A/N I don't know if I'll keep this up but I'll only do so if people will read...it isn't long because I want to make sure people might like where this could go...and if there are mistakes, I apologize in advance. I wrote this just after watching the series so...I hope you enjoy!

Five men walked around the Ouran high school. Each of them graduates from the academy and all skilled in some way.

One of them turned around "Tamaki, what were you expecting to see here?"

"Kyoya, you contacted Haruhi…right?" he asked Kyoya

He simply nodded his head and showed him a paper to prove the number and address. Tamaki looked at the other three who were standing and staring around them in amazement.

"Wasn't Haru-Chan coming to meet us?" Mitsukuni asked (Also Known as Hunny-Senpai) "Yes" Mori answered plainly "I wonder if Hikaru found her…" Kaoru said As they all stood there waiting for something to happen…something did. A certain person walked down the hall. Fujioka Haruhi. "Haru…Haruhi?" Tamaki stared in disbelief as she walked down the hall All stared at the girl. Amazed and yet shocked. Her hair was long; she was wearing a black dress and looked more girly than she did only a few years ago. She was accompanied by Hikaru and a man in a black suit. The only problem was…if you looked at her hand very carefully, you could see a very big diamond ring. An engagement ring probably… Tamaki smiled and greeted her as she bowed politely. "Haruhi! It's been so long!" he yelled happily She counted her fingers for a moment "If I'm not wrong Senpai…It's been 3 years" then smiled Everyone laughed together. But deep in Tamaki's heart and the other previous Host club members…They wondered about the ring on her left hand. The king of the Host Club then said "Well then…shall we go in? Do you think…we can still open these doors?"