Eternal Night

Chapter 1

She panted, running, as far and as fast as she could. Constantly, tripping over herself. She'd fall to the ground, looking back as a deep chuckle filled the air, before she would get up and give chase as she had done so many times before. Her pursuer, just walked after her calmly, knowing she's fall down for the last time, rather soon, such as now- and she did.

"Didn't I tell you?" He chuckled, arms crossed over his chest, as he caught up to her, while she lay on the ground unmoving. He grabbed her arm, pulling her to his eye level, taking in how dead she looked. Her eyes held no light, as she panted slightly, trying to catch her breath from all the running. "It doesn't matter how far or how much you run, I'll catch up to you." He sneered, lowering her to her feet, before crushing her against his chest and outlining the side of her neck with his nose. She scrunched her eyes shut tightly.

"You...pig." She hissed in his ear, stiffening, as he kissed her neck, making him stop.

"There's something bothering you- isn't there? Or- is there something on your mind?" He questioned her.

"I...want to make a deal with you..." She said quietly, looking down and away. This captured his attention, making him smirk. He kissed her cheek."I..don't want you to harm Master Marik or anyone else-" She said, making him look at her. He smirked in her shyness.

"Then, you'll play my MY rules, my dear. You understand this don't you?" He asked her, making sure. She opened her eyes , looking past his shoulder, at the floor, as he held her closer. Waiting- just waiting, for her reply. Her freedom- or the safety of her boss and her friends.

"I-I understand completely." She answered. Just the answer he wanted to hear.

(Battle City Tournament- On the Blimp)

-Marik's Room-

He sat in one of the chairs in his room, Shilo, kneeling over him. Her knees on either side of his legs, his hand intertwined with one of hers. The Millennium Rod, on the table, alone. Malik didn't need it right now- not when he already had willing entertainment. He pulled her down, licking her lips, before stealing a kiss. Shilo let him, and he eventually released her. Her eyes were so unsure-"Don't be sad, Shilo, my dear." He said, reaching up, wiping away a tear from her cheek. She tilted her head, so that his hand cupped her cheek, reaching up with her free hand, putting it on top of his."I'm here, my dear, don't worry."

"That- makes me feel- so unsecure." She said quietly, looking at him, as he frowned.

"I get such a bad head ache- every time I touch you-" He admitted, pulling her down, so that they were nose-to-nose. "-My host- is so determined- about your safety." Malik kissed her roughly and lustfully, dying for a taste of her. The Shadow Realm wasn't enough. "More..." He muttered to himself, pulling her closer, before a bright light blinded him, making him stop and withdraw in curiosity and confusion.

The T.V. had turned on, showing Seto Kaiba. He told all of the duelist to report to the match-assignment room immediately. He repeated his message, before the television flickered off, throwing them in darkness once more. "You'd better get going, Malik-"

"They can wait- I can't." She let out a shout, as he swiftly switched positions with her, sitting on her legs.

"You're heavy, get off!" She growled, before he claimed her lips, wrapping her arms around his neck. He deepened the kiss by slipping his tongue in, getting a soft moan from her, before withdrawing. He got off of her, grabbing the Millennium Rod in one hand, and her hand in the other, leaving the room with both. He released Shilo, grabbing a handful of his cloak. He corned her against the hallway wall, covering them with his cloak momentarily, before he walked off and left her there by herself.

"Shilo!" She turned around to see a short, brown-haired, blue-eyed girl, who was her best friend since she moved to Japan. Shilo teared up, and ran to Tea, hugging her, making the girl stop in her place. "Shilo? What's wrong?"

"E-Everything, Tea-Chan- everything is 'wrong'." Shilo replied, tears in her eyes. "I-I just- need someone to help me through-"

"I'm here for you, Shilo! That's what friends are for!" Tea said reassuringly, to the girl, who looked up at Tea. Shilo was so happy to actually be show kindness-

"I-In my old country- everyone hated me with a passion-" She said.

"Well, no one here is like that (well, except maybe Seto and Malik)." Tea said, smiling at her. "You're- too nice- to hate. I don't know how its possible." Shilo smiled. These people- literally killed her inside- with kindness. She closed her eyes.

'Father- I understand- what you mean when you sent me away from you. Thank You.' Shilo thought.

"Let's talk about it all in my room, ok?" Tea suggested, leading her away. Malik watched. He felt rather jealous, but he brushed it off. 'Calm down, it's just for the time being- just until your match is over.'He told himself, watching as she walked off. Shilo looked back at him, obviously able to see the murder in his eyes, making her look hurt. 'Don't be like that, my dear. I'll wait for you- I want you to see how strong I am, my dear, before I hurt one of your friends.'

Shilo, stopped, seeing his gaze, pulling Tea to a stop too."Why- don't we stay? Cheer on the boys, ya?" She suggested, getting a nod from her friend, as they went back . Malik smirked, as she returned back to his side, Tea, standing close by, glaring at him. He wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him. "Support." She said simply, looking away from him, bringing a sneer to his lips.

Suddenly, Tea pulled Shilo away from Malik, making him a bit shocked, but anger quickly replaced that. "What are you doing, you jerk?! Leave Shilo alone! She doesn't want anything to do with you!" Tea yelled at him, making Shilo stare at her in horror.

"T-Tea, no!" Shilo begged.

Malik chuckled. "Stupid girl. If you only knew what your dear friend was doing for you!" Shilo narrowed her eyes at him. "I should send you to the Shadow Realm for that!" Shilo went up to him.


"Come again?" She asked, her eyes now a reddish-orange color. There were cold as stone, and serious. Malik stood down, making her smirk, her eyes going back. "I thought I'd be nice and cheer you on but since you'd like to be so mean about it, I guess I'll leave with Tea. Come on, Tea." She lead her friend away, making Malik wonder who that was, that stood up to him.

(End of Malik's match)

Malik laughed, as Mai Valentine fell to her hands and knees. He raised his rod up to her, smirking sinisterly. "Time for a trip to the Shadow Realm, my dear." The millennium rod glowed, and she gasped, before falling to the ground.

"MALIK!" He looked at the side lines, seeing Shilo at the entrance way, panting. He jumped down from the platform, walking to the exit, before he was stopped by Shilo, who dug her nails into his shirt. "What is wrong with you?! You promised! You promised you wouldn't hurt them!" She yelled at him. Malik looked at her blankly, before sneering at her.

"It's a shame that you weren't here to see my entire duel, my dear." Malik said to her, making her look at him with wide-eyes. "However- I'll make sure that you see my next duel." He picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder.

"What are you doing? Put me down, damn it!" She yelled at him, trying to squirm out of his hold. Malik chuckled, and walked down to the lower levels, carrying a struggling and unhappy Shilo.

(Marik's Room)

The threw her onto the bed, making her grunt, before he positioned himself over her.

"Liar! Cheat! Con Artist!" Shilo screamed at him. Malik chuckled.

"Call me whatever you like, my dear." He sneered, kissing her neck lustfully, his hands seaching her body. She tried to push him off, not doing much damage as she thought. Shilo gritted her teeth.

"You sent her to the Shadow Realm! You went against our Deal!" She snarled, savagely biting his tongue, when he tried to slip it into her mouth. He snarled and withdrew. Neither knew, that Tea had her ear to the door, listening in.

"LOOK! My part of the deal was, I was not to harm your friends, or my host. And your part, was that you'd do what I say. I didn't see you talk to that girl at all, ever since I've been released! So she wasn't your friend! So I did nothing wrong!" Malik growled, lowering himself closer to her, making her try to sink into the bed to get away from him. "You need to be punished, my dear Shilo." He said, licking her neck, before kissing it. She squirmed uncomfortably under the psycho, causing problems for him. "Will you STOP, woman?!" She kneed him in the gut, but it was her that felt the pain. "Stone-hard abs do help from those things, you know." He said bluntly, but still, Shilo kept trying, eventually pissing him off.

"STOP IT!" He snarled at her, gripping her wrists tightly and pinning her to the matress. "You will do as I say! That is what we agreed on!" Shilo stopped struggling, looking at him.

"Can't we NOT do this on Kaiba's plane?" Shilo asked him, seriously, not wanting to lose her virginity- ON A PLANE. Could you imagine what the hell her child would say?

'Mommy, where was I born?'

'On a blimp.'

Yeah, not fun. Malik withdrew from her. "I suppose you are right." Malik rolled off of her, pulling her with him, as he laid down on the bed. Shilo blushed slightly, as he pulled her closer. This Didn't look like a happy ending for her...

To Be Continued . . .