father swung his arm catching him in the side. As Robin fell though a chair the cupboard door opened, the young boy stumbled out.


"Run Eric, get outside with Ash now" yelled Robin as his father grabbed him and threw young Eric against the couch.

"You will pay for that you stupid fagot" yelled Robin's father as he raised the gun, suddenly a gun shot sounded as he fell to the ground leaving Misha holding a smoking gun.

Young Eric pulled himself up as he raced over to Robin who was still laid on the ground, Misha followed as Robin coughed.

"Robin" asked Eric as his shook his brother.

"Hey watch it Buster," laughed Robin weakly

"Robin?" asked Misha as Robin shook his head.

"Sorry kid I'm not coming, Mish take them and look after them" said Robin as he moved his hand revealing the knife wound in his side.

Eric sniffed as the tears rolled down his check, wiping the tears away Robin smiled at his brother.

"Hey little brother be strong Ash need you now, don't let him rule your life he's gone now and your life's your own. We will see each other again; Mish will look after you he's a good friend. Mish take care of them for me" said Robin as his life ended.

"I'm sorry," whispered Eric as he fell to his knees from behind the couch.

"What for little brother?" asked Robin as he appeared beside Eric.

"I gave my life doing what I needed to; he would have killed you both if I had left. No I'm not sorry Eric never have been," said Robin as he knelt beside his brother and pulled him close.

"You needed to remember this Eric; you needed to feel the pain again to remember what it means to open your heart to someone. Love hurts little brother it's what reminds us to keep fighting" said Robin as Eric looked up his cheeks stained with his tears.

"Ash owes you so much little brother and I'm proud of you for that. Now it's time for you to carry on he needs you Eric he needs you to live for him" said Robin as the world around them once again shifted and where Robin had been Professor Haybrook stood once again, Wiping his face Eric stood up as Professor Haybrook smiled at him.

"Buster?" asked Professor Haybrook as Eric laughed.

"It was Robins name for me, I used to fight a lot and got known for breaking noises" said Eric as Professor Haybrook nodded.

"So?" asked Eric as Professor Haybrook lent against the door.

"So what?" she asked

"What is this shit, torture me until I learn as lesson?" growled Eric as Professor Haybrook rolled her eyes

"And who the fuck are you?" growled Eric as Professor Haybrook stood away from the doorway.

"As I said why I'm here is to guide you, who I am is complicated. This Eric is your mind but it'd not we are in the Morphing grid Eric the source if your powers. I am one of many who are the past, the present and the future; we are the ones who make sure the right morphers find the right Rangers. We are watcher of time but neutral when it comes to your battles," said Professor Haybrook as Eric huffed.

"Ok sometimes we bend the rules but sometimes you Rangers force our hands, dam you humans are pigheaded sometimes," laughed Professor Haybrook as Eric agreed.

"So you're us basically, your part of us and our powers?" asked Eric as she nodded.

"Ok after what I've been though I'm willing to go out on a limb," said Eric as he sat back on the bed as the world changed again.

"What the?"

"We're back at the hospital, keeping up with the Christmas Carol theme this is the present part of the story. You need to see how you being here affects those around you" said Professor Haybrook as Eric nodded.

Wes sat in the corridors as he waited for word on Eric, suddenly the doors of the theatre flew open and Eric was wheeled out and past Wes. Standing up Wes watched as Eric was wheeled into a side room, as a doctor approached Wes couldn't help but feel nervous.

"Mr Myers has quite the spirt; I won't lie to you Mr Collins. It was touch and go for a while but he held on, he's stable for now but still critical. The next 24 hours will be crucial, we've done all we can now it's in the hands of god" said the Doctor as Wes nodded.

"Thank you Doctor" said Wes as he shook the doctor's hand and took a seat at Eric's side.

"God Eric I'm sorry, I should have been with you this is my fault. Why is it that every time we get close to having a life together something stops us and tears us apart. All I've ever wanted was to have a life with you, to raise Charlie and our baby but the whole world seems to be against us.

I'm sorry Eric but I won't give up on us, you mean too much for me. So keep fighting baby I need you we all need you" said Wes as he lent down and kissed Eric head.

Eric stood at the shed with Professor Haybrook, tears rolled down his cheeks as he listened to the words of his lover.

"Don't worry Was I'm coming back" said Eric as he stood at his mother's side.

"You have a strong willed one there Eric, I hope for your sake you live to honour that promise," said Professor Haybrook as she went to walk out the door.

"Your journeys not finished yet Eric, Wes isn't the only one that cares for you" said Professor Haybrook as Eric looked confused but he followed.

They walked though the corridors of the hospital until the came to another shut door, Professor Haybrook indicated to the door and watched as Eric opened it. Once again, the found themselves in the home Eric shared him Wes and his daughter, the atmosphere was sombre as he saw Katie and Trip as they watched Charlie hugging her doll.

"How longs this going to carry on?" asked Trip as Katie sighed.

"Her father's in hospital and Wes hadn't left his side, I think she has the right to be upset," said Katie as she watched Charlie.

"Has anyone heard from Jen since?" asked Lucas as Trip winced

"No she's still hunting the thing that did this to Eric, I hope she finds the bitch" growled Katie as Trip nodded.

Eric growled as they watched on Professor Haybrook looked confused as Eric calmed himself.

"Eric?" asked Professor Haybrook as Eric watched his daughter.

"Where is she?" growled Eric as Professor Haybrook looked confused.

"The bitch that put me in hospital?" growled Eric as Professor Haybrook sighed and changed the world around them.

They were suddenly in a bar, it was late evening and Jen was sat at the bar. Eric bit his lip until it bled as he growled at the woman before him.

"Because of her Wes's is doubting himself, my daughter has lost her playful spark and the Ranger's are down to members" growled Eric as Professor Haybrook put her hand on his shoulder.

"Even the worst of us can regret things done," said Professor Haybrook as another approached Jen.

Jen sat at the bar nursing her drink, she was wracked with guilt over the accident. This pissed her off, Eric in her mind was arrogant, aggressive and the only thing stood in her way when it came to Wes, so why was she upset he'd been hurt?

"Jen?" asked the woman making Jen turn round.

"Dana?" asked Jen confusedly as she came face to face with the Punk, Red and Titanium Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.

"What are you doing here?" asked Jan nervously as the other Ranger's smiled.

"We thought we'd come deliver theses presents off the others, Carter and Ryan where coming to see if Wes and Eric where doing anything for Christmas and Chanukah in Carter's case" said Dana with a smile.

"Oh…I'm sorry to tell you there was an accident….Eric fell down a cliff he's in the hospital…..we're….we're not sure he's going to make it. Wes is with him now," said Jen as she suddenly felt a lump in her throat, why did she feel bad? She was telling the truth, Eric was critical and they'd been told to prepare for the worst.

"Shit, how?" asked Carter as he genuinely became concerned for his friend.

"Chasseing a mutant he slipped and I couldn't catch him" said Jen as she felt overwhelmed with guilt as she felt Carter's hand on her shoulder.

"You did all you could, that's all we can do. Come on I think Wes will need all our support" said Carter as they all headed off towards the hospital.

Eric stood there gobsmaked at the outright lie Jen had told the Lightspeed Rangers, he turned to face Professor Haybrook who just shrugged.

"I never knew Carter was Jewish you learn something everyday" said Professor Haybrook with a shrug as Eric growled.

"Eric where you paying attention, Jen was not the point of that. Three Rangers from another team came all the way to see you" said Professor Haybrook as Eric looked at her confusedly.

"You might not see it Eric but you mean a lot too many people, the Ranger's see you as a friend and an allies, your daughter looks up to you, the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers still talk about you and call you one of them and Wes worships you and puts you over his own family. One day Myers they will need you and the worry is will you be there for them?" asked Professor Haybrook as Eric watched her, the world around him changed again and once again, he found himself outside another door.

"Let me guess this is the future section of the tour?" asked Eric with a laugh as Professor Haybrook nodded; Eric sighed as once again, he opened the door and the world changed.

When Eric's mind unfogged, again he was stood in a barren wasteland, nothing but sand and ruins all around him. Eric looked around him in the distance he swore there was a figure but it also could be a mirage that was until the figure came face to face with him.

"Wes?" asked Eric confusedly.

"No Eric, we didn't meet the first time I came back to your time," said the stranger as Eric stooped.

"Alex?" asked Eric as the stranger nodded.

"Yes Myers, welcome to the future, welcome to the year 2025" said Alex as they looked around, Eric looked confused.

"Before you ask when the Rangers came back to your time thinks started to change, our future ceased to exist. This is what's left of Sliver Hills after Venjix got though with it," said Alex as Eric looked shocked.

"In one years time the Red Ranger's unite as a team and take down Venjix the first time, as ever he is destroyed but it cost many lives. You see your Quantum Blaster is the best thing to deal with Venjix but it never made it to the moon with the other Rangers. Back on Earth the remnants of Venjix believed destroyed are taken and experimented on, until once again he lives as a virus in a computer.

By 2011 the world has fallen under his control and thanks to that same group Venjix knew what to do, he hit the rangers first one by one they fell until only a small band of rebels humans are left. Corinth City should have stood here a safe haven for humanity built by the Rangers but it never came, Venjix shut down the morphing grid so no new Rangers have been found. But a few humans still remain" said Alex as they watched as a small band of people raced away from what looked like something out of the Terminator.

Alex and Eric watched on as a young man and a woman trick the thing into following them before destroying it, he watched as they celebrated before they turned to face them. Something about them was familiar to Eric.

"Recognize them Eric? You should do Charlie and Sky have been trying to honour your memory and that for Wes and all the other lost Rangers, by finishing the war they started fighting" said Alex as Eric looked like he was going to be sick.


"But what Eric where are you and Wes? Long dead my friend" said Alex as they found themselves in a graveyard.

Eric looked down and saw something that shook him to the core, on the two graves was two names;

Eric Axel Myers

1974 - 2002

May the Power Always Protect Him

Ashley Ariel Myers

1980 - 2002

A Sliver Guardian To The End


"What happened and why are you not buried with Wes?" asked Alex as Eric nodded numbly.

"After Sky your son was born things where still bad between you and Jen, when the last battle came Jen took them back to their time and left you both to fight. You saved your time but perished in the battle, you where buried as hero's and as Rangers but Mr Collins took Wes body and the Rangers cared for yours and your sisters. She joined the battle because you were too stubborn to ask for the help of the guardians or the ex Rangers you knew.

This affected the timelines, your kids didn't have your guidance, the Red Rangers didn't have your weapons or knowledge to help them and the world didn't have your protection. You might not think it Eric but one man can make a difference, you and Wes are part of a bigger plan but until you see it this is the future we can all look forward too" said Alex as the world changed and he was back in his dorm room with Alex, Robin and Professor Haybrook.

"You have one chance little brother to change things, to make things right" said Robin as Eric nodded.

"Then with that it's time to wake up Eric" said Professor Haybrook as the world around Eric became blindingly white.

Wes was in and out of sleep as he kept his vigil over Eric, it had been almost a week since Eric's accident a week since Eric was almost taken from them. Today was 24th of December Christmas Eve, since Eric's accident Wes had done some thinking. Before the accident Wes had been worried that Eric was pulling away and that he'd miss Christmas, now he's worried that Eric wont pull though.

Suddenly the sound of Eric's heart monitor was heard, Wes raised his head but as he did he felt Eric's hand brush his face.

"Eric?" asked Wes as he looked up, Eric was still weak and pale his oxygen mask was covering his face but his cheeky smile was still visible.

"Hey beautiful" wheezed Eric weakly as Wes took his hand.

"God Eric you scared me," said Wes as he hugged Eric.

"Don't worry Wes I'm not going anywhere" said Eric as he hugged Wes.

Charlie was sat on the couch with her doll; she was missing her mother and her father. It was almost Christmas and all she wanted was her daddy home and her mother well. Katie was sat with Trip on the couch as they watched over the little girl, a knock on the door caused them all to jump Lucas got up from the kitchen to answer the door.

"Hey baby girl," said Wes as he entered the room making Charlie smile.

"Have you been good?" asked Wes as Charlie nodded sadly.

"Then there's someone here who wants to see you" said Wes as Eric entered the room.

"Daddy" yelled Charlie happily, as she leapt into Eric's arms.

"I've missed you sooooo much baby" said Eric as he hugged his daughter.

The Rangers sat talking and laughing as the door went for a second time, getting up Wes answered the door and was surprised to see who was there.

"Ryan, Carter, Dana welcome" said Wes as he showed their friends into their home.

Eric greeted them happily until he saw Jen; he growled to himself and headed over to her making sure he was out of sight when he grabbed her.


"Shut up, listen now and listen good Jen. I know what you did up there I remember everything despite what I told Wes and the doctors. I give you this warning now, Wes is not Alex and he's not yours remember this and I will keep my distance from you try anything and the truth will come out," said Eric with a growl as he left Jen alone with her guilt.