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Myriad Senses: A Demon's Heart

Chapter 1

Sango sat listlessly in the middle of the forest contemplating on what she should do about Kohaku. She wondered where he was. Naraku refused to tell her his whereabouts before Inuyasha and Sesshomaru finished him off and his minions. It was a win and defeat for her personally. She knew that the enemy was gone, but where was her brother? Naraku was the only one that knew where he was. Was he alone, was he in trouble, was he hurt? All these questions ran through Sango's mind as she picked up a rock and threw it across a stream nearby. Suddenly, she felt a presences coming towards her. She reached for her weapon and waited for the unwanted presences to make itself known. Just as she suspected, it was a demon. Sango's eyes widened when she saw who the demon was. It was Sesshomaru. He was traveling with his usual wards, the imp and the human child called Rin. She slightly lowered her weapon when she caught sight of Rin grinning as they came near. Sesshomaru, on the other hand, had in place his usual placid façade. Sango thought to herself perhaps they are just passing by, but she couldn't be too sure. Therefore, she eyed them carefully. Rin spoke first.

"Hi, aren't you that demon slayer that fights with Sesshomaru- sama's brother?"

Sango was intrigued that the young child remembered her.

"Uh yes, I used to travel with Inuyasha."

Sesshomaru's right eyebrow rose. "Used to," Sesshomaru coolly replied as he stopped by a nearby tree.

"Yes, used to," Sango answered as she eyed him carefully before looking back at Rin."

"Well why don't you travel with him anymore?"

Before Sesshomaru could answer, Jaken annoyingly scowled.

"Rin, that isn't any of our concern; must I remind you, the only reason we stopped here is so you could catch some fish for food."

"Yes master Jaken," Rin listlessly responded.

Sesshomaru and Sango watched each other vehemently as the toad and human child shared discourse.

Sango wondered was that the real reason they had stopped in this area. She contemplated as she gawked at him enthrallingly, 'Surely he would have sensed that a human was near by and not have ventured this way since he hates my kind. Then again, he probably didn't care and just came this way out of need for his human ward. Either way, I wish he'd stop looking at me like that. Though, seeing him this close up again reminds me of how handsome he is. He was so aloof and malevolent and still is by the look of it, that I never really noticed- and not to bring up the whole notion of him hating Inuyasha and the rest of us. However, after we fought against Naraku, I suppose a side of him that I'd never seen came out that day, even looking at him now, something seems different. Even his aura appears to have changed a bit. And his eyes…… though, they might be the same color as Inuyasha's, his eyes are slanted and not oval like Inuyasha's eyes are. 'Nonetheless, they are so startling not to mention that tall stature and robust physique of his. Still though, his true form is a gargantuan dog demon that is vicious in more ways than one.' She inwardly shuddered. She let her eyes travel slowly down his form. Sango's brow crinkled, and she started to lean her head to the side vaguely while trying to come to some conclusion of the enigma before her. She then looked back up and was abruptly snapped out of her mental haze when she locked eyes with Sesshomaru once more and noticed Sesshomaru eyes narrowing at her.

She jumped inwardly for she knew he had caught her looking a little too interested in what she was seeing. So, she slowly trailed her gaze to the bushes behind him and then to Rin and Jaken again. She tried not to blush while doing this. She decided too that maybe she should leave. She'd supposed that he and his little group just reminded her so much of Inuyasha and the rest of them. She missed them terribly. Seeing Sesshomaru now just brought back a few lingering feelings toward her comrades, even though he should have been the last person to have conjured up such emotions. Besides, she had embarrassed herself quite enough, and that she could figure out what to do about Kohaku later. Plus, the thought of actually being attracted to Sesshomaru disgusted her. Therefore, she convinced herself that her staring at him had to have been because from nostalgia. Either way, she shook off the present happenings and quietly picked up her belongings and started to head back toward her newly built home were Kirara waited for her.

Sesshomaru mused inwardly at what he just witnessed. 'So, the slayer finds me attractive. Humph, as she should. Humans are unreservedly transparent.'

Rin noticed how Sango was discreetly trying to depart.

"Oh, we are sorry. We didn't mean to intrude."

"Oh, don't worry I was just leaving anyway. I should get back home while it's still daylight."

"Humph," Sesshomaru gestured.

Sango glowered at him for a few seconds before returning her attention back to Rin.

"Well, if you are just going back home, if you don't mind, could you help me catch some fish that is (while looking at Sesshomaru) if you don't mind Sesshomaru- sama?" Rin asked shyly but with a toothy grin.

Sesshomaru flatly stated, "Do as you wish." Sesshomaru knew the demon slayer would not try to hurt Rin nor anyone else. And if for some unorthodox reason she tried, he concluded it would be the last thing she'd ever do. He then turned is attention away from his wards and the young demon slayer to look at the sky. As for Sango, she had to admit she was a bit taken back by the child's request. She was about to decline but looked at Rin's eyes. It reminded her of Kohaku's young and tender eyes- eyes that she always yielded to.

"Um, well why not I suppose."

"Yippee!" Rin exclaimed as she clapped her hands with excitement. Rin really didn't need any help catching fish, and she contemplated on the notion that Sesshomaru and Jaken knew this too, but hoped they didn't inquire about it. Nonetheless, the young woman reminded her of her mother, and she didn't want to pass up a chance to be near a mother figure. She deduced that Sesshomaru and Jaken were nice company, but what she really missed was her mom.

Sango reluctantly placed her weapons and other belongings back down and walked with the child further down the stream to catch some fish. It was Sango's idea to venture further down stream, for she didn't want to be too close to Sesshomaru. She knew that even though he appeared to be fully occupied with the endless sky, he really was paying very close attention to every move she made.

So as the two gathered up their kimonos around their legs before entering the water, Rin thought she would ask the same question from earlier.

"So um…" She trailed off when she realized that she didn't know her name.

Sango saw how the child struggled to conjure up a name to call her.

"Sango, my name is Sango."

"Oh," Rin stated in an adoring fashion, "that is a beautiful name."

"Oh, why thank you, it means choral."

Rin nodded in understanding.

"Well lady Sango if you don't mind me asking, why don't you travel with Sesshomaru's brother anymore?"

Sango debated whether or not to divulge to the young child the reason. She concluded that it probably would do no real harm for her to know. On the other hand, she knew that Sesshomaru was listening. She knew from experience with Inuyasha that he could hear very acutely and from a great distance. Therefore, since Sesshomaru was a full demon, his hearing must be phenomenal, she mused. With all this aside, she decided to tell her anyway.

"Well Rin, after the death of Naraku, I decided that it was time to depart from the group. I had to find my brother Kohaku. You see, I don't know where he is, and I'm worried about him. I am going on a journey very soon in order to find him."

After Sango was done telling her, she didn't know how well it would feel to tell another, a child nonetheless, about her problems at hand. She felt as though a burden had been lifted, if only for a little while.

"I see, well wouldn't the others expedite your journey if they were along with you. Eight eyes are better than two."

Sango looked at Rin stunned. She had no idea that Rin was so perceptive. She figured though, she had to be if this child was traveling with Sesshomaru.

The two finally finished fishing.

"Well, I suppose you have enough to fill that tummy of yours. Do you need help cooking them?"

"Um yes, if you wouldn't mind. I mean you did catch most of them. It is only fair that you cook, stay, and eat them with me."

Sango knew what Rin was doing. She was inviting her to dinner. Even though she had nothing to do but to think about Kohaku once she returned back to her home, she didn't know if she wanted to be in the company of a cold demon and his two wards for dinner. Though, she really didn't like the thought of leaving Rin by herself with the two, even though the young child had been traveling with the two demons for well over two years. She mentally groaned and accepted the invitation for dinner. Then, she suddenly thought about how Sesshomaru might respond to her being present at dinner.

"Rin, are you sure that Sesshomaru would consent to me eating dinner with you."

"Oh sure he would, but I'll ask just in case." Rin hurried back to the spot where she had left Sesshomaru and Jaken. Interestingly enough, only Jaken was there.

Sango caught up quickly and also noticed that the frigid demon was no where to be found

"Where did Sesshomaru –sama go off to master Jaken?"

"How should I know child, milord does what and as he pleases. So, have you caught your dinner yet, now perhaps the demon slayer can go back to her affairs?

"Oh yes master Jaken, we have caught our dinner, but lady Sango is staying to eat it with us." Of course by hearing this Jaken had a thousand reprimands for Rin for inviting the demons slayer to stay for dinner.

"I don't think that is a good idea Rin, I don't think milord would abide another human's presence."

"Sure he will master Jaken. Besides he'll probably be gone so long he will not even know she stayed for dinner."

Jaken knew that Rin really didn't have a valid point, for Sesshomaru would be able to tell how long she'd stayed, what time she left, and what direction she departed in with that extraordinary noise of his. So, he decided to remonstrate once again, but before he could Sango stepped in.

"I think Rin is right, it doesn't take long to cook fish, and I'll be gone before you know it." Sango knew that Sesshomaru would more than likely noticed she had been there far longer than anticipated just by knowing Inuyasha. Dog demons capabilities to sniff out the truth so to speak was truly incomprehensible; nonetheless, she thought she'd take her chances, for she didn't want to upset Rin. Jaken then started mumbling under his breath about how Rin would be the death of him.

"Come on lady Sango lets make a fire."

As Sango and Rin predicted, they had finished eating entirely before Sesshomaru had returned. Sango was saying her goodbyes to Rin and gathering her belongings when she saw Sesshomaru emerging from the semi-dark toward the campsite. She noticed how regal his strut was. She wondered did all the men in his family have such a walk. Then she thought about Inuyasha. She mentally smiled and knew the answer was yes. Even though Inuyasha was rough around the edges, he still had a royal ire to himself. She suddenly realized she was starring at Sesshomaru again and quickly diverted her eyes to the ground and then to Rin.

"Well Rin, I must be going now, it was a lovely evening. Perhaps I will run into you again on my journey that I told you about." Rin smiled as though it was a secret that she and Sango shared alone.

"Goodbye lady Sango!"

"Goodbye Rin!"

Sesshomaru watched as Sango left the campsite. She was only twenty feet away when Sango felt compelled to look back at the eccentric trio. When she did, she noticed Sesshomaru following her. She turned all the way around and paused. Sesshomaru stopped a mere five feet in front of her.

"Um can I help you with something Sesshomaru?"

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes again at her lack of honorifics of him.

"You, a human…. you can help me with nothing."

Sango face grew fervid. 'How dare he,' she thought. 'He allows a human to travel with him for goodness sake, and yet he still treats my kind with malice and reproach.'

"Well then, why are you following me?" Sango unknowingly reached for her weapons.

"I hope you do not think you are a worthy adversary," he stated with a cocked eyebrow.

Sango crinkled her eyebrows to his reply, for she didn't understand, but then she noticed that her hand was slowly reaching for her centipede -bone boomerang, Hiraikotsu. She slowly put her hand down.

She stated flatly, "I suppose old habits die hard."

Sesshomaru stared at her for a few moments more before speaking.

"So, you are looking for that boy, are you not?"

Sango's eyes widened. 'He must mean Kohaku' she hoped.

"Kohaku you mean!" Sesshomaru did not respond. "Do you know where I can find him? Please, if you know anything, I would be very grateful. Just…," she trailed off as she realized fresh hot tears were running down her face just that quickly.

Sesshomaru watched unmoved and with derision as the demon slayer showed a physical catharsis of her emotional distress emit from her eyes. The wind began to blow in the night air and her scent caught his senses. It was mixed with salt and jasmine. To his surprise and displeasure he liked the aroma very much, but he didn't dare show a sign against his usual unreadable façade. Although, his irises wavered a bit, but of course Sango could not see this.

"Northeastern," Sesshomaru stated and turned to leave before his senses were unhinged by such a fragrance.

Sango didn't know why Sesshomaru was helping her, but she wanted to find out.


"I wait for no one, especially humans."

"Could have fooled me," was Sango's quick retort.

Sesshomaru halted in his spot but didn't turn around. 'Humph, she presumes to know me.'

Sango deduced his abrupt stop was him waiting and quickly trotted up behind him.

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me, that is all."

"Unneeded and unwanted!"

"Whatever you say Sesshomaru," Sango mumbled under her breath.

She knew he heard her, and she was correct. As Sesshomaru walked away, in all honesty he did not know why he decided to help her. He thought back to the time where the human boy was about to kill Rin. He wanted to kill the boy then, but could not because he was jealous of how the boy's eyes showed no fear and emotion toward him. He hated the boy for that, but quickly grasped the notion that it was really Naraku's heinous clutches on the boy that had him behaving as such. But yet, that still did not explain why he helped Sango just now. He finally came to the conclusion that he helped her because she first helped Rin in obtaining her dinner. Yeah, that is what it was. What else could it have been, surely not sympathy.

Sango reached her home in less than an hour and contemplated gravely on what Sesshomaru said. She figured that even though he was laconic, the statement he did make was of dire significance to her. So, after traveling many days and leaving Kirara back at home to keep an eye on things, Sango came across a small village. The place was very beautiful. There were cherry blossom trees everywhere. Since it was spring, she'd expected to see them sporadically but not so many in one setting. Her eyes then landed on an old woman sitting outside her home making what appeared to Sango to be a silky white kimono. She marveled more and more at the fabric as she came closer. The old woman was working diligently at the task at hand, and Sango felt bad for disturbing her. But she knew this had to be done.

"Um excuse me elder, I was hoping you could help me."

The old woman looked up and smiled at Sango before responding.

"Why sure, if I can. I would be delighted to help such a beautiful child and by the look of it a demon slayer at that."

Sango was appreciative to hear such generosity.

"I am in search of my brother. His name is Kohaku."

"Kohaku you say."

"Well, you have come to the right place. There is a boy by the name of that here, and he is also a demon slayer. Say child, have you been in search of him long?"

"Yes actually, for quite some time now."

"I see, well he is not here at the present time, for he is out with my granddaughter picking flowers. It is a rather odd thing to see a boy picking flowers, but I assume he is doing it for my granddaughter. If I do say so, I think he is quite smitten with Emi."

Sango smiled at this notion; it was all she could do from not crying all over the old woman.

"You can wait here with me if you want child. I'm sure you have not neglected to notice that I am an old woman, and old people like me always love chances to be griots."

Sango quickly took a seat next to the woman for she was barely listening to anything else the woman said. Sango's mind was wrapped around the notion that Kohaku was near by, and she was finally going to get a chance to see him again.

As the woman told stories after stories of Kohaku and her young granddaughter Sango grew more and more anxious at the anticipation of Kohaku's arrival. Suddenly, she saw two people approaching the hut.

"Oh, here they come now," the old woman exclaimed.

Sango slowly stood and watched as they neared. Kohaku stopped immediately in is tracks when he saw Sango standing by Emi's grandmother.

"Sister," Kohaku languidly stated in disbelief.

"Kohaku," Sango screamed as she began to run toward him.

Kohaku would have run but his leg was still injured somewhat from a recent demon attack on the small village. Sango knew this from one of the numerous stories that elder woman told her before Kohaku and Emi arrived. The old woman's words still echoed in Sango's ears as she ran toward Kohaku. 'Oh yes, Kohaku, he may be young, but he has a strong will, he's a fierce fighter, and he's brave. Though at times, he emits a sort of melancholy that none of us villagers can rectify. But seeing you here now child, I see that melancholy of his might have a chance to disperse.'

Sango reached Kohaku and embraced him with all of her being. Kohaku returned her efforts with much of his own.

"Oh Kohaku, thank God you are still alive," she exclaimed as she cried into his hair.

"Oh sister, I thought I would never see you again. I thought you would never want to see me after what I did."

Sango quickly stopped hugging Kohaku and looked at him hard while placing a hand on both his shoulders.

"Now listen to me Kohaku, and never forget what I am about to tell you."

Kohaku nodded through his tears. "It was never your fault for what happened. That bastard Naraku is to blame. Not you Kohaku! Not you! Never forget that ok. Never!" she partially screamed at him while hugging him tightly once more.

She sobbed more in his hair while whispering "Don't you know you'll always be my little brother, I will always come for you and I'll always…. always love you."

Kohaku simply nodded for he was too overwhelmed by emotions to say anything.

Later that night, the village had a small feast for Sango and the new revelation of Sango and Kohaku finding each other. The people were so generous and so curious to see Sango. They had never seen a female demon slayer before. So, they took extra notice of her. When the festivities were finally over, Raymi, Emi's grandmother, offered her home to shelter Sango while she stayed in the village which Sango gratefully accepted. As Kohaku and Sango lay next to each other like old times (as Sango recalls) she contemplated on asking him about his time with Naraku, but thought the better of it. She decided to leave such a topic alone, for she didn't want to make Kohaku relive such an tumultuous and gruesome experience. Unexpectedly, she heard Kohaku inquire about something.

"Sister, how did you find me?"

Sango dwelled on his question for a few moments before she answered.

"Well actually, Inuyasha's brother, Sesshomaru, told me the direction to find you in."

"Really, why would he do that, I thought he hated humans?"

"Yeah me too," Sango said slowly and incredulously. "Now get some sleep; we have a lot of catching up to do."

Kohaku smiled at Sango in the dark and slowly but surely drifted off to sleep. The next week, Sango and Kohaku spent every waking moment together. To them, it was just like they were back in their own village. They went fishing, they practiced their slayer skills, and they even ventured out to a flower patch to watch the sunset every evening and pick flowers. As much fun as they were having, Sango knew she had to bring up the notion of coming back home with her. A part of her felt that Kohaku didn't want to leave, and if asked to, he wouldn't. Nonetheless, she was his older sister, and she had to think of what was best for him and to her. And she concluded, it was being back at home with her. She had to ask him, for she had to get back to her home in the southeast. Besides she knew Kirara would worry is she was gone too long. So she took Kohaku aside and asked.

"Kohaku you are happy here, am I right?"

"Yes sister, I am very happy here."

"I know you are; that is why asking this is difficult for me."

"What is it?"

"I want you to come back home with me and live."

"I would love to Sango, but these people here… they need me. I can not abandon them. We are the only two demon slayers left in these parts. If I leave them, they will become defenseless, and I can't let that happen- not after they have shown me so much kindness."

Sango nodded her head slowly in amazement for she had never felt so much pride in being his sister as she did in that moment. He spoke like a true demon slayer. She was ecstatic to know that Naraku had not totally broken him down spiritually. She noted that the spirit that she knew and Raymi divulged in her stories was definitely alive and well.

"Please sister, don't be angry at me, I'm doing what I think is best."

"Oh Kohaku, I could never be angry at you, and I know you are doing what you think is best. Actually, I have to admit that I am proud of you for that. If staying here is what you feel you must do, then I support you; however, I can not stay with you, but I will come back and visit as often as I can. Then, when you are old enough to travel as a demon slayer on your own; then I want you to come a visit me. Until then I don't want you traveling on your own especially now- with that still healing leg of yours."

"Thank you Sango, thank you for understanding."

"Kohaku, she held him tight again, "I'm going to miss you so much. I promise that I will be back to visit you in just a few short weeks. That is a definite promise."

"That better be sister," Kohaku commanded good-naturedly.

Sango pulled back from hugging with tears in her eyes and said teasingly, "You sure you aren't staying because of Emi. I hear she's quite the catch around these parts?"

Kohaku's face turned red. "Sango!"

"Just teasing!"

The next morning Sango and Kohaku said there goodbyes, and then she was off once more homeward bound.

On her trek home, she could not help but let her thoughts drift back to Sesshomaru. She took grave note that even though he still appeared to be emotionless majority of the time; she thought that little girl's presence had an impact on him. She also noted that he even helped her group destroy Naraku. 'The old Sesshomaru would have never joined forces with us, but yet there he was battling with us standing side by side with Inuyasha as if they never had a grudge against each other in their life.' 'That demon,' she contemplated 'is a conundrum.' He seems to be aloof one minute and yet a bit sympathetic the next. I suppose I should not think too much into this for the poser at hand is Sesshomaru. Yet, she could not help dwell on his features. She'd be lying to herself if she didn't think he was handsome in more ways than one. His regal appearance always seemed formidable to her and yet angelic in a disastrous sort of way. Inuyasha and his eyes are nothing like she ever seen before. The color itself was simply marvelous. Though there was a slight difference in their eyes. Inuyasha of course emitted emotion and compassion physically for others on regular bases, and it was very apparent to onlookers. But Sesshomaru reflected nothing most of the time but malice and disdain but none of that reflected in his eyes, for they were always emotionless so one could never really tell what the frigid demon was really thinking. Nonetheless, it was never good. Then suddenly she wondered what it would be like to touch his face. She quickly gasped at having such an abrupt distasteful notion. The only person she ever really wanted to get close to was Miroku, and since he started acting like a real monk, he had to take back his proposal to her. Sango knew it was for the best. Miroku had explained to her that he wanted to give up his philandering ways and fully devote his life to God, for it was the only way he could be at one with himself and his creator. Sango understood; she didn't like it, but she understood. She hated it, but she understood. She knew that he had made the right decision in devoting his life to God and not to her. Besides, how could she compete with the Almighty. Sango inwardly smirked at this as she decided to camp at a nearby site for the night.

Two months later…

Rin watched as Sesshomaru walked gracefully through the woods as she had done countless times before. Rin being one of great maturity for her age wondered on a daily bases for the last two months now of their travels if Sesshomaru ever got lonely. She wouldn't dare ask him for she was afraid of what he would say to her. She didn't know much about companionship at least intimate companionship, but she did know that her mother and father had love and deep devotion of camaraderie for one another. She missed them dearly, and being around Sango really made her think about Sesshomaru's situation even more. Then again, she thought that was indeed the past and she knew she had to move forward if she were to get on with her unpredictable present lifestyle. He had become like a father figure to her. Inwardly thinking she deduced 'Sure he doesn't show his feelings and he is laconic, but in a way he is my father now. He couldn't replace my parents in a million years, but he is all I have, he and master Jaken. And seeing lady Sango has me wondering' Rin contemplated as she continued to stare.

"We will stop here for the night," Sesshomaru heavy mellifluous, baritone voice said as he barely gave a turned of the head toward his wards. In order to continue her thoughts, Rin walked toward a nearby oak tree and sat down. She leaned her head against it and looked down.

"Rin," just with that tone of voice Rin knew that he was inquiring as to why she was so quiet. Usually, Rin was the little chatter box. Sesshomaru had picked on her less than enthusiastic strides behind him earlier in the day. He would have addressed the situation then, but decided that he would once they were at a more permanent spot for the night.

Rin indolently looked at him and stared before answering. She wondered should she ask him the question that had been lingering in her mind for the last two months now. When Rin did not answer right away, Sesshomaru left eye brow raised in curiosity. Rin noticed the minute change in his facial expression. She realized that she had better answer.

"I'm fine Sesshomaru-sama, it's just that… she began to trail off."

"Go on," he demanded more than encouraged.

"Well, it's just that I've been thinking about my parents lately and how much they loved each other. Now, since they are gone and you have sort of….." Rin didn't want to say he had adopted her or taken their place, for it would sound like he was her parent now and considering that parents love their children, she would then be implying that Sesshomaru loved her. Rin's eyes expeditiously met with the ground. She hated that she had even said anything. Sesshomaru knew exactly where the conversation was headed. He turned his head toward Jaken. He observed that Jaken had fallen asleep against the two-headed staff while standing just that quickly or at least appeared to have done so.

"Jaken," He coolly said. Jaken quickly straighten up. "Yes, milord", he quickly responded. "Go and find some food for Rin."

"Oh, yes milord" he squawked before bowing and running off.

Rin watched Jaken tread off deeper into the forest. Sesshomaru wanted to wait until he knew that Jaken was out of hearing distance before he allowed Rin to continue her catharsis. When Rin turned to look at Sesshomaru he was looking at her. She gave a little gulp and diverted her eyes once again.

"You were saying Rin," he stated less than affectionately. Rin took a deep breath before she carried on.

"Well, its just that my parents loved each other and umm… well, I was wondering if you ever got lonely that's all."

Sesshomaru's head shifted slightly to her declaration. He stood there silently looking at Rin for what seem to be an eternity to her. Sesshomaru wonder why she had asked such. Either way, he didn't like the thought of divulging to a child let alone a human child whether he was lonely or not.

"Rin, I do not experience the human feeling that is known as loneliness," and with that he considered the matter resolved and so did Rin, especially since he walked away to a nearby tree and sat down.

He then began to stare emotionlessly at the moon as he did every night. Nonetheless, Rin continued to look at the enigma in front of her. Though, when he looked back at her she acted as though she was looking at the moon as well, but Sesshomaru knew better. Sesshomaru waited to his ward returned with Rin's food. After eating, both Rin and Jaken finally went to sleep before Sesshomaru left to patrol the area in deep thought. He reasoned to himself that since Rin was of an inquisitive nature, as were most humans, it was normal for her to wonder about him since he and Jaken were indeed like a surrogate family for her, whether he wanted to admit it or not. The fact was still there. Of course he hated that he even indulged in the thought of dwelling on her question right then, but since he was alone, he didn't feel as perturbed by her question as he did when she was staring at him waiting for an answer. He let his thoughts transition to the past. He once overheard his mother talking to a fellow demoness about love companionship with his father. He gathered from the conversation that his mother was gravely lonely and didn't feel loved. Besides being one of the most impeccably attractive deomoness among her people, she hated being married to Inutashio for he was always away. Sesshomaru let that notion register in his mind and the grief that his mother was enduring, for then she began to cry. He deduced that she must really be in some sort distress for that was the first time he'd seen his mother cry. From that day on, he vowed he would never want for a life partner because he never wanted to deject such a weakness that his mother did on that day. And he wouldn't even get into his father's weakness for humans. Sesshomaru was a proud taiyoukai. The thought of him, Sesshomaru, ruler over the Western Lands, succumbing to a mere woman was quite inconceivable and made him scoff inwardly at the simple contemplation of it. Having such futile human emotions such as loneliness and love was beneath him. However, it didn't dawn on him that since his mother was stricken with loneliness and the lack of love, that they weren't just human emotions but an emotions that any being on the earth could harbor- humans and demons a like. That mere fact just didn't seem to trickle into his pompous and narrow-minded intellect. So with that, he let his thoughts upon the matter dissipate as he tiresomely sustained the patrol for the night.

The next morning Sesshomaru watched as his wards awakened. He predictably was seated against a tree with one arm dangling steadfastly on one bended leg. He was still a little unsettled from Rin's inclinations on his personal life. He wouldn't ever admit, it but it plagued his mind on and off last night to such a degree he even resorted to sleep to relinquish the notions, but was unsuccessful. Rin, on the other hand, wondered before she drifted off to sleep who would make Sesshomaru happy as a life mate. She deduced that the female for him can't be human or can she be? 'Well, she can't be human because he despises them more than he does insects.' But then she thought more on the notion of him having a human mate. 'Even though he hates humans, well he has a human child traveling with him so, he must have some tolerance for my kind. Either way, if he had a human as a wife she would have to have certain characteristics that would balance Sesshomaru- sama and her out. I suppose she must be strong and brave. She should be a fighter and a survivor. Her beauty must emulate Sesshomaru-sama if he is to be attracted to her as well. The only human that I can think of is lady Sango. She nearly fits all those characteristics that I named off. She might not be as beautiful as Sesshomaru-sama, but then again no one can really comes close in comparison. Nonetheless, I shall dwell more on the matter tomorrow, yeah… when I've had a good nights rest.'

Once morning undoubtedly arrived, Rin awakened to the warm sun beaming on her milky well rested face. She moved and yawned at the same time. As she smacked her lips together unintentionally, she noticed that Jaken was missing.

"Sesshomaru- sama, where has master Jaken gone off too?"

Without so much as a turn of the head he answered evenly, "To seek out his breakfast."

Rin's brow crinkled for she knew he was going to try to acquire his favorite thing to eat at breakfast, rabbit. Then Rin's stomach started to grumble. She knew he had heard it do to his keen hearing.

"May I, Sesshomaru-sama?"

"Do as you like."