Author: Sparta666

Title: Broken

Pairings: Sky & Bridge Tommy & Jason

Rating: R

Crossovers: some mentions of older rangers

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No

Summery: When B squad falls apart Bridge is barely holding it together, but when Sky walks out Bridge goes into meltdown as his power overload destroying half the city and almost killing him, weakened, vulnerable and with no memory of who he is or was. Has Gruumm found the weapon he was looking for or can Sky and the other save Bridge in time?

Chapter Summery: B squad falls apart

Authors Note:



Commander Cruger and visiting base commander Oliver and Scott walked the corridor of the SPD. They were talking about how well the project was going and how easy the teams got along when suddenly loud voices and Bridge shaped object hit them.

"Bridge?" asked Tommy as he the boy he'd come to call his son clutching his head.

"Dad, Da? Sorry can't stop to chat things are a little to loud for me" said Bridge before disappearing, heading to the command centre everyone missed the glowing ball of light that escaped the noise and followed Bridge.

"Now can anyone explain to me why your making enough noise that Gruumm himself could here you or why Cadet Carson has been forced to leave the room?" growled Cruger as everyone stopped yelling and realised Bridge was gone.

"Yes Bridge had to leave because he couldn't cope with the noise and I doubt he meant verbal, you all forget that for whatever reason it started Bridge is forced not only to hear your argument but feel them too" said Tommy with a growl that matched Cruger's as the other team looked sorry.

"Now remember that and the feelings of your fellow Cadets as you spent the next three hour cleaning out the cells and then the training room. Now dismissed" yelled Cruger as the rangers left muttering under their breath.


Bridge was back in his room laying on Sky's bed when Sam found him, hovering close to the door he spoke up.

"Knock, knock. I came to make sure your ok but I can go if I make your head hurt to much?" asked Sam as Bridge rolled over and shook his head.

"no it's ok, you don't make my head hurt because you don't think…I mean…"

"In my Light Bee form I don't give off the energy waves that cause you empathic power to go off…I understand Bridge. So what happened I was in the hall way looking for you when you took off?" asked Sam as he floated down and settled next to Bridge. With a smile and no reason to Bridge started to stroke Sam's light form.

"the usual, I went to find Sky to tell him my parents were visiting and found him in the middle of a fight with Syd. I got pulled into the middle until I couldn't take any more" said Bridge with a sigh, they just stay there for a few minutes before Sam spoke up.

"hey Bridge how did you end up with Commander's Scott and Oliver as parents? I'm guessing in their not your birth parents though that is possible now since you have different last names?"

"My mom worked for Kat in the lab, she was part of the Morpher project though she designed the base were in. My dad was the blue Ranger that died alongside Sky father against Mirloc though my father's not remembered as much as Sky's but he was a hero to me." said Bridge with pride.

"Mom was there when things went wrong, that accident forced her into labour. She didn't survive the birth and I was ill, no one wanted me afterwards because I was sick and because no one knew what the accident would do to me? Then Tommy and Jason joined the SPD and they took me in and the rest is history" laughed Bridge before he settled down to rest while Sam watched over him before floating off to find Cruger.