Hermione's New Look

Summary: Over the summer, before fifth year, Hermione changes her look ALOT, when she returns to Hogwarts she notices that six boys that she knows has fallen in love with her, who will Hermione choose? REVIEW!

Chapter One: The New Look

I, Hermione Jane Granger, have changed. Yes you might be in shock, but I am changing my ways.

First off, I strightened my hair, and dyed it a darker brown, which will make people change the way they talk to me by calling me bushy haired,which I hated, Second I started wearing more stylish clothes, like skinny jeans, and tank tops, and wedge heels.

The third and final thing I changed is, the way I think of school, yes I still care about my grades, but I decided to not be a grade grubber, and not to be a bookworm anymore, you might say this is because I want to see what people will say about me now, well you're right, I was getting tired of being teased, so i decided that I would be a different person than what I usually am, and plus the fact my dad cheated on my mom, so I needed a new look.

I started packing my clothes, robes, and ugh... books because tommorrow I leave for Hogwarts, so I'm excited to see what everyone says about me, especially Pancy Parkison because she always teased me about my hair and clothes, I so want to see her expression, I laughed at the thought.

"Hermione." My mom called.

"Yes, Mum?" I asked as she came through my door.

"I just want to tell you that your dad's on the phone." She said flatly.

"I don't want to talk to him." I said bitterly.

"Ok sweetie." She smiled as she walked out the door.

I sighed with relief that she doesn't care if I don't talk to dad, I am really mad at my father for putting my mom through this kind of pain, so I am NOT ever talking to him again, if that's even possible.

I heard a crash, I saw an Owl, it was the Weasley's owl, go figure, inside it's beck was a peice of parchment, I grabbed the letter and thrashed it opened. It said:

Dear Hermione,

We can't wait to see you at King's Cross tomorrow, I can't believe we start our fifth year at Hogwarts, I heard about your father, I feel so sorry for you. See you tomorrow.


I snorted at the comment of my father, but I grabbed a peice of parchement and started to write.

Dear Ron,

Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT feel sorry for me, I really don't care about my father, and I can't wait to see you too. I'll see you, Harry, Fred, Geroge, and Ginny at King's Cross tomorrow.


I sealed it, and gave it back to thier owl, and flew off into the night, I watched as it stumbled in the air, soon after what seemed like 2 minutes, the owl disepeared into the light fog that was forming, I yawned, I glanced over at the clock it read MIDNIGHT, i slipped into my pajamas, and slowly climbed into bed and drifted off to sleep thinking about everyone's expressions when they see me tomorrow.

sorry if it was so short i couldn't think of anything else. REVIEW!!