Eternal Night

Chapter 16

The End

"Papa, have you seen Bakura?" Shilo asked, and Ace looked over at her, an expression that he didn't know what was going on. Lance looked at him,

"The ALBINO, Father, the Albino." Lance to him and he went 'oooo' before responding, "Thee Albino! No, I haven't seen." Ace responded, and Shilo frowned,

"Come on, Papa; pick a language- Romanian with your lovely accent, or modern with no accent."

"Why not both?" He inquired and Lance shook his head, "Shilo, are you packed for today?" Lance asked her and she nodded,

"I even said good bye to every one." Shilo said, knowing it was a lie. She hadn't talked to Marik or Malik at all… She gripped the light blue bracelet on her ankle, as she slipped into her shoes, before standing up, and her father looked at her,

"Have a good trip, honey." Ace said, and she looked at her father,

"You're not coming, Papa?"

"No, dear, I'll be staying a while. A souvenir for your mother's grave. She did enjoy the culture here in Japan." Ace responded, and Shilo nodded, going to the bathroom and shutting the door behind her. Maybe…this was the best time to use… THAT. Shilo opened the draw under the sink and pulled out a box that said 'Pregnancy test' on it in big, bold, blue letters on the pink box.

She had been feeling rather…strange… lately. Maybe it wouldn't say anything. Maybe it was just her being paranoid. After peeing on the stick, she waited until it showed the words she wasn't really expecting. "Ah-! Oh no, this must be some type of mistake!" She exclaimed, checking the back of the box. "…I'll be damned." She said and set it down, taking a deep breath and covering her face with her hands. Shilo put her back to the wall, slowly sliding down to the floor and sat on it. There must have been some type of mistake. She covered her mouth with a hand, letting the other one fall, thinking. Would her still leaving be fine? "Yeah, I'm fine." She said, getting to her feet, before quickly hiding the test.

"You ready, Shilo?" Lance asked and she looked at him, still uneasy about the test. "Don't look so unnerved. America is a big country but everything is far different from here. I think it will be a good change of scenery for you. You've been surrounded by too much filth- Romania, this country- you need a change of pace. We're not assassins anymore, Shilo, we're 'normal' now."

"I'd rather be an assassin with a proud heritage than a normal person with no background." Shilo said softly and Lance chuckled,

"In America, you can't have that type of attitude. They'll throw you in Guantanamo Bay for what you've done. Hell, once they track us all down, We'll share the same home once more- a prison cell." Lance told her jokingly but it wasn't funny. Not to Shilo. Ace grunted, "Lance, my son, your jokes are so crude. Just stay quiet. Azkaban is not funny, it's quite boring." Lance sighed, "Let's just go, Shilo." He said and she went to her room, getting her bags and taking them to the taxi, Lance helping her put her bags in.

~O~ Airport ~O~

Shilo sighed, sitting at the terminal, Lance going something at the reception desk of their gate. She didn't care to pay attention. She looked at the small doll in her hand. Long, blue hair in a single low ponytail, one eye was gold and the other was green, and he was dressed in oriental robes. "Mr. Sapphire, where art thou?" She said to the doll,

"International Flight 785 from Domino City, Japan to New York, America, will be boarding soon. All classes, please have your boarding passes in hand as you approach the ticket counter to convenience your flight attendants." A woman at the reception desk said over the loud speaker, and Shilo glanced at the ceiling as the words were spoken before looking out of the window.

"Shilo, you have some company." Lance said barely interested as she looked over, Marik and Malik standing there. Marik cleared his throat and shoved Malik forward, who grunted from the gesture and stood in front of Shilo.

"So…you're leaving?" Malik asked and she nodded, hands in her lap,

"Yeah, so America. I'll be living with Lance." Shilo answered, looking away as Lance waved a little bit. Malik rubbed the back of his neck,

"Malik, don't you want to tell her something?" Marik asked and Malik snapped his head to look at him, "Shut up, Marik, I'll tell her when I do!" Malik growled, turning back to her as she raised an eyebrow.

"Shilo." She looked at Malik, "I love you." Shilo flinched in surprise and Lance glared at Malik angrily, "I want you to stay here with me."

"Just because you selfishly want her to, doesn't mean she'll stay here, you stupid Egyptian." Lance growled defensively, but Malik ignored him,

"You're right, but I hope this will." Malik said, pulling a small box out of his pocket, opening it, and offered it to her, "Marry me." Shilo covered her mouth as Marik coughed and Malik remembered ot get down on his knee, "I want you to marry me, Shilo. I know I've done things that, well, a sane person really wouldn't call 'courting' but- I had a different way of going about it." Malik said, blushing, looking down slightly. Shilo leaned down, putting her hand on the box and closing it as Malik looked up,

"Hey, propose to me somewhere a little more romantic next time, Baka-teme." She said, kissing him softly. Others in the airport clapped as he kissed her back. Marik seemed somewhat happy but Lanca grumbled,

"Fuck- I was going to try and marry her off to a benefactor of my hospital in America…" Lance groaned and Marik laughed at her brother's comment, as Malik withdrew and stood up, pulling her with him, and hugged her shyly, blushing heatedly as he did.

"Oh, by the way, Malik." Shilo told him and he looked at her, "I took one of those pregnancy tests this morning. I'm pregnant." Malik shoved her away,

"What?" He questioned and shuffled, "I'm a-?" Shilo groaned and nodded, "I'll, uh, figure out something to help."

"Don't bother getting a job." Shilo said, "You're so useless, no one would hire you." She told him before walking off and Malik went after her.

~O~ Epilogue ~O~

In the long run, the last of her dolls vanished. Mr. Sapphire? He ended up being a man known as 'Dartz' who was a friend of Lance's and had helps fund a few of his hospitals- and still asked Shilo out to dinner various times, despite how she was engaged.

Agard's opinion on her husband-to be? Bleak. Lance? He hated Malik with a burning passion for ruining a joint venture he had with Dartz. Heln? He was happy Shilo was happy. As for Ace, he turned Yami Bakura into a white dog and carried him everywhere.

Malik got a job working in Lance's hospital, as a medical representative- before he lost that job for trying to cut someone. His Sister took him in as a historian to tell about Egypt's history. That went pretty well- until he changed the subject to the holocaust. Ace told them to give it up and let Malik take scare of the Chapel in the back yard and paid him outrageously (five-thousand a day), as long as Shilo and Malik stayed in his mansion to raise his grandchild.

"When will you die?" Malik asked him and Ace looked over, smiling,

"FUCKING NEVER." Ace smiled creepily, "I may love you like a son, but I have three others and a grandson on the way. You're never getting anything of mine." Ace said icily. Their relationship was, well, strange.