A/N: The title is a repeated line from Evanescence's "Everyobody's Fool." Also, this is another tragic one-shot. Enjoy.

Never Was and Never Will Be

Astoria was everything a pureblood wizard could ask for: beautiful, cold, with untainted blood and plenty of wealth. She also had a hidden loving side to her, which allowed her to be an excellent mother to their son Scorpius. And although Draco liked her well enough, he could not love her.

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Upon first meeting Hermione Granger, he had hated her with a passion. Her overlarge front teeth, her bushy hair, her stuck-up Gryffindor tendencies. She had irked him to no end, and he had fervently wished for nothing more than a chance to successfully curse her, Potty, and Weasel. Around fourth year that had begun to change. Her idealism, persistence, and ability to tolerate her two insufferable friends had kindled a spark of reluctant admiration in him. Hell, she'd even managed to look pretty at the Yule Ball. By sixth year, she looked pretty all the time (not that he'd had much time to stare covertly at her, busy as he was trying to come up with a plan to murder the headmaster), and a few times he had seriously considered asking her out. He never did- it was impossible for them to date. Even if you ignored the fact that she hated his guts, there was always the whole Death Eater thing. Gryffindor princesses and Slytherin thugs did not date each other, and it was not for Draco to try to change that. And, if truth be told, a very tiny (almost unnoticeable) part of him never forgot that she was a Mudblood. Not that her blood status mattered much to him, but if it was ever found out that he liked a muggle-born, he would be dead within an hour. His father and Lord Voldemort would see to that.

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Draco knew he was condemning both himself and Astoria to a loveless marriage, and that it was incredibly selfish of him to do so. That was why, when Astoria started acting differently and when he found a tie that did not belong to him under their bed, he did not confront her about it. She deserved that much.

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As luck would have it, on the day he and Astoria took Scorpius to Platform 9 ¾ for the boy's first year at Hogwarts, Hermione was also there. She was now a Weasley, and she and her husband were with their two kids, talking with the Potters. He had not seen her in years (he did his best to avoid her, usually); she looked well. Potter caught his eye, and he nodded stiffly, carefully keeping his face arranged in a cold mask so that no one could see the fresh pain in his heart.

This would not be the first time he saw her at the Platform. He never talked to her, never looked at her for more than three seconds at a time, and never punched Ronald Weasley in the nose. Doing any of those things (especially the last one) would undoubtedly lead to some revelation of his feelings for her, and then everything would be ruined. His empty marriage to Astoria, his dignity, her certain happiness 

with her marriage...no, he could not hurt her like that. Instead, he kept silent and in the shadows, waiting for the perpetual pain to free him. He didn't think it ever would.

At least she was happy.