Author's Note: Ok, it's me again! Yah an update! Who would have thought eh? Anyhow, on with the story.

"Master Jaken, it isn't nice to talk about Lady Sango like that."

"Rin please, you are too young to understand that slayer's predicament! Humph, any hope of her mating with a male human is completely out of the question now. How utterly shameful for her! No surprise though! Humans and their disgraceful behavior- what a harlot!"

"Master Jaken! That's not fair. Why do you judge her so harshly? Perhaps her situation was umm…. ummmm maybe…. unavoidable. Yea that's it. I don't know everything that is going on with Lady Sango, but I do know she doesn't deserve to be judged like that. We have both watched her fight for both our safety, and here you go dragging her name through the mud. Besides Master Jaken, you know you wouldn't be talking about Lady Sango like that if she was here because you know she would knock you out!" Rin stated in a matter of fact tone as she finished off the fish she'd caught and cooked with no assistance from Jaken.

"WHAT! The audacity!" Jaken screamed as he shot up from the small boulder he sat on knocking his head of two staffs over. He yelled so loudly his eyes bugged out to an all new level making Rin slightly smile from his obvious shock!

"As if that puny human could defeat me… Master Jaken, manservant to the most powerful demon known to mankind!"

"Well Sesshomaru-sama doesn't appear to mind Lady Sango's predicament!"

"Shows what you know child! Lord Sesshomaru has probably told off that Jezebel of a slayer and is now on his way back here to…OOOOCH!"

Rin suddenly looked to the right of her into the nearby thicket where Jaken was standing before he crumpled to the ground in pain! She saw a medium sized rock coming to a rolling stop by her foot. She then looked up.

"Lord Sesshomaru, you're back! How is Lady Sango?"

"Fine, another has come to visit her," was his short phrased answer.

"Oh, Lord Sesshomaru your back," Jaken stammered as he got up while rubbing the growing knot on his head.

"No need to state the obvious, Jaken!"

"Oh yes, of course Lord Sesshomaru!" Jaken said looking over at Rin not believing the verbal remonstration from Sesshomaru on an observation that Rin said only moments prior! 'That child gets away with everything,' he thought as he rolled his eyes.

"Can we go back and see Lady Sango now Sesshomaru-sama?" Rin asked eagerly hoping for a yes.

" No Rin, as stated, another has come to visit the slayer!"

"Well uh, if I may asked Lord Sesshomaru, when are you going back to the west?"

Sesshomaru titled his head to look at the sky and was silent for several moments before responding.

"I have yet to decide! While I decide, you two will be sent back to the west. Jaken, I need you to keep an eye on things, and Rin you are getting behind in your studies. Ah-Un should be arriving shortly to fly you both back."

"Will you stay here with the slayer Lord Sesshomaru?" Rin asked with a hopeful glee that didn't go by unnoticed by Sesshomaru!

"I will be in the area! There are things here that need my immediate attention!"

With this answer, Rin grinned knowingly. Sesshomaru looked at her suspiciously but dismissed the reason why Rin was smiling like a Cheshire cat.

"My Lord, if I may speak freely."

Sesshomaru regarded Jaken a few moments before slowly nodding his head for permission knowing very well what Jaken was about to say.

"My Lord, don't you think other demons and humans will get the wrong impression about the time you spend with the slayer? I know she has helped you in numerous fights master, not that you needed it of course," he hurriedly added. "But she is a single, human, female slayer with child, a half-demon child nonetheless on the way. I just think you fraternizing with her in her condition isn't such a desirable look for one of your status. Some might think the child was yours."

Right when Jaken said it, something went off in that melon sized head of his. His eyes grew in shock of his revelation. 'Why else would Sesshomaru go out of his way and spend time with her? I know he feels something deep for Rin and that's why we came to visit the slayer. I suppose now I can't keep mentally overlooking the way Lord Sesshomaru's been looking at the slayer. I thought I smelt Sesshomaru's scent on her, but I just couldn't believe the notion, but now…' He looked down and then back at Sesshomaru who was still looking at him impassively. Sesshomaru saw the sudden enlightenment that Jaken just had. In all actuality, with Jaken being a demon, he didn't know why he was just now figuring it out. Sesshomaru then looked over at Rin who was still smiling at him, but her eyebrows went up into her bangs. It was at this point he knew Rin knew as well.

"Lord Sesshomaru it can't be," Jaken blurted out.

"You let me deal with such things Jaken. Though your concerned is… shall I saw… intriguing, it is not needed nor is it warranted.

"But your father Lord Sesshomaru…..!" Suddenly a fiery red aura was emitting from Sesshomaru. Whose face was no longer serene but menacing. His claws and fangs had extended to their full length, and his eyes were red and dilated. Before Jaken could blink, Sesshomaru was standing in front of him slightly trying to restrain himself from killing Jaken where he stood.

In the gruffest baritone voice Jaken had ever heard, Sesshomaru responded.

"You will do well not to mention my father! Is that clear?"

By this time Jaken was bowing profusely and inarticulately apologizing for his impudence and insensitivity.

Suddenly Sesshomaru sensed another demon in the vicinity and Rin's fear. He quickly reverted back to his cool and collective form before turning around to face Rin.

"Now, Ah-Un is here."

Both Rin and Sesshomaru looked up in the sky to see a massive sized dragon with two heads coming toward them. He landed soundlessly beside Rin.

"Ah-Un, take them back to the castle. Jaken!" Sesshomaru barked. "Make sure you keep an eye on Rin as well. Never let her leave your sight. And if you mention a word of the slayer's condition to anyone in my kingdom before I do, I will kill you!"

Jaken gulped before replying with trembling lips, "Yes, Lord Sesshomaru!"

"Now, all three of you, do as I command; I will join you when I can!"

Sesshomaru watched as both climbed on top of the gentle dragon and ascend in the skies. As he watched, he reflected on Jaken's reaction. He knew Jaken was only the first of many to receive a death threat from him regarding Sango's present stance. He knew then he would have to prepare himself.