Naruto found he liked Tayuya's body. And not just in the sexual way. You know, there was an attraction, the kind that either made you unconsciously do things to be closer or stay away in embarrassment. Well, they slept in the same bed, so there wasn't a mystery about it. And, of course, the thought that they'd never stay together after the baby was born. Naruto was starting the think differently.

Naruto liked finding her heartbeat in strange places of her body like her lips, hands, ankles, scalp, lower back, and the back her thighs. And, if he focused, he could hear the baby's heart beat, too.

Tayuya slept soundly most nights, a straight contrast to him. He needed a good sleeping pattern, especially with a mission assignment sitting on the dresser, so he tried to find a lullaby in the rhythmic sounds of her body.

Her ribs expanded with slow breath under his hand. Naruto slid it around to her back, looking for a light pounding.

The baby kicked his elbow. Ow, that kid had a good set of legs.

Tayuya barley stirred; not drinking coffee made her dead to the world.

Naruto rubbed her swollen belly.

She rolled over, her short nails digging into his arm, mumbling a few words. He dragged the blanket up over her.

He was just starting to nod off.

The baby kicked him again.


Maybe his next kid wouldn't be out of lust.