First Off, I'm incensed on Stephenie Meyers Behalf. I was far more excited for the publication of Midnight Sun than I was, initially, for Breaking Dawn, and The Twilight Movie. It is a huge disappointment to know that Midnight Sun is now indefinitely on hold. Seriously this blows.

I have been asked (in the past) if I'd write my own version of the anticipated Midnight Sun. I've always ignored the requests, knowing that the real book would one day be written and bonded in a black cover, with Stephenie Meyer's name gracing the cover, offering my collection a completed appropriateness. But now, as you all should know, the release date is now postponed indefinitely and I have never read such an unsatisfying piece of Stephenie Meyers work than the partial draft that she opened up to her fans as a peace offering.

Long rant short, my excuses have run out and I'm going to continue from where Stephenie so cruelly (and completely justly) left off. This is initially for my own selfishness. I need to quench my thirst. I hope you enjoy reading my attempted Edward in my very own Midnight Sun.

Disclaimer: The characters and plot are the property of Stephenie Meyer. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 13


I knew havoc waited for me at home, but neither ill contempt nor anxious anticipation could spoil my high. I drove slow drawing out the inevitability of my return.

I smiled as Bella's scent, still churning in the heated air, became a diluted sting in the back of my throat. I could appreciate the sweetness of it in this weaker form. A lovely smell, a touch of Lavender—no Freesia - dominated the pitch of her scent. It was unusual, I'd never come across such a scent, I thought detachedly, then smiled as irony struck. Of course I'd never smelled such a scent, a perfume that all but burns me, entices me, and pleases me, while managing to be completely unjustly appetizing. But her scent was thinning as the air spun, and soon the flavor sat like inoffensive potpourri, pleasant and unobtrusive, the sting in my throat subsided.

I pulled into the garage glancing at my Aston Martin. I sighed in tangible relief glad that I'd be able to lay eyes on it at least one more time.

I clenched my teeth and balled my fists already preparing myself for the inevitable yelling that would grace my arrival. The thoughts alone — screaming in a constant stream from Rosalie— set the bleak tone of the short period that I'd have to spend here.

Anguish already twisted my mood. I felt uneasiness at the thought of any time spent away from Bella. But I owed my family an explanation.

I kept on reminding myself that Charlie would be home soon, that Bella couldn't be so marred in luck to find danger in the safe confines of her home. That reassurance was hardly heartening, and I managed a few colourful scenarios involving Bella's redeeming lack-of-balance, and the thought of stairs. I shuddered, suddenly anxious to greet my family and end the explanations quickly.

I went straight to the dining room.

The set-up was exactly as it had been before, with the exception of Jasper who sat — grudgingly, beside a smiling Alice. No one greeted me as I walked across the silent room and sat beside Carlisle.

I glanced anxiously at him, his thoughts unusually quiet, and his brow smooth of emotion.

Esme's thoughts were in sync with Alice's, her eyes glittering and a smile dominating her face.

Rosalie was still yelling a malicious stream of curses, non-stop through her mind, like she was reading off a mental list of blows, each worse than the last. I rolled my eyes, seeing no threat, except the intended image of my car she kept throwing at me.

Jasper was harder to place. His eyes were tight and his thoughts centered around the Volturi. Jasper was protective, and he knew exactly how much the Volturi liked their rules, and there was only one real rule to abide: complete and utter secrecy from our intended food source. He didn't want to give the Volturi an excuse to come knocking on our door.

Emmett thought I was insane, but winked as my eyes passed over him.

"I told them," Alice chided. Her voice completely juxtaposed to the tense atmosphere.

I looked quickly at Carlisle, knowing that his opinion was the only one that really mattered to me. He met my gaze. "Edward, you love this girl." It wasn't a question, but I nodded just the same. Rosalie hissed at this, a disbelieving taunt centered in her thoughts. "Then there is nothing to explain or feel guilty about. Love should be based on trust, and your relationship would be doomed to fail without this girl knowing the truth."

Rosalie jumped up. "She is a human!" She screamed, unable to control her outburst. "He has threatened and compromised his family! How can we— any of us be sure that she can be trusted. Not even Edward can ignore that! Her thoughts are a mystery to him. How—"

"I trust her." I said in monotone.

"Just one slip of the tongue Edward," she said mockingly. "She may have every intention of keeping our secrets now, but human nature is a fickle thing. She might just slip completely accidentally, or completely intentionally —"

"She's not like that. Rosalie. I know her." I glared daggers at her, watching as her lips framed into a scowl, her thoughts a twist of unspoken snides.

"This is all beside the point." Alice said carefully, eyeing Rosalie as she sunk in defeat to her chair. I switched my glare to Alice, anticipating her next words before she could take in the air to utter them.

"No, Alice it won't come to that." I said darkly holding her glare as she jutted out her chin in defiance, throwing her vision in my face, it hit as hard as an unexpected blow to the face. It was solid, clear, and completely horrifying. The same image of Bella as before: white skinned and red-eyed. But as horrifying as it was, I couldn't deny the desire, swirling in the pit of my stomach. The most selfish voice of insane reason that reminded me how forever couldn't even be enough.

"We can't risk exposure," Jasper said, his voice was muted and hollow, his thoughts carefully filed away. "Alice's vision is the only way to rectify this situation." His mind couldn't help the reflex flash of his other 'idea.' That had me on my feet.

I gritted my teeth locking my control as I paced the length of the room, watching myself through the eyes of my unwavering family. I hated how their thoughts teamed with Jasper if not for his reason, but for my happiness. The exception, Rosalie, who favored his unspoken idea more, and Carlisle who hadn't taken a side.

"There's nothing more to discuss." I growled through clenched teeth.

"Like hell there is Edward!" Rosalie barked. "You've inflicted her on our lives too! She, and whatever you decide to do with her, involves us!"

"That's enough." The quiet words were neither a command nor a request. But Rosalie's flow of words stopped abruptly. Carlisle's face was burdened with lines, adding ten years to his age. His gaze wasn't hard, but I noticed the narrowing of his eyes as he assaulted Alice. "This decision will be entirely up to Edward. Bella's fate will coincide with his decision." His words halted the conversation in a closing finality.

It didn't seem over. Not the way Alice held a secret smile, nor the way Jasper's thoughts remained suspiciously quiet. Rosalie fixed me a pointed glance. This isn't over.

I sighed heavily sinking down to my chair as each vampire drifted from the room. Until Esme and Carlisle were left concerned frowns and lines etched in their foreheads.

Esme's curiosity couldn't be piqued, "Edward," she spoke aloud for Carlisle's benefit. "How did she take it?" Alice said… well she said she took it exceptionally…?

She let the thought trail, unbelievable was the word she was looking for but trying not to find for my benefit.

"Unbelievably well." I muttered. "She didn't show one sign of being scared."

She smothered her reaction. Does she love you? Esme wondered, awed by Bella's bravery.

"She actually believes that she cares more for me that I do for her." I said bitterly.

Carlisle smiled. A warmth melting the solid gold in his eyes. She's your match Edward.

I returned their smile's half-heartedly. A pain swelled deep inside me as I replayed Alice's vision.

Eagerness stole tribute to conventional courtesy, and I was out of my chair, the absence of Bella overwhelmingly painful.

Darkness crept unnoticeably over Forks, as did I, as I glided quick and quietly through Bella's window.

I hovered over her bed, looking down on her as she fidgeted in her sleep. The painful release of her absence was traded for the fire that assaulted my throat.

The memory of her touch punctuated my thoughts. The tips of my fingers burned at the silent wish.

The air filled with the same electricity that haunted the dim darkness in biology. I backed up, crossing the room to the familiar rocking chair. Not trusting myself that close to her proximity, with such desires barely held on to the tips of my fingers.

"Mmm Edward" she sighed, setting off a roaring fantasy and a fresh charge of electric current to travel untouched from her body to mine. I cringed at the unexpected rapture and buried my head in my arms. She really thinks that she cares for me more than I do for her? As absurdly ridiculous as that possibility, I intended to prove just how wrong she was.

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