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Be my Escape

Previously on --

"What do you know about Akatsuki?" Sasuke repeated.

"Nothing I'm willing to tell."

"Sakura, tell me right now what you know about Akatsuki."

"Or what? You'll kill me?"

"I may…"

Sakura glared at her captor. Sasuke's face remained emotionless and calm, as if killing her was no big deal to him.

"Can I kill her Sasuke?" Karin asked, batting her eyes, trying to get Sasuke's attention.

"Shut-up Karin." Sasuke spoke again, not even sparing Karin a glance.

"Sakura… what do you know about Akatsuki, if you tell me I'll let you go."

Sakura made a snort like sound. "Yeah right."

Sasuke glared at her once again, frustration showing in his face. "Why won't you tell me Sakura? It's not like your friends with Akatsuki. You hate them as much as anyone else does."

"Because." Sakura stated bluntly, no elaborating.

Sasuke growled with frustration.

"Sasuke, we might as well kill her, or even torture her to get the answers out of her." Karin told Sasuke, her tone of voice was very annoying. Sakura's face remained the same this whole time, not letting Sasuke see her emotions, as he used to be able to do so easily.

Sasuke just ignored Karin once again. Sasuke's attention was on Sakura and her only.

Sakura averted her gaze from Sasuke's recently activated Sharingan, not trusting his eyes, knowing those eyes were able to put her in genjutsu by just looking at them.

Sasuke's eyes finally left Sakura and he turned around to his team. "Jugo, grab her."

Sakura's eyes widened a fraction as Jugo came over to her at a faster speed then she thought. He grabbed her without question to his orders and flung her over his wide shoulders.

Naruto ran through the forest beside Sai and Kakashi looking for Sakura. She had not come to the meeting point after the enemy decided to leave all of the sudden. This worried Naruto.

The thought of Sakura being dead or seriously injured made Naruto's legs move even faster, leaving and emotionless Sai behind him.

Naruto ran until he found craters in the ground and he slowed down. He soon saw a lot of water, it almost looked like a lake, until he saw it was nothing like a lake, it was just semi-deep water, spread out in a fast area, a water-based attacker was fighting here, fighting Sakura.

Sakura was no were to be found. He, Sai, and Kakashi were looking around the water for a long time before Naruto decided to jump in the water, looking for Sakura, and hopping she was not dead and under the water.

Naruto refused to believe that Sakura was dead, though he continued to look under water for what seemed like hours.

Eventually Naruto came out of the water with no luck of finding Sakura, he was relieved, but no dead Sakura meant she was captured by her attacker, there was no other option because both he and Sai knew she would not just go wandering off on her own for no reason.

"Sakura? Where are you?!"

Sakura was constantly kicking and punching at Jugo, but the big man would not flinch or shift her. He just continued to jump after Sasuke and his team. Completely ignoring Sakura, as if she was not even on his back.

Sakura sighed after a while, stopped moving around, and just hung there, thinking, thinking about how Sai, Naruto, and Kakashi must be worried that she had not met up with them. Wondering where she was.

Finally she noticed it was getting dark outside after a few hours of jumping from tree to tree, every once and a while stopping at a water source because Suigetsu needed to refill his water bottled, which he was drinking constantly. Karin would always make rude comments, and Sasuke and Jugo would remain quiet.

Soon she heard Sasuke talk, just as her eyes were beginning to droop. "We're stopping her for tonight." He stated, and nobody argued. Sakura got the feeling no one ever argued with him on this team.

Once every one was in the clearing, Jugo released Sakura and she fell to the ground. Sakura made a grunt but made no move to get up from where she was dropped. She just sat there ignoring the people moving around her getting the camp set up.

There were four tents set up, one for each member of the team. Sakura knew someone would have to share, or she was just going to sleep outside. She preferred sleeping outside than sharing with any member of this team.

Soon Sasuke came into the clearing after his walk, or whatever he had been doing while he was away from the newly built camp. He took one glance at her and walked up to her.

She averted her gaze from his eyes and looked another way, ignoring him. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Sasuke smirk. "As stubborn as ever." He mused.

Sakura was still ignoring him as he grabbed her chin and turned her head forcefully. I had no choice but to look at him now.

He said nothing as he looked into my eyes. Sakura was trying very hard to keep an emotional mask on. Trying not to give anything away.

"Why won't you tell me anything Sakura?" He asked again.

Sakura said nothing still, trying hard not to slap him or do something worse to him.

"Why are you a jerk?" She asked randomly.

He raised an eyebrow at my random question.

Sakura heard Karin mutter something along the lines of Bitch or something.

Sasuke just shrugged. "Why do you and Naruto continue to look for me and try to take me back to Konoha?" The question game continued.

Sakura could not hold back any longer and she slapped him hard, she almost used chakra but decided at the last minute that slapping him harder then she had was not the greatest idea.

He got up from where he was kneeling and spoke. "Go to sleep everyone. I'll take first watch. Then he glanced at me.

"Sleep in whatever tent no one is in." He told me. Sakura glared at him as she entered the empty tent. She drifted off to sleep very quickly, but before she knew it, she was awake from someone opening the tent and crawling in.

She automatically noticed that it was Sasuke, done from his shift. Sakura turned the other way, facing away from him. She scooted over to the far side of the tent also, trying to get as far away from him as possible.

She felt his gaze on her back for the longest time before she fell asleep, only to be woken once again from another opening of the tent.

She heard Suigetsu telling Sasuke something quickly. She was too groggy to catch most of the conversation, but she caught bits and pieces, it was something to do with a large amount of chakra coming this way at a fast pace.

Sakura knew instantly who it was and apparently so did Sasuke. "Get up." He said. It sounded like he was in a sour mood. "We're leaving. Now."

I was up in a few seconds, not wanting to irritate him more. He had never been a good morning person, often grouchy.

Sakura was up and ready within seconds and Sasuke was already out of the tent door. I was out of the tent not too long after to see almost everything in the camp was packed up. I stood there with Sasuke watching me, doing nothing, because I knew I could not manage an escape with him standing there, eyes on me intently.

Hurry up Naruto!

Sakura's eyes were glazed over in thought.

Naruto, hurry, come and save me, I don't want to be with Sasuke anymore, it's too awkward! With Sasuke always watching me, it's getting annoying. I hate being a prisoner.

Sasuke grabbed her arm, this snapped her out of her daze, he pulled her along until Jugo grabbed her and was jumping through the trees once more.

Sakura sighed. On the run again. Why couldn't Sasuke just leave me alone? Why was he so intent on having me here?

She felt Naruto and Sai's chakra getting farther and farther behind, and her hope of rescue was getting less and less possible.

They did not stop for quite a while, and all the breaks they had thanks to Suigetsu were boring, except for one particular one, the last one of the day.

Sakura had been splashing her face with water when she heard Suigetsu come up to her.

"Hey sweetie, why the long face?" He asked. Sakura felt disgusted, but by now she was used to the names Suigetsu call her. Sweetie and Pinky were his favorites.

Sakura was about to make some rude comment, but Sasuke spoke before I could.

"Sakura, I need to speak to you… alone."

Sakura's heart must have skipped a beat, even though she was very angry with Sasuke at the moment, she still had the same feelings as before, they had never left.

Sakura did not let this show on her face as she got up from the river, ignoring the looks she got from Sasuke's team of weirdo's, even if Suigetsu was quite nice to her… compared to Karin that is.

We were walking for quite some time before Sasuke stopped in another clearing, about thirty minutes away from the clearing Sasuke's team was in.

He turned around so abruptly Sakura almost ran into him. She managed to stop at the last second and back up a few steps.

"Why won't you talk to me Sakura?"

"Why do you care?" Sakura retorted. She almost wanted to run up to him and hug him, but she was able to resist.

"Why shouldn't I care?"

"Because you're a cold hearted bastard who I never should have loved in the first place, these feelings I have should just go to hell, and you never cared before if I ignored you, you would be happy if I ignored you, and now that I am, you come talk to me and ask why." I went on ranting. "I don't want to be friends or be in love with someone like you. A cold hearted, two-timing bastard who only cares about killing Itachi."

Sakura gasped. I did not just say all of that to him! No! Sakura slapped her forehead.

Sasuke smirked. "You still love me." He stated, his smirk growing.

Sakura's eyes darted in another direction. "Not that I want to."

"Hn, but you do still."

Sakura glared at him before walking back to camp. Sasuke walked slowly behind her the whole way, watching her back.

Sakura lifted her head sharply as she heard sounds of battle. Sasuke heard it also because he was now running the short distance back to camp, dragging me along with him.

I knew automatically who it was.


Sasuke knew this also, keeping a close hold on me, almost too close for him. His right arm was wrapped around my waist, out bodies touching. I am sure this is just to keep an eye on me.

Sakura thought, not wanting to think anything else.

Sakura was sure she was blushing by the close contact, but she kept her face covered in an emotional mask, worried someone might notice.

Sasuke has his mask on again as he searched the battlefield.

"Sasuke!" Sakura turned her head to see Naruto standing behind them, in a battle stance. Sasuke moved Sakura out of the way, pushing her to the edge of the clearing.

"Stay." He said to her.

"I'm not a dog." She mumbled while rolling her eyes.

She sat there though not moving, just watching the battles before her.

Sai was fighting Karin, while Kakashi was fighting Suigetsu and Jugo. Karin looked like she was pissed off, she may have seen Sakura and Sasuke enter the clearing, so close together, either that or she was losing the fight against Sai, and his Ink attacks.

Sai was doing fine so Sakura moved her head over to where Kakashi was. Suigetsu had a grin plastered on his face. "You're not taking Pinky away from us just yet." He was talking to Kakashi, and then he turned and winked at me. I almost smiled.

Kakashi seemed to be doing fine so Sakura moved her head to Sasuke and Naruto. However, to her surprise they were not fighting, but circling each other, talking, she could not make out what they were saying though, witch frustrated her greatly.

Sasuke and Naruto circled each other, ready to strike. "Why do you want to keep Sakura hostage?" Naruto asked his voice sounding very strained.

"Two reasons." Sasuke told him. "One, she holds information on Akatsuki that I could use, now if only she would tell me." Sasuke smirked. Naruto though was not, he was glaring at Sasuke.

"The other reason…" Sasuke looked over at Sakura. "Is none of your business."

"I think it is!" Naruto was close to yelling.

"Well then, I do believe the other reason I'm not torturing and killing her would be none of your business Dobe."

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