By Light-Eco-Sage

Rated: T for language, "potty humor" and a little romance. But mostly for safety. Rating may go up in later one-shots.

Pairings: InuKag and MirSan

Summary: A series of (connected) one-shots about Inuyasha being caught doing embarrassing canine things. Dog instincts will out and make humans do stupid things!

Disclaimer: I swear on the life of my dog that I neither own Inuyasha, not do I make money off these fics.

LES: First up! Being aware of the lunar phases is very important to Inuyasha… but how important?

Chapter I: Lunar Howl

It was a seemingly ordinary night in the wilderness of the Feudal Era. With the combined light of the full moon and the small campfire boiling water for ramen, the small group of travelers hunting for the Shikon Jewel shards had plenty of light with which to see by.

Kagome, who was in charge of cooking the ramen, looking up from the cups that she had prepared. "Okay, the ramen is done."

Miroku, Sango, and Shippo expressed their thanks as they each grabbed a cup of instant noodles.

It was only then that Kagome noticed that something was wrong. There were three cups left. One belonged to her, but the other two were for the resident hanyou of their group who happened to be addicted to ramen.

It's true that he had taken off into the forest alone earlier, but the smell of the salty noodles surely would draw the hanyou back like a moth to a flame. Several seconds passed, and no hanyou crashed through the woods, demanding his ramen. That in itself was like the world was going to reach a premature end.

"Hey, have you guys seen Inuyasha?" Kagome asked the others.

"He took off into the woods a while ago." Shippo said, swallowing his noodles. "Maybe he saw some of Kikyo's Soul-Collectors."

"None of us saw anything." Miroku pointed out. "We would have sensed their slight demonic aura."

"Yeah, but it's not like Inuyasha to not show up when there's ramen." Kagome said. "He'd tear through a Yokai army just to get ramen."

"I believe that there's nothing to worry about." Miroku said. "It's not like he hasn't ever wandered off before, and Inuyasha can take care of himself. He probably just needs some… alone time."

The lecherous overtones of the comment was not lost on the two older ones in the group. Sango wacked him upside the head. "Just because you're a pervert doesn't mean Inuyasha is!"

"But it's perfectly natural…"

But Kagome had to agree with Sango. She had never seen the hanyou display even the slightest sexual libido. That could be why he runs off… like Miroku said… Kagome thought to herself, and then squashed the idea.

"Guys, I'm kind of worried about him." Kagome said, standing up. "I'm going to go look for him."

"I don't think it's wise to walk in on…" Miroku was quickly silenced once again, this time from Sango's heavy Hiraikotsu instead of her fist.

"Go and find him, then. Maybe he just hasn't smelled the ramen." Sango said.

Kagome nodded her appreciation towards her friend, grabbed a flashlight from her enormous, worn yellow backpack, and headed off into the woods alone.

She didn't call out to the hanyou, because she knew that he never responded to such calls. She also considered 'sitting' him and listening to his cry of dismay to track him. But that sort of thing fell directly under the category of 'abuse'. And that was something she had sworn not to do since she had fallen in love with him.

So she continued her lone search for about a half an hour with little luck. She was about to give up and trust Inuyasha to take care of himself, when she stumbled upon a small clearing. She took in the scene and quickly ducked back into the shadows of the forest.

Inuyasha was in the middle of the clearing, sitting in his typical 'doggie squat'. He seemed to be staring up thoughtfully at the full moon.

At least Kikyo's not here. Kagome breathed a sigh of relief. But… shouldn't he smell me by now? I'm less than fifty feet away from him. But, whether or not he noticed her, he didn't acknowledge her.

Since she seemed to be unnoticed, she took a private moment to simply admire her hanyou.

Ever since she had first seen him, she acknowledged that he was incredibly handsome. Then he opened his mouth… Well, he may be a possessive jerk, but he's still handsome. She admired his hair, his eyes, and was moving down his lean, well-built body (and undressing him with her eyes). Then he did something that halted all of her perverted thoughts.

He tilted his head back and howled… a dog howling at the moon!

His howl sounded exactly like a dog, and if Miroku and Sango could hear it back at camp, they would have said that it was just some wild dog.

Kagome's jaw dropped. When Inuyasha was with the group, for the most part, he seemed to act completely human. Sure, he shook himself dry, used his hind leg to scratch his ears, and occasionally whined or growled. But she never expected that he was compelled to howl at the moon!

Still, he yodeled on, howling away like a mad dog. She fought the overwhelming urge to laugh, and won for a short time. But then a single snort escaped her lips.

As expected, Inuyasha's ears swiveled to her hiding place and the howling stopped instantly. Inuyasha froze, horrified. Now that the stupid full-moon spell was broken, he could smell Kagome's unmistakable scent.

Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! She heard me howling like a damn dog! Inuyasha cursed to himself. Stupid full moon and stupid instincts!

"Wow… Inuyasha…" Kagome giggled as she stepped out of her hiding place. "I've never heard you quite so vocal before."

Okay, only one way to get out of this! Inuyasha thought to himself. Step one: Will blush to fade! Step two: Facial expression set to cynical! Step three: Brush it off as nothing!

Once the first two steps were complete, he stood and faced Kagome. "Feh. Stupid wench. What're you doing out here in the forest?"

"I came to tell you that your ramen is ready." Kagome couldn't stop sniggering. "But if you're too busy howling at the moon, I could always come back later."

"Oi, bitch, I was not howling at the moon!" Inuyasha grumbled. "I was…" He trailed off. Shit! There's no excuse for what I was doing!

"You were what, Inuyasha? It certainly looking like howling to me!"

"Hey! I was not…" Kagome narrowed her eyes, and Inuyasha growled loudly. "Okay, fine! I was howling at the damn moon! The moron dog in me hates the God-damned thing!"

"Inuyasha! Calm down!" Kagome said. "It was funny, but you know that you don't have to hide your inner-dog around us. We all accept you, Inuyasha. Now, come back to camp, and I'll re-heat your ramen."

"Err… okay." Inuyasha said as he began to follow her through the woods.

"So, Inuyasha…" Kagome began lecherously. "I'll take it you're a Screamer?"

"A what?" Inuyasha asked, confused.

"Never mind!"

LES: End of the first one-shot! I have a couple ideas for dog-like things Inuyasha could get caught doing, but I'm always up for requests! Ever saw a dog do something really embarrassing? Let me know, and I'll probably work out a story for it! I'll give the proper credit to the person who came up with the idea!