A single tear leaked down Abby's cheek as she placed a fresh bouquet of flowers on Stephen's grave. He had been dead for just over two years now and not a day went by without her thinking about him: the way he always gave her secret smiles that only the two of them could understand; the way he'd protected her at all costs; the way he kissed her so softly; the way he looked so guilty when he let her down; the way he stole secret glances of her at the ARC... it went on and on. She allowed herself one moment to be totally absorbed in her own thoughts without anyone taking them. A moment to close her eyes and lose herself in Stephen's smile still fresh in her mind. Allowed herself to feel his touch that she would never feel again because of his sacrifice.

"Abby?" Connor's voice bought her back to reality as he lay a supportive hand on her shoulder, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Abby wiped her eyes and turned to face him. He had a small girl balanced on his hip who was looking down at Abby, a worried look on her pretty face. She had dirty blonde, shoulder-length hair and her father's piercing blue eyes. Abby held her arms out and Connor handed her the child.

"Good girl Hannah," Abby whispered in her ear, "Now say goodbye to Daddy."

"Bye Daddy," Hannah patted the ground by the gravestone, causing more tears to fall down Abby's face.

"He misses you so much," she told her daughter, "He'd be so proud of you." Abby hugged the infant close and stood up, taking Connor's hand. For a moment they stood in silence, but then Connor's mobile shattered the peace.

"Hi Cutter," Connor answered, "Er, okay. We'll be there. Bye." He said and hung up.

"Anomaly?" Abby looked at her friend and smiled through her tears- it really never stopped.

"Uh-huh." Connor nodded. Abby looked down at the grave sadly before the three of them walked off in the mid-morning sunshine. On the way out, Abby stole one last glance back- this was the millionth time she'd done this: walked away from the one man she'd ever truly loved's grave and the pain was still there. The memories were deep inside her again, buried with Stephen and she mouthed the single word "Bye" as they walked off again. Abby didn't really know why, but leaving him always hurt just as much as the first time.