Author: Sparta

Title: Broken

Pairings: Sky & Bridge Tommy & Jason

Rating: R

Crossovers: some mentions of older rangers

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 12/?

Completed: No

Summery: When B squad falls apart Bridge is barely holding it together, but when Sky walks out Bridge goes into meltdown as his power overload destroying half the city and almost killing him, weakened, vulnerable and with no memory of who he is or was. Has Gruumm found the weapon he was looking for or can Sky and the other save Bridge in time?

Chapter Summery: Bridge and Sky go back to work

Authors Note:

Back to action

A few weeks later and Bridge and Sky had been realised from the Hospital wing, laughing as Eric complained that he couldn't leave. At the headed to the Common Room they held earth others hand no longer giving a dam about what others thought, after all they'd been though they'd learnt that only thing that matters was each other.

Since they were still dressed in the clothing they had been wearing when they worked for Gruumm so as they entered the Common Room it fell silent. Smiling mischievously Bridge let back against Sky and slipped back into Balthazar's nature, stroking his hand up and down Sky's leg making him growl as the others watched on.

Pushing off from Sky Bridge dropped his jacket and swayed off towards their room before looking back over his shoulder at Sky.

"Coming sexy?" asked Bridge as Sky followed Bridge into their room.

They fell into bed with ease as they kiss and fought to get of their clothing.

"Love you" panted Bridge as Sky smiled back

"Ditto Bridge glad to have you back" said Sky as he kiss him but their fun was short lived as they were called to the Command Centre.


Sky and Bridge were taken back to see the Rangers, Boom, RIC, Cruger, Kat, Tommy, Jason and Eric stood in the Command Centre.

"I'm glad to see you up and a round Cadets" said Cruger with a smile.

"Sir?" they both asked

"I owe you both an apology, I not only put you in a situation that put your relationship at odds with your life as Rangers. But I l also refused to stand at your side as not only a true commander should have but as a team mate world and for that I'm sorry" said Cruger as Sky and Bridge nodded.

"Please forgive me and welcome home" said Cruger as he handed back their morphers.

"Thank you sir it's good to be back" said Sky

"yeah there no place like home" laughed Bridge as they realised something.


"you will have noticed a few changes? Cadet Landor has stepped down as Red Ranger, so Cadet Tate congratulations and Cadet Carson I'm proud to give you the Blue Morpher.

I was proud to serve with your father and call him a friend, he was a true ranger and I now you will do his colour proud. You both will" said Cruger as Bridge smiled as Jack took the green Morpher.


A few weeks later

The City was back to normal, SPD was in full working order again and A-Squad had been found and charged with treason. The Rangers had settled into a normal life as trainers at the academy.

Bridge and Sky had settled in to not only a normal life but a married one too, so as the new recruits waited for them in the training area outside Bridge laid back and watched from a near by bench.

"D-Squad cadets welcome to SPD" said Sky as they jumped into a salute.

"I am commander Carson-Tate, B-Squad Red Ranger. You will meet the rest of the rangers as time comes but for now your with me" said Sky as Bridge chuckled as used his gift to float his drink to him.

"Show some respect Freak" growled one of the Cadets as Sky shot him a look.

"Drop and give me twenty Cadet and watch your mouth" he growled as the Cadet looked started.

"but sir he's…."

"He's a what Cadet?" asked Sky as he walked over and took the can and a kiss off Bridge.

"Cadets meet Commander Bridge Carson -Tate Blue ranger my partner in crime and in life and like myself he has enhanced gifts so you will show him some respect am I clear?" yelled Sky

"Yes Sir" yelled the cadets as they saluted

"But don't worry unless you are going into the computer core you wont be dealing with him for a while" said Sky as he rubbed his hand over Bridge's stomach with a smile.

"Well not until after these two are born" laughed Bridge as the girls all went 'Ahhh' and the boys pulled faces, it was just another day at the SPD Earth Academy.