It's just a wedding



Part One

Mary was having enough of Marshall telling the back-story of his sister's nuptials and was getting more tired about Marshall bitching about Booth, the man who almost married his sister. "Shut up!" Mary yelled and added, "If you say one more thing, I'm going to bitch-slapped you." "It seems that you still harbor dis-place anger." Marshall said and Mary responded, "You think." Mary still had Brandi and Jinx, her mother living at the house, she gave them a project to fix her house while she goes to the wedding. Now she would have rather stay at the house. Bones was also getting tired of booth ranting about Marshall and was trying her best to not strangle Booth, she was thinking about not seeing Zach as the killer, however…."Shut up!" Bones yelled and added, "Why didn't you just married her?" Booth gave the reason and said, "I want you to realize that it's over and if you say one more thing…." Bones was calm and said, "I would have chosen someone who knows how to used a sniper, someone who has saved my life and someone who took a bullet for me, you would have been the logical choice.." Booth smiled.

After the murder of Sanchez's brother, Brenda was feeling like opening up and so Fritz sat down with her. "I have a daughter who doesn't like me very much because of Pope and what we had. She was very angry with me that I was with a married man and so that's why I'm hesitant about children. You and our professions make enemies and I'm so scared to get that call." Brenda said and Fritz was beginning to understand and they had a long talk, Brenda agreed to be open to the idea. Fritz was making progress.