Unfolding the Truth

Summary: Karin ends up in Ishida's father's hospital and gets herself in danger while helping some ghosts, causing Ryuuken and even Isshin to step into action.

(SEQUEL/SIDE-Story to 'Private Kidou Practise' and 'Life with an Arrancar') Ichi/Rukia, Inoue/Ishida, Hitsu/Hina/Karin

Spoilers: up to manga 323 and taking place some months after 'Life with an Arrancar'

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or any of its characters.

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Chapter 6


Karin opened her eyes again, the bright light and the inhuman scream of the Arrancar melted away into the dark night. She brought her hand to her eyes rubbing the white spots away. 'I can move again!'

"WTF!" was all Karin heard before she was kicked by the short haired guy into the stomach making her fly some feet. "She is still alive!"

Confused the Kurosaki girl scanned her surroundings and froze. A metre away laid her body in the grass – luckily her chain entirely intact. Next to her empty human shell lay her weapon and the Arrancar closed in on her. Karin pushed herself into a sitting position. Her only chance was to buy time until her brother would finally arrive. 'Where are you, Ichi-nii?!' Ignoring the pain in her stomach she concentrated her reiatsu muttering a Kidou spell. "Hadou 63: raikouhou Thunder Roar Cannon!"

Yellow lightening crashed into the Arrancar's chest the moment both enemies started their attack. The headband Hollow dusted his white robe off and inspected a burned spot on his clothes. "Impressive!" His hand encircled Karin's throat pulling her up.

From nowhere a blue arrow appeared and slashed Serrador's right arm preventing him from destroying Karin's chain. The Arrancar growled in pain and frustration facing the tall white haired man at the hospital's entrance. "Who the hell are you!?" He thought a moment analysing his new opponent. "I'm Arrancar No. 89, Serrador Cuchilla! But I believe I moved up a little in the numbers!" He approached the archer giving him time to introduce himself, but the man never did so. "Fine, if you wanna die anonym!" Annoyed he started his attack. Rushing forward he draw his sword, jumped up to pierce his blade into the Quincy – just to smash the pavement. Ryuuken had vanished and reappeared some feet behind the red head firing a salve of his arrows.

Meanwhile Karin's captor held her Chain of Fate in a hard grip, slowly squeezing the metal. "Your friend can't help you. You are really interesting. A human accessing her reiatsu! You will make a great meal!"

"I don't think so!" echoed through the night and a Zanpakuto stab its way through the Arrancar's upper arm and instantly found its way to his throat cutting the flesh. A strong hand gripped the Hollow's hand, freeing Karin from his hold. In lightening speed the blade was withdrawn, the girl's spirit pressed against the black kimono and the Shinigami shunpoed picking up the girl's body and bringing her 'both parts' a save distance away.

Puzzled Karin looked up to the tall dark haired man holding her. "Otou-san?!"

Carefully Isshin laid his daughter's body on the grass as he had done so long ago brining his baby twins to bed and set her soul back onto her feet. "Stay here, Karin. That won't take long!"

In the meantime the Arrancar turned around to his new enemy. "A Shinigami. I'm former Arrancar No. 21, Ritzer Cortar." He unsheathed his own sword.

"Kurosaki Isshin."

"No rank?"

"If you ask so nicely. Former captain."


"Uhh, long story. Don't wanna tell it twice tonight. Sorry, but you have to go away empty-handed." Isshin darted forward. Blades clashed.


Rukia had finally gathered up with Ichigo and both were chasing a Menos and a few Hollows running towards the hospital. "What's that fucking big reiatsu?!"

"Dunno, Ichigo. But there are two Arrancar near by and Hollows are closing in, too. We have to hurry!"


Yuzu arrived at the battlefield and immediately ran to her sister's body. "Karin!" She felt her pulse, but she couldn't find one. "Karin NO!" Tears sprang to her eyes when Kon – in her father's body - kneed down next to her. Nel encircled Karin's legs with her small arms. "Kalin!"

This brought the raven haired girl back to reality – she was entirely caught in her father's fight with the Arrancar. Her gaze wandered down to the tot. "Nel…" Then she saw her crying sister. "Yuzu, I'm here. I'm fine." But it had no use. However Kon reacted and hugged her, freaking her. "WTF!"


"K- Kon?!" She pushed him away. "What are you doing in my father's body!?"

"Karin is here? Is she a ghost?!" Yuzu looked right and left, but the only persons she saw were Kon and the weird doctor from the day before.

Karin sighed, took her sister's hands and concentrated. A bluish glow covered the girls and soon Yuzu was hugging her twin's spirit. "I'm fine, Yuzu."

"But you are a ghost!" The blond looked back to the unconscious body.

"Calm down! I'm not dead! See the chain is unharmed!"

Finally Yuzu took in her surroundings. "Are those Hollows?"

"Arrancar." Kon answered and watched the fight.

"Is this Otou-san?" All looked upwards to the battle of Kurosaki and Cortar that had moved some metres above the ground.

"Hai." Suddenly Karin felt the appearing of more Hollow presences in the area. She gathered up her Shinai and readied herself. 'Otou-san and that doctor are fighting the Arrancars. Where are you, Ichi-nii?' The girl noticed some Hollows disappear and the approaching of three non-Shinigami reiatsus.

Just then the first of six Hollows found its way to the battle scene and saw his chance of a good meal while the Arrancars and the Shinigami were occupied. It spat a red energy ball towards the children. "Santen Kesshun!" A yellow-golden shield blocked the attack's way as Tsubaki shattered the enemy's mask. Soon Chad, Ishida and Inoue encircled the Kurosakis fighting off the approaching Hollows. "Are you alright, Karin-chan and Yuzu-chan?"

"Yeah, thanks, Orihime-san!"

Kon's eyes took in in horror that a huge claw came down on the red head. "Watch out, nee-san!" But to Orihime's luck Karin had already pierced her sword through the hand and was now aiming for the mask.

Orihime was too confused about Ichigo's father addressing her in that way. "Kurosaki-san?"

Yuzu looked from Inoue to Kon and back. "That's Kon! Otou-san is up there!"

The older girl followed the blond's gaze up into the sky. "What the hell!"

This caught the boys' interests and both noticed the Shinigami. "So HE was that spiritual pressure!"

"How did this happen?" Chad was perplexed.

"He swawwoed Kon!" Nel replied stating the obvious.

Uryuu pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. "This finally makes sense."

"Really?" "Does it?" all eyes were on the boy.

"Of course. It explains your high spiritual power Karin-chan and your brother's." Still confusion on his friends' faces. "I mean, your father being a Shinigami. So you inhered those powers."

"Oh, sounds logical!" Karin grinned, but her twin was a little sad. "But I don't have those powers!"

Uryuu turned around to intercept a Menos. "We will talk later!" All three were back in the battle again.


Ichigo saw in horror his sister's soul outside her still body slashing a training-Zanpakuto into an attacking Hollow. What was almost worse was the battle Rukia watched. "WTF!" Her comment brought his attention to the fight of the Arrancar and the Shinigami… a very familiar Shinigami. "O-tou-san?! WTF!"

Rukia was just as dumb folded as her partner. "HE was that reiatsu!"

Ichigo snapped out and shunpoed to his father. "Take care of my sisters, Rukia! I'll help my father!" He reappeared behind the older Kurosaki Zangetsu ready in hand.

Without breaking eye contact with his enemy Isshin said. "There you finally are, you lazy butt!"

'It definitely IS my father!' Annoyed Ichigo stepped next to his dad. "I will take care of that Arrancar, old man!"

"You are too late for that, my son! I will finish him off!" He shot forward punching hard in the opponent's stomach then on his back, making him crash into the pavement beyond.

Rising slowly to his feet Cortar fixed his gaze on his former prey and a Shinigami girl healing the other girl's body. Licking a drop of blood from his mouth he shouted. "You will regret this, Shinigami." He stretched his arm towards the Kurosaki girls and an energy ball built in his palm.

The two Kurosaki men watched helplessly a Cero firing to the rest of their family. They shunpoed downwards but were too far away when the Cero reached Nel, who approached the energy bullet without fear. The brilliant light blinded everyone for a split second before the light faded around the toddler. The girl had opened her mouth widely swallowing the attack without harm. Unimpressed the girl closed her mouth… then burped up.

The huge grin disappeared from the Arrancar's face as did his Cero in the girl's body. "W- w- what the hell are you?!"

Innocently Nel watched Ichigo land next to her patting her on the skulled head. "Sad was yummy. Can ged Nel more?"

This comment made their enemy loose his composure. "W-what! That was my strongest Cero!"

"Weally? You sure u a two digit and not a three digit?"

The vein on his head was pulsing dangerously. "You little-"

Ichigo ignored the Arrancar's threats. "Just great!" He addressed his opponent. "You really had to do this! Now she won't sleep for the next days! That's worse than giving her candies after 6pm!" He faced Nel. "How about you shot that energy back, Nel? Do a Cero."

Nel watched Ichigo with wide eyes. "Nel can't to Cero!"

The orange head sighed. "Was worth a try."

Isshin was just as puzzled as his enemy about Nel. From the corner of his eye he saw Ryuuken giving his Arrancar the final blow. 'Fine. I'll finish as well.' He sheathed his Zanpakuto and raised his hands in front of his chest. "Hado 90: kurohitsugi Black Coffin!" A large black energy box wrapped around Cortar swallowing the Arrancar completely. Then dozens of spears appeared out of thin air and slashed into the box from all various sides. Around the pierced box grew the spiritual energy, lighting the night sky up for those people, who were able to see it. While everyone shielded their eyes from the brightness, the box, the spears and the Arrancar vanished.

Rukia had just finished healing Karin's body when the battle was over. Amazed she starred at the eldest Shinigami. 'That was a level 90 Kidou in its short form! Unbelievable!'

Gaping Ichigo faced his approaching father. "WTF! Why didn't you do this earlier!?"

"Why not?! I wanted a little fun! … Anyways. Why didn't YOU come here earlier saving your sister?! It's your job!"

"What?!" The teen was furious and confused at the same time. "What, you filthy lair! It's obviously your job as well!"

"No, I'm in retirement." Somehow he wished he could turn back time only for an hour. "And you and Rukia-chan are the acting Shinigamis in Karakura Town. If you, my lazy son, would be a little stronger I wouldn't had a reason to interfere."

"Why you……" This pushed Ichigo over the top and his fist connected with his father's palm, stopping him. "You damn liar! Since when do you know?" Ichigo's anger gave into reason and he mustered his father for a moment. "How… Why…Since when are you a Shinigami!?"

Isshin stayed silent watching the rest of his family gather around him and Ichigo. Yuzu looked hurt while Karin had her arms crossed and a scowl on her face much like her brother. Rukia on the other hand was puzzled but also amazed.

Slowly Ryuuken neared the Kurosaki clan eyeing his own son and his friends stay a save distance away from the Shinigamis. "He always has been a Shinigami." He finally answered the orange haired's question in a calm voice.

Isshin saw his son's frown and confusion deepen. The only one, who wasn't like frozen, was Nel, who had listened to the conversation and was now standing in front of the ex-captain. "U bretened do not see Nel!" She was angry and punched with her small fist into Isshin's lower regions, causing him to double over and let out a hiss of pain.

Gloating Ryuuken stopped a few feet away from the Shinigamis and watched Nel run to Inoue while Isshin got back to his feet. Between his greeted teeth the dark haired man muttered. "Great thanks, Ishida!"

"No need to thank me, …. Shiba."

Isshin was sure he saw a twinkle in the other man's eyes. "So no change of heart after all."


A/N: Thanks for the answers! I decided Isshin should kill the enemy to show off his skills. I re-read many manga-chapters and it is said, that 'Kurosaki' isn't his real name (The chapter, where Urahara freed Uryuu from his father's training ground and Isshin visits Ryuuken.)

The truth comes out in the next chapter!

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