A Second Look

"She left," Sokka mumbled, sitting down next to me. "Suki left."

I stared into the distance, trying not to let my happiness bubble out. "I'm so sorry, Sokka."

He stared into sightless eyes for a moment before leaning back again. "You are not."

"Am too."

"Are not."

"So?" I challenged, glaring in his general direction.

He sighed, taking my hand in his. "So…I'm glad. Everyone else is coddling me, thinking I'm about to die or something. I'm glad you're happy. I always am."

Thoughts raced through my head before I could silence them. What does he mean? Is he…?Does he…?Nah…no, he's Sokka for crying out load! He doesn't have a passionate bone in his body! But I remembered the night only days ago, when I first 'saw' him. The love in his voice, the unfinished sentences…Was it too much to hope for?

"Toph? You okay? You kinda spaced out for a minute."

I shook my head, trying to shake out the 'bad' thoughts. "Nothing, Snoozles. Just thinking about how to cheer you up, that's all." I smiled, happy that I had managed to think of that as quick as I did. "Hey, what were you going to say the other night?"

"Hm?" he asked absently.

"When we were talking about the fairness of annoying-Toph and Snoozles. You started to say something, then stopped and said it was nothing."

"It was nothing." His heartbeat only sped up a little, telling me he was trying to convince himself more than me. "Forget about it."

"No." This was one thing I knew I wouldn't budge on. "Tell me, Sokka. Please?"

Something in my voice must have broken through his resolve because he sighed and leaned back against a nearby rock, his hand still covering my small one. Since when was anything about me small?! I thought to myself, a little disconcerted. "Where do I start?" he mumbled, and thought I knew it was a retortical question, I still piped in with "the beginning, duh," before he pulled me closer to him. Fingers at my chin, adjusting my face just so.

"What am I looking at, Sokka?" I asked, seeing only the same mundane darkness.

"My eyes." He tried to sound nonchalant but I could sense the hint of unease and vulnerability in his voice.

I rolled my own, careful to try and 'look' the same direction I had before. "And this is important because…?"

Soft pressure on my lips, then it was gone. "Because of that."

"Oh." A goofy grin I'm sure enveloped my face. I pushed my toes up to get my face higher, fully intending to kiss him back.

"Hey, Toph?" his voice betrayed the laughter he tried to hide. "That's my nose."

"I knew that!"


-- -- --

AN: So, how many people saw that end coming? Well, this may be my last piece for a while, since school starts bright and early tomorrow morning. Yay, not. I hate to leave my lovely readers like this! Rest assured though, I will try my hardest to write as often as possible.