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WARNINGS: Twincest and repeated exessive use of the word fuck.

I'm bored

Me too


Have you ever noticed that most words can have dirty connotations?


It's true.

Ok then.

It's my theory of the week

I hope you have fun trying to prove it in that case. (rolls eyes)

I will. The same way you have fun when I'm fucking you senseless.

That doesn't prove anything.

Maybe not, but I've proved I love you.

That's not dirty.

No. But this is: I've proved it by fucking you senseless.

(rolls eyes again) Fucking people does not prove you love them.

Maybe not, but I do love you my little Kao-chan. And I enjoy fucking you.

I think you use the word fuck too much. In fact, I think that, compared to me, you use swear words in general too much on a daily basis.

I don't think I need to tell you which of those words is dirty. But I will shorten those sentences for you:
You fuck me on a daily basis. That's what you should have said

You know it's true.

And you enjoy it.

No comment.

Kao, I bet you look extremely hawt in a sexy nurse uniform.

Why do you always try to get me to cross dress? I don't get what's so appealing about me in a skirt anyway.

It's not about the skirt. It's about how short it is.

Whatever. I still don't get why it's always me who's cross dressing.

One word: seme (arrow pointing at me)

Yeah, so?

You're the uke. The submissive one.

Just because I'm uke, doesn't mean I have to submit to wearing skirts.

You're right. Too bad you can't say no to your big brother.

If you guys don't stop passing notes you'll get caught. What are you talking about that's so interesting anyway? –Haruhi

"Fujioka, are you passing a note?"


"Hand it over." (…) "Hitachiins, it says you're passing notes. Is that true?"


"Then why did Fujioka say so?"

"He's trying to get us in trouble."


That was close.

Yeah, I can't believe she bought that.

Can you imagine if she had read what we wrote to the class?!

(laughs) I think everyone would be on the floor now.


What's dirty about floor?

I'm thinking about the things I could be doing to you on the floor.

Ok Mr.Everything-is-dirty, use the word "bee"

You make my heart fly(like a bee) bee-cause you're just so bee-utiful. And I wanna fuck you.

Isn't that a little stretched? Bee wasn't even dirty in all that.


Oh, come off it, Hika! You can't prove this theory!


Seriously! Get some help!

Get some…

Arg, lay off it!


I still think your theory sucks.


You have such a dirty mind.

Yours is equally dirty.

I don't think that's possible.


What are you thinking about?

…You fucking me senseless.

You see. You do have a dirty mind.

How could I not be thinking it. You only said it about a billion times!


I love you…

I love you too.

In spite of my dirty mind?

In spite of your dirty mind!


And sometimes, I thoroughly enjoy that your mind is sooo … creative…


a/n: So there it is! It's short but I thought it was fun to read!