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True Colors: Tonks

"All I'm saying is, I'm good at it," Tonks said, smiling as Ginny rolled her eyes. "You know I am! You've seen my apartment! You should let me decorate."

"I'm not saying you're not good at decorating," Ginny told her. She grabbed a cookie off of the cooling rack and broke it in half, giving half to Tonks. "I just don't want to decorate yet. This place is hardly permanent; I haven't even gotten a real job yet."

"Freelancing is a real job," Tonks insisted. "You just haven't been able to, what with the crazies chasing after you these past few months. Oh, speaking of which, one of them is in St. Mungo's."

"How come?" Ginny asked excitedly. "Are you guys tracking them down finally?"

"No. One of them made the mistake of attacking Neville alone. Apparently when they brought him in he had fungus-like growths on his face and his…member, was shrunk."

"I think I love Neville…"

"Hey!" Tonks crossed her arms and turned her hair and eyes green. "You're taken Miss Weasley!"

"Ahhh," Ginny grinned, sitting on Tonks' lap. "You're jealous of a guy? Do I need to explain some things to you?"

"You said you loved him," Tonks pouted dramatically.

"Platonic love! Not 'want-to-shag' love; I save that for you." Ginny batted her eyes sweetly at her girlfriend, who was now laughing.

"You sure know how to woo a girl…" Tonks sighed. "Anyway, the Aurors at the Ministry are going to start interrogation as soon as the recumbent Death Eater is conscious again. Hopefully he's got some answers."

"I hope so," Ginny said sadly. "I miss my family."

"I know," Tonks sighed. She wrapped her arms around Ginny and kissed her. "Two months in Wizard Protective Relocation tends to have that effect on people. You're hanging in there well, though."

"Well you're here," Ginny shrugged. "If I was shut up with some burly bearded guy named Thor, I'd be going crazy…"

Tonks laughed and patted Ginny's waist, signaling her to stand. She walked to refrigerator and rummaged around inside for a minute. Ginny watched her hair turn colors for a moment before asking, "Looking for something?"

"I can't find my Lunchables!" Tonks said, distressed.

"I'm glad you found some Muggle fast food you like," Ginny giggled.

"Hey, if I've got to eat it for the next three months I'm going to find some good stuff. None of this eating at…ah, what was that place? The one with the clown?"


"Yeah! None of this eating at McDonald's every day like some of these body guards. Gotta keep a fit body!"

"So you're eating processed mini burgers?" Ginny quirked an eyebrow.

Tonks stuck her tongue out at Ginny and cried out in triumph as she pulled a slightly battered box from the back of the fridge. Her hair turned pink as she ripped it open and began assembling her food. At that moment however, a loud banging sounded at the door. Tonks whipped out her wand as Ginny Disillusioned herself and went to the Apparation spot by the window.

"Who is it?" Tonks called.

"Arthur Weasley, father of, in order from oldest to youngest, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred and George the twins, Ron, and Ginevra Molly Weasley. The last of which is officially off of Wizard Protective Relocation!"

Tonks took a few steps back and unlocked the door. The Concealment Reversal charm on the door would show if it was an imposter.

"It's open!" she said.

Arthur came rushing through the door, and it was really him. Ginny squeaked from the window and ran over, still camouflaged, to hug her father. He laughed and hugged back.

"They set up a sting," he said in explanation. "And caught the ring leaders. There's still a couple that got away, but most of the conspirators are in Azkaban right now. It's safe for you to come home!"

"Yes!" Ginny yelped as Tonks took the charm off of her.

"I have to go check in with Kingsley," Arthur smiled. "But I wanted to give you the news. Be quick about getting home; you're mother's going mad with worry…"

As he walked over to the Apparation point, waved, and disappeared, Ginny grinned and took Tonks' hand.

"Come on," she told the metamorphmagus. "We have to go somewhere."

"Where are we going?"


"The park?" Tonks smiled. "You really missed being out and about, didn't you?"

"Yeah," Ginny nodded. She bent down to pick a flower and tucked it behind Tonks' ear. "Very pretty," she chuckled.

Tonks, as happy to be out as Ginny, smiled and turned her hair green, making the flower stand out more.

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