Danny's cheek was slipping from his hand

I know I shouldn't be writing more than one story at a time but my friend (ShadowsoftheARK) wanted me too, sooo here's the first chapter :Dyes, this is a vampire story, we'll get into that in the second chapter so sorry if this first chapter's kinda boring -sweat drop- Anyway, just a few notes before you start reading:

This is rated for blood and violence, there's nothing inappropriate so don't worry :D

This is not, I repeat NOT a romance story so if you were hoping for D/S….forget it! I don't write for that pairing EVER. So this story probably isn't for you if you're a huge fan of that pairing!

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Chapter 1

Danny's cheek was slipping from his hand. He was once again beginning to fall asleep during one of Mr. Lancer's lectures. His head finally hung limply against his chest and his hand hit the desk with a thud.

"…so for tonight I want you all to read page 170 in the text book and do questions one through seven….Mr. Fenton!" Mr. Lancer's voice boomed in Danny's head.

"Huh?" Danny's head popped up.

"Were you even paying attention?" Mr. Lancer asked sharply.

"Yes," Danny groaned.

"Then what's the homework for tonight?" Mr. Lancer asked.

"Uh…page one hundred something and…some questions…." Danny mumbled.

Mr. Lancer sighed. "Mr. Fenton, for the tenth time this week….please at least try to stay awake in class."

"I am trying," Danny responded letting out a long yawn.

"I would suggest you try to get more sleep, maybe that'll help you," Mr. Lancer suggested, writing down the homework on the board.

"Sure…more sleep…right…" Danny muttered to himself as he tried writing down the homework.

More sleep? Ha! Danny was too busy to sleep. It didn't matter how much homework he had, he was always out late at night hunting for ghosts.

Sighing, Danny stuffed all his belongings into his backpack and slumped out of Mr. Lancer's classroom. He yawned and leaned against his cold, hard locker door. He was about to drift off into dreamland when something suddenly jabbed him in the arm.

"Wake up sleepy head," came a familiar female voice.

Danny opened his right eye enough to see his friends tucker and Sam hovering over him.

"Hi guys," Danny yawned.

"You okay man?" Tucker asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine…I was just up pretty late last night trying to save Dani from Vlad," Danny said drearily.

"What was Vlad trying to do to her?" Sam asked.

"Melt her down and study her DNA or something like that," Danny spat. The very thought of Vlad doing anything to the people he cared about made him sick. Just the thought of Vlad made him want to throw up.

"Vlad's one messed up dude," Tucker said.

"You said it," Danny hissed pushing himself off of his locker.

Out of the corner of his eye, Danny could see Valerie Gray storm by. "Uh, hey Val," Danny greeted.

"Hey Danny," Valerie said coldly. She didn't even bother to look at him, she just stormed by with a look of annoyance all over her face.

"What's up with her?" Sam asked.

"I don't know she seemed okay when I left her yesterday," Danny said.

"You saw her yesterday?" Tucker asked.

"Yeah, she helped me save Dani," Danny said.

"She helped you?" Sam asked in surprise.

"Yes! You really need to give her more credit, Sam. She's not as bad as you think," Danny said opening his locker.

"I just can't see her helping you," Sam said looking suspiciously in Valerie's direction.

"Somebody's jealous," Tucker whispered tauntingly.

Sam socked him in the stomach and folded her arms.

Danny closed his locker door and started speed-walking after Valerie.

"Uh, Val?" Danny asked quietly as Valerie quickly started spinning her lock.

"What?" she snapped.

"Um, are you alright?" Danny asked.

"I'm fine," Valerie spat throwing her locker door open. The metal made a loud bang against the locker next to her.

"Are you sure? You seem a little….uh…tense," Danny said not sure what word could accurately describe the way Valerie looked (without accidentally insulting her anyway).

"It's nothing," Valerie spat rummaging through her locker for a book.

"You sure?" Danny asked.

"You know what really bugs me?!" Valerie snapped suddenly, her aqua eyes shooting daggers through Danny's face.

"Uh…" Danny wasn't sure what to say.

"When people lie to you just to get on their good side!" Valerie continued spastically shoving papers and books to the sides of her locker.

"What do you mean?" Danny asked.

"Yesterday I found out someone was just using me!" Valerie hissed slamming her locker door closed.

"What?!" Danny asked. She couldn't be talking about him could she? She didn't even see him change…or did she? But it couldn't have been him…he never did anything that would be considered (as she had put it) using her.

"Yeah! Some jerk I thought was a good guy turned out to be an evil, low-life, stupid little…" Valerie's anger was growing so much that she could barely get the words to leave her mouth, which in this case was probably a good thing.

"Who?" Danny asked.

"I don't wanna talk about," Valerie said pressing her book to her chest and walking off.

Danny stood in shock. Who could she be talking about? And then it hit him. Vlad. She must've figured out Vlad was half-ghost. He wondered if Vlad knew about it. He wanted to ask Valerie how she knew but he knew that would risk revealing his secret identity. Danny sighed and walked back to his locker.

"What's her deal?" Sam asked.

"I think she found out Vlad's been using her," Danny said, spitting out Vlad's name like it was something disgusting he had just put in his mouth.

"Okay…I'll say it again…Vlad is one seriously messed up dude," Tucker emphasized.

"Yeah, no kidding," Danny hissed under his breath.

The bell rang and everyone ran out the door. The air outside was humid and the sky was covered with puffy, dark clouds. The breeze whipped against Danny's face as he walked outside.

"Looks like a storm's coming," Tucker said covering his face to block out the wind.

"We're still going to Goth Poetry Slam tonight though, right?" Sam asked pushing some stray hairs away from her face.

"Yeah, totally," Danny said.

Suddenly, a blue mist escaped from Danny's mouth, causing him to shiver.

"Ugh! Dangit!" Danny groaned.

"Ghost problem?" Sam asked.

"What was your first idea? I'll be right back," Danny said running behind a tree.

Two blue rings formed around Danny's torso and moved up and down his body turning him into his ghostly alter-ego, Danny Phantom. Danny leapt into the air and flew off into the sky.

"I wonder how long this'll take him." Tucker wondered aloud.

"Maybe it's just the Box Ghost again and it won't take long," Sam suggested.

As the duo walked down the sidewalk, a long black limousine skidded to a halt beside Tucker, sending gobs of mud onto his shoes and part of his pants.

"Hey!" Tucker shrieked.

The back seat window rolled down and the mayor of Amity Park, Vlad Masters, sat smirking at the mud on Tucker's clothes.

"Well, if it isn't Tucker Foley and Samantha Manson. How are you two doing this evening?" Vlad asked slyly.

"Vlad! What the heck was this for?" Tucker snapped pointing at the mud caking his boots.

"Well, I figured your wardrobe needed a little touching up," Vlad smirked. "I was hoping I could touch up Samantha's as well…"

"Don't call me that!" Sam hissed angrily.

"What are you doing here anyway?" Tucker asked.

"Just thought I'd drop in on young Daniel and his friends. Unfortunately, you're one short," Vlad said simply, folding his arms.

"Get out of here Vlad! Danny's got enough to deal with already!" Sam snapped.

Vlad glared at the rebellious Goth girl suspiciously. His eyes wondered around the front school yard. He paused as Valerie walked by.

"Ah, good evening Miss Gray," Vlad greeted half-heartedly.

Valerie shot Vlad a dirty look and walked on. Vlad arched an eyebrow began rolling up the window.

"Tell Danny I said hi," Vlad said.

"Don't count on it," Tucker mumbled.

Vlad snapped his fingers as the window snapped shut and the limousine drove off, splattering some more mud all over Tucker.

"Aw man! These are my best pants!" Tucker complained.

Vlad looked out the back window and watched Valerie storm down the sidewalk. "Something must be troubling her," he thought aloud, stroking his fluffy white cat, Maddie.

"Maybe she's just tired from last night?" one of Vlad's ghostly vulture cohorts suggested.

"That may be the case, I'll have to check up on her," Vlad said pulling out a remote and pressing a small green button.

Meanwhile, on a tree branch near Casper High, a small mechanical bug that closely resembled Vlad sprang to life and began zooming after Valerie. A small television screen dropped from the roof of the limousine and Vlad pressed the green button again.

"Stupid jerk…thinks he can boss me around," Valerie spat under her breath.

Vlad began to turn up the volume, but no matter how high it went, Valerie was still inaudible to him. Maddie purred as Vlad scratched her behind her left ear. "I'll have to get the volume fixed on this one," Vlad sighed tossing the remote aside.

Valerie continued to storm down the street when suddenly, a loud beeping noise rang in her ear. She pulled out a small, red box and watched it blink madly. Valerie looked around to see that no one was there. A red spiral of light spun around her and she was suddenly wearing her ghost hunting outfit.

"Must be Plasmius," she hissed.

Her hover board appeared under her feet and she rocketed off.

"Hmm, maybe we'll find out what Daniel's up to this evening," Vlad said smiling wickedly. The small Vlad bug whizzed after Valerie.

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