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Slowly the doors opened, once they all stepped in, they smiled. It still looked like it did the last time they had been there.

Haruhi walked around and then stopped at the window, "It sure feels nice to be here again…"

Everyone agreed silently. Tamaki looked around and then turned to everyone else.

"Shall we once again open the Host club? Just for today?" he asked excitedly.

Kyoya sighed, "Tamaki, I think it's better we settle on having tea and leaving. After all, they actually use this room now."

Haruhi, looked at all her friends and then looked at her watch. "I'll have to go home soon, my fiancée and I are supposed to meet up for lunch…"

Tamaki's eyes widened, he knew that the ring meant something but… she was actually getting married? He smiled, "So, who's the lucky man that gets my daughter?"

She laughed, "He's the head of a company, his name is Kazuki."

Hunny began asking questions about Kazuki, example: Was he tall, how old was he? So on…

Kyoya eyed Haruhi calmly, and then looked at Tamaki, who stared out the window sadly.

Mori smiled, and congratulated her.

The twins sat in a corner, talking and soon they began to ask questions about Haruhi's fiancée.

Hours went by, and by noon Haruhi had to excuse herself from the Host Club reunion.

Hikaru hit the wall with hist fist, "Damn…" he whispered silently.

Kaoru placed his hand on his twin's shoulder.

Tamaki grinned, and he began to pace around the room.

He stopped and shouted, "Host Club, we will now find out who this "Kazuki" is and we will see if he is proper enough to marry our little Haruhi!"

Kyoya sighed, fixed his glasses and smiled. "Seems like we have to open our Host Club… temporarily."