Alrighty! First C&C story, sorry if it's a bit short.

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Special agent John Connell crouched in the snowy trench, slush gathering around his ankles. He pulled his parka closer around his face, and raised the glasses to his eyes.

Two hundred meters off, a guard unit with a pair of Siberian Huskies passed by, stopping every few minutes to peer into the surrounding bleakness, check the wall integrity, or take a quick smoke break, and move on.

A flashing light on his wrist caught his attention. He hunkered down, plugged an earphone into his belt, and whispered into the receiver. "Yes?"

"Incoming from Jump 1. Stand by."

So, the American commander had decided to make a move, then. "About bloody time, it's freezing out here."

"Seven-five-seven, you are to enter the base at Gamma Seven Charlie. We have intercepted comm that the lab in that base is nearing completion on a brain-wave transmitter. If it is completed, the tech boys believe it will enable the Reds to coordinate massive infantry and armored assaults while keeping complete radio silence. It is vital we get our hands on these plans."


"Your mission ops officer has further details and equipment, which will be being sent shortly." The transmission ended abruptly.

John stared at the receiver, then began to make his way down the trench, making as little noise as possible.

Flash flash flash


"Hello, Seven-five-seven," said the familiar voice.

"Ah, A," said John. "So, Jump 1 got you the orders?"

His superior actually sounded a bit hesitant. "Well... yes, John, but..."

"What is it?"

"Most of these are pretty standard ops orders, but this disguise that he says you need to use, well..."

"What is it?"

"He says you need to disguise yourself as a dog."


"A dog. A Siberian Husky guard dog, to be precise."

John gritted his teeth. "I'll do what I can."

"Sorry about this, Seven-five-seven," said A. "I'll let you know when the package is on its way."

"Acknowledged." He ended transmission.

Crazy Americans. Crazy Soviets. Crazy bloody war.

He sighed, and settled back down into the trench.