A gret way to spend your birthday: write a bloody/emotional scene for a vamire fanfic XDOkay not really but that's how I'm spending mine 8) I figured I have a ton of fanfics I need to update and today seemed like a perfect day to do it…dunno why but I did. Enjoy ^^ Also, forgive me for this chapter being shorter than the previous. I will try to make future chapters longer.

Chapter 5

Vlad woke with a start. He turned to his side and saw Maddie sleeping beside him. He was in his bed.

"Oh, Maddie. I had the absolute worst dream. Ugh. Daniel…he had turned into some kind of…monster. A vampire!" Vlad explained getting out of bed and walking over to the window.

He drew back the blinds to see Danny, hanging upside down like a bat from the curtain rod. His eyes were closed and he was in his regular ghost form; he didn't look like a vampire. Danny opened his eyes:


Vlad screamed and fell on his back. Danny crossed his arms and laughed.

"Ha! Ha! Very funny, Daniel!" Vlad sneered.

"How's it goin', V-man?" Danny asked mockingly, clinging to the blinds for a moment.

Vlad scowled and stood up, dusting himself off.

Danny flipped over and landed on his feet. Vlad moved backward a little.

"What happened to you last night?" Vlad asked.

"What are you talking about?" Danny asked folding his arms across his chest.

"Last night! When you turned into that monster!" Vlad reminded throwing his hands in the air.

"What are you talking about?" Danny asked.

Vlad looked puzzled. "What do you remember from last night?"

Danny looked equally puzzled.

"What's the last thing you remember happening last night?" Vlad asked.

"I remember you punching me out and woke up with your vultures hovering over me," Danny said bitterly.

Vlad suddenly noticed the boy looked malnourished. "Alright, then."

"So…is our 'duel' over or are we still going to fight?" Danny asked.

Vlad's lip curled. "I suggest you go home, Danny. Perhaps a duel wasn't the bet way to solve our differences. By the way, before you go, when's the last time you ate anything?"

Danny gripped his stomach as it growled. "Why do you ask?"

Vlad could tell he looked hungry and backed away a little more. "Mmm…no reason. Just uh, fly on home, dear boy. You're going to be late for school." Vlad tried to hold his own flashing a deviously smug grin Danny's way hoping it would hide his fear.

Danny's eyebrows quirked as he turned to face the window, eventually leaping out of the window and flying home. His stomach growled loudly. Danny clutched his stomach and kept flying but his vision was beginning to blur. He needed something to eat. Someone to eat.

In the distance, he heard someone screaming. Danny froze over the scene. A middle aged man was being mugged by another man about the same age. The mugger was repeatedly stabbing the victim with a knife. Ordinarily, Danny would swoop down and try to save the poor man, but the blood…it looked so good. He waited for the mugger to stab his victim a few more times so he could have more blood and after the attacker ran away, Danny landed in front of the bleeder.

"Danny Phantom…" the man gasped. "Please…" He held out a quivering hand.

Danny's eyes were red. He wasn't Danny right now. The monster within him lurched forward and drank the blood viciously from his prey. The man cried out but his scream became smaller and smaller until he was gone.

Danny moved back and hummed pleasantly. He was satisfied with his meal. Suddenly, his eyes turned green again and he looked down at what he'd done. He gasped and moved away. Blood dripped from his mouth. Danny wiped his mouth and looked down at the blood. The sight almost made him puke. He couldn't understand why he would do this, but then it hit him:

The vampire attack.

"No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no ,no ,no…" Danny shook his head and hide his face in his blood stained hands.

He wanted to cry but he held it back. Danny hadn't cried since he was eight and that was during one of his family's horrendous Christmas episodes. He was teased at school the next day for crying during Christmas. From then on, he held back his tears. Unfortunately, this made him more on edge and angry about things when he got older, like now:

Presently, Danny was banging his fists against his head. "Stupid, stupid, stupid!" But then he realized: "It's not my fault. It's that Vlain Vander Man's or whatever his name was! It's not my fault! It's all his!" His eyes glowed furiously, first bright neon green and then turning red. He shook his head and his eyes went back to green. Danny rubbed his forehead and looked back at the man he had just attacked. Biting his lip, Danny turned invisible and flew off.

Where do I go now? Danny wondered. I can't go home. What if I hurt my parents? And I can't go to school either. Where do I go? I could go back to Vlad! he though mischievously. I shouldn't. But I could get rid of him for good! But what if he has security cameras everywhere and then one of his vultures gets it out to the public somehow. Then no one would trust me. Danny wasn't about to let the town go back to not trusting him again.

He found refuge in Amity Park's park. No one was there this morning and it was better than nowhere. He transformed back into his human form and sat on a bench. Suddenly, a little squirrel appeared in front of him. Danny panicked momentarily but his previous kill had satisfied him enough to where he didn't feel the need to eat the little thing.

The squirrel scampered off and Danny was left alone. Hmmm, Danny thought. Maybe I could go to the blood bank and then I wouldn't have to worry about hurting anyone when I get hungry.

The sun wasn't beating down too harshly on him, but it still burned his skin. Danny wondered if he would shrivel up into nothing in the sun. Nothing seemed to be wrong with his skin. It stung a little, but there was nothing peeling and he wasn't turning to ash. Although his skin did seem to glimmer a little bit like in that one vampire novel Sam always ranked on.

"Oh, you've gotta be kidding me," he groaned.

Just then, his skin began to turn reddish and it looked like it was about to start bubbling. Danny gasped and darted into a tree's shade. He would've preferred the sparkling.

He stayed under the tree for a while when he heard his phone ring. It was his mom. Danny wasn't sure what to tell her but he knew he needed to answer it, otherwise she and Danny's father would start parading the town with a giant photo of him attached to the back of the assault vehicle announcing to everyone that their precious son was missing like the time he had faced Amorpho.


"DANNY! Oh my goodness! Honey where are you? You had me and your father worried sick!"

"I was at Vlad's…"Danny answered truthfully.

"Oh, good! He was just at Valddy's, he was fine!" came Jack's voice from the other end.

"Why didn't you or Vlad call then?" Maddie shrieked.

"Uh…we were having so much fun hanging out that we forgot, sorry," Danny said.

"Danny!" Maddie whined. "Don't scare me like that! I thought something had happened to you!"

"Why would it matter? I'm your son, every second I'm in danger because you two are busy creating some lethal weapon!" Danny spat.


"You guys hardly ever realize when I'm gone anyway because you're always so busy! You don't even know who I am!" Danny raged. He wasn't sure why, but he was incredibly irritable. It wasn't hunger, he was just in a really sour mood for some reason.

"Danny, we know who you are," Maddie said.

"No you don't!" Danny hung up. He was shaking violently and growled as someone jogged by.

"You alright, kid?" the jogging woman asked.

"GO AWAY!" Danny yelled, eyes bright red and glowing.

The woman screamed and ran away.

Danny collapsed into the ground and breathed heavily. When he was sure no one was in sight he turned invisible. He didn't want to be seen. He didn't want to be near anyone. He didn't even want to be alive right now. Covering his face was all he could do to keep from crying.

Why do I always torture Danny?

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