- Chapter 6 -

Back in Puerto Angel, the mood was a tense one, Diwan had clearly swapped sides but there was something else. Diwan was seriously questioning her move and was talking to Cortes about it at the lounge area in the back of the .

Cortes was relaxing, sprawled on a curving sofa, eyes half closed with the sun streaming on half of his face, listening intently whilst Diwan spoke to him in subdued tones, with Cortes only asking a few questions and nodding in understanding.

"I just don't know what's going on, I've just left everything behind...." Diwan sighed, her voice husky from crying. She was sitting opposite him and her eyes where brighter than usual.

Cortes shifted his position. Patting the space next to him, he sat up. Diwan strode slowly over, keeping her eyes on him, to see if this was a sick trick. She very nearly collapsed into the sofa but Cortes caught her halfway and she felt strangely safe. Leaning back, she lounged back and titled her head back over the back of the furniture. Cortes sighed and leant back, facing her, resting his back on the high rest on the side of the sofa. He flicked his hair out of the ponytail and spoke. His voice was slightly raspy; he hadn't spoken for over an hour.

"Sometimes it takes the destruction of one world to see the rise of another, Diwan." he titled his slightly. "Our goal has not changed just because you've joined us, and by now," he smirked slightly "I do believe you know it."

Diwan looked up at that comment, eyes flashing.

"Indeed I do, Cortes." she didn't say anymore than that, she didn't need to, Cortes understood her perfectly.

Leaning forward he grasped her chin gently and ran his hand over the tattoo on her head. Diwan flinched as his hand ran over the red mark, the male soothed her and she responded with a sound that was almost like a purr. But her eyes narrowed again and she held him in a glare as Cortes fingers ran over the tattoo. To his surprise, it was like blood and the skin felt horribly raw underneath him. He drew away, still holding her gaze.

"What exactly does this thing do?" he asked, voice barley above a whisper.

"It...stops hair growth." she muttered.

Cortes almost snorted with laughter but concealed it with a deep raking cough. Diwan wasn't fooled though. She sighed and stood up, striding quickly to the door to exit this room, but before her hand reached the handle Cortes was in front of her, his eyes sparkled with good humour but Diwan just snarled, lifted her lip and tried to get to the handle. Again, Cortes prevented her, she tried twice more, and those two times she was blocked.

The last time, Cortes got physical, he rammed her slightly, sending her back to the sofa and pinned her down. She obviously fought back but ended up beneath him.

Attempting to trip him and scramble away, Diwan kicked her legs out, sending Cortes off balance and his form came thundering down to meet her. Diwan just couldn't move fast enough. Her breath was pushed from her as Cortes landed on her.

For sometime, they lay there like that, just trying to get their breath back.

"Alright, Cortes....you win..." Diwan started to snap but stopped immediately as Cortes turned his head and their lips met.

At first it was nothing, just looking into each other eyes, feeling the warmth from each other bodies. Soon it was gentle teasing with their eyes still locked. Diwan flicked her tongue against Cortes bottom lip causing him to start and he responded by catching the tip and dragging back slowly and then nipping at her lower lip. Diwan growled and shifted under him more so Cortes had to square his shoulders to accommodate his weight evenly.

Running his hands over her strong jaw line and cheek Cortes deepened the teasing by actually kissing properly, still with his eyes fixed on Diwan who shifted again this time to make the positions easier. Cortes growled slightly as her hot breath filtered lightly over him.

Taking a chance, the male lowered himself fully on her, wrapping his hands around her back and neck, just watching and holding her for a while. It was then Diwan felt safe enough to close her eyes and pull Cortes down to her, giving him full access to her mouth and body and sliding her hands down his back, she clawed lightly at the skin but apart from that, there was no movement, their kisses silent.






And that's how Mahad found them.