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True Colors: Tonks

"This is absolutely ridiculous!" Ginny finished in a huff.

Tonks smiled slightly, not really paying attention to the redhead's protestations. The purple haired witch had been hired out as a bodyguard for the day, something that was rather common in the aftermath of the war; even a year later. When she'd found out it was her girlfriend, Ginny, she'd breathed a sigh of relief. Most people hired bodyguards for younger kids, who hated the existence of the Auror assigned to protect them. Sure, Ginny was complaining, but she wasn't purposefully running off and making Tonks' life a living hell. In fact, Ginny had said she was happy to have Tonks with her that day, she'd just prefer that it wasn't as a babysitter. Tonks knew better than that, though. She knew this wasn't just a babysitting job, as some of her other assignments had been. There were still Death Eaters at large, unfortunately, and the Weasleys were one of the most targeted families for retaliation. This was why Tonks was taking her orders very seriously this time. This was why, though Ginny kept trying to prompt her into conversations, Tonks kept politely declining. This was why Tonks knew that they were being followed.

The sound itself hadn't been what tipped Tonks' Auror senses; it was the position of the sound. Someone had tripped over something. That day, Diagon Alley was populated, but far from crowded. So the thought of someone tripping over something in an alleyway behind a string of unused stores was kind of unlikely.

"Ginny," she said softly. "Come here for a second."

"What's up? Ow!" Ginny exclaimed as Tonks rapped her over the head with her wand.

"Oh please," Tonks smiled. "I didn't even hit you that hard. No more talking, okay?"

"Why?" Ginny asked nervously.

"We're being followed. I'll lift the Disillusionment charm after we get back to the Leaky Cauldron."

They began walking again, but just as they stepped in front of the alley opening, Tonks heard a voice. She didn't know what it said, but she acted anyway, just as a spell missed them by a couple of inches. Diving on top of Ginny (whose hand she had been holding), she fired a stunning spell into the alley and smirked in satisfaction when she heard a loud "oof!" Another spell went whizzing over their heads and she heard footsteps running away. She leaned closer to Ginny.

"Sit against the wall and keep your wand at the ready," she whispered. "Don't make any noise."

She got up and heard Ginny shuffle to the front of the store. With a lassoing motion, Tonks pulled the stunned person toward her. It was a boy; he looked to be a year or two older than Ginny. She sent a message to Magical Law Enforcement, and bound the boy.

"That's Nott!" Ginny whispered.

"Shhh!" Tonks hissed. There was still someone else out there; she'd heard them run off.

After about three minutes, a bunch of Ministry officials Apparated at her side. While they revived the boy and arrested him, Tonks took the charm off of Ginny and helped her up.

"You okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, I think so. Can we just get home now?"

"Alright, let's go."

Tonks and Ginny made their way to the group of MLE officers. As they approached, one of the older ones gave Tonks the "all clear" wave and they kept walking toward the Leaky cauldron. Ginny slipped her hand into Tonks', and the older witch felt her hair go purple again.

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