"Isabella Marie swan get down here now!"

I rushed down stairs too see everyone waiting for me. Yes I was in a coven. I was changed 6 days 4 hours and 33 seconds after Ed…he left me. I still couldn't say his name even though I was with someone. His name is Ricky he helped me with everything. And he grew to me in ways I didn't think he would. And Ed… he can go to hell for all I care. He hurt me. No he killed me. And the others the Cullen's they can go right along with him because they played along with his game. What was I a human pet to them? But that's all over now.

I'm a happy vampire. It's been 147 years since I was changed. And I've made great friends. We have a coven of 6. Rick is the leader. He has a power and that's to freeze time he can still go and walk and when he touches someone they'll unfreeze also. And I'm going out with Rick. Then there is Eric he can see the future not like Alice though he can see everything that'll happen to you in the next hour when he touches you and that's only if he wants to see it he doesn't have too. He is with Rina she doesn't have a power well yeah the power of annoyance. Then there is Victoria. She changed a lot after she changed me. We suffered and got over James and Edward together. Of coarse I had help from rick and she had help from. Dillan. Dillan's power is healing he can heal wounds unfortunately not the emotional kinds just the physical.

"Finally!." Dillan got up and then gave his hand to Victoria. Dillan was 6'4 and had short blond hair. He wasn't too muscular or to shabby he was right in the middle.

"Yeah I could have gotten down here in half the time and still looked better than you. No offense you know I love you." Rina got up and started hopping up and down so that Eric would get up too. Rina was short shorter than Alice she was like 5'1 very skinny petite body. She was the second prettiest out of all of us. I apparently was the first. She has wavy bleach blond hair that reaches her mid back. Eric was 5'11 he had light brown skater type hair and a fit body.

Rick grabbed my hand. "You know that's impossible Rina know one looks better that my Isabella." I had stopped being called Bella that left the baby part of me aside.

Rick pulled me in to hug him. Rick was 6'5 and had the best body out of the guys muscular but not overly muscular. And not to skinny either. He had black untidy hair. And green eyes. For some reason his eyes did not change during his transformation.

Eric went to the door. But before he opened it he said. "First day of forks high school here we come." He and rina walked out towards there black Ferrari.

Victoria hugged me and whispered into my ear so only I could hear. "Be strong you know he's not here but I know that you might bet some memories fight them."

Only Victoria knew that I was afraid that my memories would make me soft again. Not even Rick. I couldn't hurt him telling him that I may still be in love with Edward. Victoria and Dillan got on there black Lamborghini while me and Rick headed to his red porche. Then we all sped away to Forks High School.

I closed my eyes and leaned back. They are not there and if they are they'll deserve what ever it is you'll do to them. I kept telling my self this over and over.

"Isabella babe were here." I looked up and saw the familiar school buildings.

Rick got out and went around to open the door for me. I didn't bother trying to beat him he would just get mad at me for not letting him be a gentlemen.

"Thank you."

"Your welcome my beloved." Rick bowed down. And I laughed at him.

"You are such a clown."

"Does this clown deserve a kiss?"

"Of course what kind of lady would I be?" I gave rick kiss that was soon interrupted.

"Ahm." I turned around and saw Eric, Rina, Victoria, and Dillan.

I got annoyed. "Excuse me we were in the middle of something."

Eric grabbed my arm. His face went blank. He was having a vision. After 4 minutes he went back to normal. "Oh crap."

I went off on him. "What the hell Eric you know I don't like you looking into my future."

"I didn't mean to but Isabella listen to me."

Rick grabbed my waist. "What did you see Eric was it to volturi?"

Victoria stood next to me. "No we haven't done anything wrong."

Rina went to stand by Eric. "Will you guys shut up and let him talk."

"Hurry Eric." I urged him but he didn't say anything

Then I heard it that voice that brought anger and pain to me. "Bella?"

Eric pointed to the person behind me. "That." I turned around and saw Edward.