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Chapter Two "Will You Go? Go to Greased Lightnin!"

Hinata spent most of her nights at Temari's house after that evening. Temari thought it was cool to have an ongoing sleepover night, night after night. Plus Hinata was borrowing Temari's clothes, so it was necessary to spend the night. Temari was cool with everything. She didn't even question it.

"Thanks for everything, Temari!" Hinata grinned as they walked into the local malt shop. "You've been so great lately!"

"Ah, no big deal!" Temari replied, giving a small smile. "Hey, I gotta use the restroom, so why don't you find a place to sit?"

Hinata nodded her head in agreement and Temari walked away to the back of the store. Hinata started searching for a table, until she saw a familiar head of hair in the shop. Red, dark, and mysterious... She tried rushing past him and claimed a table near the corner of the room, where no one could see her.

"Hinata?" a voice asked.

Hinata turned to see standing before her was Gaara. He was in the same getup he was the last time she saw him. His eyes stared into her eyes and his lips turned into a frown. "Hey Hinata..."

"Gaara." Hinata spoke bluntly, trying to give him the cold shoulder.

"Listen, Hinata," he sighed. "I know you're mad at me for how I was, but I was happy to see you."

"You sure didn't act like it in front of your friends..." Hinata snapped a little.

"Look I'm sorry about that!" Gaara shouted. "You just don't understand what I have to act like in front of them. They see me talking to a chick and they think she puts...You know what I mean..."

"No, I don't Gaara," Hinata cried. "Frankly, I wish I didn't meet you this summer..."

"Don't say that Hinata!" Gaara yelled. "If I had it, I'd never look at another chick, other than you. No one's gonna get you when I'm around, nuh uh!"


Gaara sat down next to Hinata in the booth. "Look, we're throwing Temari a party. She's dropping out of high school and going to beauty school before she flunks again. She's been here for like three years... So anyway, what'd ya say?"

"Gaara, are you sure you mean that?" Hinata smiled, hoping to see Gaara's changed personality.

"Absolutely positive," Gaara nodded his head in agreement, giving a small smile. He leaned in closer to Hinata, inches away from her lips.

"HEY GAARA!!" TenTen squealed, popping in on their private conversation. "Oh, don't let me interrupt. Hey Hinata, why don't you get my milkshake over there for me? You can have it too; it's going to get a little hot soon."

Hinata rolled her eyes and just started walking away. Gaara just sighed.

"Gaara," TenTen smiled. "I wanted to tell you something. About when YOU CAME OVER MY HOUSE LAST NIGHT..."

Hinata walked backwards to hear the conversation.

"Anyway, my mother thinks you're cute!" TenTen squealed and turned, seeing Hinata. "He's such a lady-killer, isn't he?"

"Yes," Hinata growled. She walked up to the side of Gaara and whispered in his ear. "What were you doing at her house?"

"I was just copying down some homework!" Gaara whispered back.

Hinata turned away. "I guess I'll go out for cheerleading then. Wouldn't want to disappoint those cute lettermen!" She smiled to TenTen, and then stuck her tongue out to Gaara.

"Is that the reason you'd do something like that?" Gaara shouted. "To show off your skimpies to a bunch of horny jocks?!"

Hinata started laughing. "Don't tell me you're jealous, Gaara?" She smirked.

"Of those bunch of meatheads?" Gaara snickered. "Don't make me laugh. Ha... Ha...Hoo..." He grabbed his jacket and started walking away.

"Just 'cause they can do something you can't!" Hinata yelled for Gaara to hear.

"Whoa, I can do anything they can do!" Gaara smirked as he walked back. "Just watch. Next time one of those stupid teams have tryouts, I'll be there!"

"Wait a coincidence!" TenTen smiled. "Track tryouts are tomorrow on the football field!"

"HUH?" Gaara gulped. "Uh... good... I'll be there!" He nodded to Hinata.

"Big talk..." Hinata scoffed.

"Yeah, just watch!" Gaara smiled. "Hey, TenTen!" He winked at her and placed his arm around her. "When did ya say those tryouts were?"

"Ten o'clock on the football field..."TenTen said in awe.

"Okay, I'll be there," Gaara said while popping his collar and nodded to TenTen. "See ya there, sexy!" He winked at TenTen and stared at Hinata. He walked out of the malt shop.

"OOooooOOOoo!!" TenTen squealed.

"Come on! Just take me to those cheerleading tryouts..."Hinata scoffed. And the two walked outside and went to the school.

The bathroom door opened. "Hinata?" Temari yelled. "Where did ya go?"


Hinata had just, unfortunately, gotten a spot on the cheer squad. She didn't even want to be a cheerleader, but she had to make sure Gaara was paying attention. Right now, she was going to see if he really was trying out for the track team. She walked by the football field, in her new cheerleading uniform as well, and noticed all of the muscular, six foot boneheaded jocks on the field. As soon as she was within fifty feet of the field, the jocks turned their heads and started to seem like they were panting. He was right. Hinata thought. They ARE horny.

Then, Hinata noticed one normal guy on the field. He was a little less than six feet, a bit tough and scrawny, and he wasn't paying attention at all to anyone. She smiled, realizing he was doing exactly what he said he would be doing. Not that it mattered to her if he tried out for track or not.

Then the guys started running across the field, jumping the few hurdles that were placed. Gaara was jumping with style, like he was born to be a track star. Then he came to the last lap. He looked into Hinata's direction and his mouth turned to smile. But he wasn't paying much attention as he tripped over the last hurdle.

Hinata gasped and ran up to Gaara, who was lying on the ground, grasping his ankle which seemed to be a little swollen.

"Gaara!" Hinata cried. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah yeah, sure sure," Gaara sighed. "I'm fine... So I see you became a cheerleader..."

"You're a track star, too..." Hinata smiled. "Don't point fingers until you look at yourself."

"Right right..." Gaara spoke. "Listen, I'm sorry for how I've been, Hinata. I'd really like it if you went to the dance with me."

Hinata gulped for air. Her heart started pumping. Her sweat increased ten fold. "What about TenTen?" Hinata stuttered.

"You know I was only doing that to make you jealous," Gaara frowned. "A sad back step on my part."

"Well, okay then, Gaara," Hinata smiled. "I'd love to go to the dance with you."

"Well all right," Gaara smirked. "So um... could you get up? You're kind of sitting on my ankle."

Hinata blushed.


The gym was covered in all sorts of decorations. A bunch of trees, flowers and hearts. Plus the pink, black and green streamers and glitter assortments everywhere. Hinata had borrowed on of Temari's formal gowns. She had decided to go for a white dress, some sparkles, with a few ruffles in between. Temari was wearing a floor-length yellow shimmering dress. Sakura was wearing a short green dress with brown polka dot. Ino was wearing a very sexy, revealing short red dress with a few ruffles in the center. Tayuya was wearing a short, black, revealing dress.

The girls were outside, waiting for their dates. Hinata of course was with Gaara. Temari was with Shikamaru, Sakura with Naruto, Ino and Kiba were supposed to be together, and Tayuya just enjoyed the sex with Sasuke.

The car drove up, the guys laughing up a storm. They all jumped out at the same time. Tayuya turned her heard toward it.

"HA!" she smirked. "What is that thing??"

Sasuke walked up to her and kissed her. "What'd ya mean?" he smiled. "Why, this car is automatic; it's systematic; it's hydromatic... Why, it's Greased Lightnin'!"

"Greased Lightnin'!" Naruto shouted. He gave Sasuke a high-five.

"Say what?" Ino laughed. "The only lightning you'll see from that is how fast a girl gets in and gets out!"

"Come on!" Kiba defended. "It's the Kono Birds official car."

"Yeah, "Gaara sighed."The one and only Greased Lightnin'..." He didn't seem to care to be there. He saw Hinata and gave a quick smile. He walked into the gym. Hinata quietly followed. The rest of them remained outside discussing ' Grease Lightnin.'

"We'll get some overheard lifters and four barrel quads..." Shikamaru assured the girls.

"Keep talking..." Temari scowled.

Shikamaru continued. "A fuel injection cut-off and chrome-platted rods..."

"OooooOOoo I'll get the money!" Ino laughed sarcastically.

"With a four speed on the floor, they'll be waiting at the door," Kiba smirked to Ino.

"You no without a doubt, we'll be making out in Greased Lightnin', " Sasuke winked at Tayuya.

"Whoo, Go Greased Lightnin..." Tayuya sighed sarcastically.

"It's supreme!" Naruto shouted.

"You chicks will cream for Greased Lightnin'," Kiba howled as he grabbed for Ino. She pushed him away.

"We'll get some purple French-tail lights and 30-inch fins..."Shikamaru tried explaining, probably the only guy who actually cared about the car's automotive prospect instead of the other benefits to having a car gave."A palomino dashboard and dual muffler twins... With new pistons, plugs and shocks..."

"I can get off my rocks," Sakura laughed while eating a brownie she had found in the car.

"You know that we ain't bragging," Naruto whined.

"She's a real pussy wagon," Sasuke winked.

"Greased Lightnin'... Go Go Go..." Ino yawned. "You're burning' up the quarter mile..."

"You're coasting' through the heat lap trials!!" Temari joked around...

"I'm telling you she's supreme, you chicks will scream for Greased Lightnin'!" Kiba smiled.

"Oh! Really? Well I guess good job then!" Sakura laughed. She started clapping. "Niiice car!"

"It's going to be way wick-ed!" Naruto smiled. "Lightnin'! Lightnin'! Lighten'!"

"Yeah," Tayuya laughed." Lightnin'! Greased Lightnin'! Ow!" She laughed. "That thing is about as cool as a Good Humor truck. Come on; stop trying to talk car talk to a bunch of girls. Let's just go and dance, you fuzz balls..."

The guys tried saying something, but Sasuke put his hands up. "Nah, guys, be cool..."

"Try telling that to Tayuya..." Naruto sniffed. "Talking trash about Greased Lightnin'."

"We admit it needs some work, but wait and see, it'll be worth it," Sasuke smiled. "Come on; let's waste our time here at the dance."

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