A Change in Plans

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'Blah'- inner thoughts

"Blah" - talking

'Blah' - demon/monster speaking

"Blah" - jutsu being performed

"BLAH" - really angry yelling

#- scene change


Chapter 1: Second Thoughts

Orochimaru's layer

"Damn you, Sarutobi Sensei, you f&#king bastard!!" screeched Orochimaru, as another wave a pain surged through his arms, as he sat in his personal bedroom. The infamous missing nin was not having a good day at all. He had just gotten back from the town of Tanzaku, and it seemed that the pain in his decomposing arms had tripled. His attempt to convince Tsunade to heal his arms in exchange for reviving her snot-nosed little brother, and her pansy of a boyfriend failed horribly. The bimbo even had the gall to try to kill him.

Even in his crippled condition, he had more than enough power to kill her, thanks to her debilitating fear of blood, but then that idiotic, mega-pervert Jiraiya intervened, along with the container of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Naruto, and Tsunade's apprentice. At first, it seemed as if he had the upper hand, with Kabuto's superior skills, and the fact that Jiraiya's chakra control had been hampered when Tsunade drugged him earlier on.

But the tides turned against him, once the jinchuriki had protected Tsunade by defeating Kabuto using the Rasengan, a jutsu that should have been impossible for a boy like him to pull off. But in his efforts to protect the blonde woman, the boy's heart was severely injured by one last attack from Kabuto and was moments away from dying. Or he was, if Tsunade hadn't healed his damaged organ.

Orochimaru knew that Naruto was going to be trouble, since the Akatsuki were after the fox demon that was sealed inside him, and the Snake sanin didn't want to be reunited with that organization anytime soon. So, he decided to kill Naruto before he became a bigger nuisance than he already was. But, once again, Tsunade interfered. This time, she had somehow overcome her fear of blood long enough to summon Katsuyu, the slug queen, and then join forces with Jiraiya and Gamabunta. Their combined forces were no match for him and Manda, the latter ending up having his mouth punctured by Gamabunta's sword, and swearing to the missing nin that he would pay dearly if the he summoned the snake again.

"Dammit! Once again, the ninja of the Leaf Village always end ruining my plans, especially the blonde menace, Naruto Uzumaki!!" seethed the pale sanin, his eyes squelched shut in pain. He had read the reports of how he had defeated Gaara of the Sand, even when the Sand nin had transformed into the Shukaku. That brought him back to the jutsu that Naruto had used against Kabuto. The Rasengan was an A-Rank Jutsu, it took the Fourth Hokage three years to create it, yet Naruto was able to perform it, successfully. But none of this information made any sense, according to Kabuto's intelligence, Naruto was nothing but a pathetic simpleton that was ranked dead last in his class. Yet, it seemed as if even in the most dire situations, no matter the odds, the boy seemed to do the impossible, and come out on top.

'In all of my experience of being a ninja,' thought Orochimaru, 'there are very few people that have the same ability that Naruto has. The only people that share Naruto's strength are Jiraiya, Tsunade, and the Fourth Hokage.' Suddenly, his eyes snapped open in shock when his mind landed on the Fourth Hokage.

"Kabuto!" shouted the snake nin. A second later, the white-haired teenager appeared by his bedside.

"You called, Lord Orochimaru?" said Kabuto.

"Tell me, Kabuto, what do you know of the Fourth Hokage." replied the snake.

Kabuto looked at his master as if he had grown another head. What was there to tell him about the Fourth Hokage that he knows already. But, nonetheless, Kabuto decided to obey the order, before Orochimaru sacrificed him to Manda.

"The Fourth Hokage," began Kabuto, "real name is Minato Namikaze, was taught by Jiraiya, earned the nickname "The Yellow Flash" during the Third Ninja War, creator of the Rasengan and the Flying Thunder God Jutsu, was responsible sealing the Nine-Tailed Fox demon in Naruto Uzumaki through the Reaper Death Seal . . ."

"And do you know why Minato chose Naruto in the first place?" asked the snake nin, interrupting the glasses-wearing ninja, as well as confusing him. Taking advantage of the momentarily silence, Orochimaru spoke again. "Tell me, Kabuto, did Minato ever have any kids, or any heirs to his clan?"

"No, sir, Minato died alone. He didn't have any family, a wife, or even a girlfriend."

"Are you sure?" asked the snake, slyly.

"Yes, according to my intelligence, I'm sure." said Kabuto.

Orochimaru just laughed out loud, causing Kabuto to worry about his master's sanity.

"It's really amazing how something so obvious, so simple, can be easily missed by so many ignorant people!" shouted Orochimaru.

"Wwhat do you mean, my lord?" asked Kabuto, nervously.

"Oh come now, don't tell me that you don't see why, out of all the newborn children available at the time of the fox demon's attack, the Fourth chose little Naruto? Or why didn't the boy's parents object to Minato using their child for the fox's container? Or even better, have you ever seen what the Fourth looks like?"

"Of course I have! His face is carved into a mountain, you would have to blind to not see what he looks like." said Kabuto, who getting annoyed with his master's antics.

"Then tell me, Kabuto, if you add three whisker-like marks on each side of Minato's face, who does he remind you of?"

Kabuto became silent, and began to picture the Fourth with whisker marks. It only took a second for him to see where Orochimaru was going with all of this.

"No way. . ." he said, quietly.

"Yes, way." replied Orochimaru, a smirk adorning his face. "It appears that the Leaf Village has the only heir of both the Namikaze and Uzumaki clans, and instead of training him to reach his full potential, they do everything in their power to destroy him for something that is beyond their understanding. Plus, with the fox demon's chakra at his command, the boy would be truly unstoppable, if someone actually took the time to train him properly."

"So what? I mean it is amazing to find out that Naruto is the Fourth's son, but what difference does it make? I thought that your goal is to obtain the sharingan by using Sasuke as your next vessel."

"True, but there are a few complications with the Heaven curse mark that I didn't expect to occur. For example, during his match with Yoroi, the curse mark should have been able to overpower Sasuke's mind, causing him to give in to its power. But instead, he was able to resist the temptation of the mark's power, and even managed to suppress it on his own. Then, there was the problem that happened even before I set my sights on Leaf's "last Uchiha". The first survivor of the curse mark, Anko Mitarashi, was able to actually try to leave me after being branded with it. No one should be able to resist the power that my curse mark has to offer!"

"Sir, what are you trying to say?" asked Kabuto.

"What I'm saying," started Orochimaru, "is that in order to make sure that Sasuke comes to me for power, and thus giving me the chance to take his body, he needs to have a much darker, and more powerful curse mark than the one he has right now. I already have one in the works, but it's going take some time before it's perfected. And even still, I need a new test subject to see how the curse mark works. But not just anyone, I need a ninja that has unlimited power, a ninja that has the motivation to destroy all who opposes him in battle. And, luckily for me, I know exactly where to find said ninja. But, first things first. Kabuto, I want you to begin the selection process for my new vessel."

"But sir, what about the original plan of getting Sasuke Uchiha to defect from Leaf, and then come to you? You've already branded him with your curse mark, so why are you going to just abandon your goal of obtaining the sharingan?" asked Kabuto, who starting to really worry about his master's sanity."

"Calm down, Kabuto, I never said that was giving up on Sasuke. No, not at all, this is just a slight change in plans. I just need a new body so that I can conduct my research for the new curse mark without any hindrance. Plus, when I go to the Leaf Village to retrieve my new test subject, I need both of my arms to release those that have been branded with my old mark. Now that I have deemed the Heaven curse mark obsolete, there's no point in having in the open where people can reverse-engineer it for their own purposes. Now, begin the selection process at once! I want to get out of this mangled body as soon as possible."

"As you command, Lord Orochimaru." said Kabuto, and vanished in a puff of smoke, so that he can make the arrangements for Orochimaru's new body. As soon as he was left alone in his room, the great snake just chuckled to himself.

'Soon, I will have the power of the Namikaze, the Uzumaki, and the Nine-Tailed Fox at my disposal.' thought Orochimaru. 'And thanks to the Leaf's constant ignorance and cruelty, I'll have no trouble at all in turning him into the deadliest super-weapon in history! And once his training is complete, the Leaf Village shall be the first victim to feel his wrath!!'

To Be Continued . . .


So, this is how it starts out. The next chaptter will be longer. Peace Out!