"I can't believe I am on this bus to a so called monster school. Damn you hokage why after 15 years now you kick me out! After I finally had few people I called my friends. I guess can't be help I am after the nine tail demon. Me and Kyuubi have become one but its nice that I can stay in human form but when I need power I can just turn into demon form but one thing I hate is that I have wired this fucking wired clothes" he looks around the bus and finds a boy with crimson hair in the back reading the bible.

"What your name back there?" he yelled down to him.

"Name is Zadok Tusbase and what yours"

"My is Naruto Uzumaki and you have a cool name it means righteous wing right?"

"Yea and what grade you going into?"

"Its my first year here but I going into 2nd year" Naruto repay back to him.

"Same" Zadok start to read the bible that's in his hands.

"You most really like the bible" Naruto say back to Zadok.

"It remembers me of what I am" he said with a sad look.

"I see and it look like we are here" Naruto pointed to the castle like school up on the hill.

Their get outside the bus and start to walk to the school.

"This is one wired place to go to school" he told his new friend that only gave a nod to him.

"What that over there, looks like fighting?" Naruto points to what looks to be a battle with two spider things against a beautiful sliver hair woman with red eyes. Naruto runs over to the fighting and looks at her closer.

"2v1 not fair don't you have any sense in that spider freaks or are you to fucking chicken to fight one and one" Naruto looks at them with his blue eyes.

"Look a new comer maybe he one of her friends?" first spider girl said.

"He looks weak" other said

"I can beat both of you before going into my demon form so if I was you I would shut the hell up spider freaks" he said as he laugh at them.

"What your form? A bug that we can eat?" this come from the 2nd spider.

"My true form is a nine tail demon fox name Kyuubi no yoka but you can call me Naruto Uzumaki" when the spiders hear that their stop frozen in their place after hearing that he was the Kyuubi no yoka a demon most people feared and think it was just a fairly tale.

"I don't need your help so go away!" the sliver hair woman yelled at him.

Naruto walks closer to her and then he notices a boy on the ground that is passed out.

"most be from that wound in his chest" he looks at her and smiles then looks at the spider with ice cold eyes.

"You can do one of two things. One you leave this beautiful woman alone and leave or 2nd you fight me" hearing him call her beautiful she started to get little pink in the cheeks.

"We will leave after we kill you" the first spider changes at Naruto. Naruto leaps into the air then start making hand signs (Katon, Karyuu Endan) a flame dragon comings out of his mouth right to the spider which get hit by the attack full force. The flame burns her then falls to the ground. The other spider get one of sliver hair well knows kicks right to the forehead.

"Know your place" after telling spider that she looks at the blonde teenage.

"Look like their getting back up and what a shame I was hoping to talk you for a while?" he said to the sliver hair woman.

"Yea their don't know what when give up and why would you want do that?" she looked at them and gave a long sign.

Naruto moves his hand in front of her "can I have this dance and the reason why I want talk to you is because you look like a beautiful woman"

She took a hold of Naruto hand "sure but you batter be a good dancer or I going hurt you and is only reason you want talk to me because of my body?" " If that the reason I going kill you hentai"

The spiders changed at them and Naruto moved the sliver hair goddess to the right to dodge. " That not only reason the reasons I want talk to you is one you have power and your not weak when it comes to fighting and also your seen smart but the last reason is because I cant stop looking at you from the fight second my eyes seen you" "I guess he not a hentai and he also kindly of good looking and I wonder if he is taken. Wait a second since when was I this easy to fall for someone?!" then the spiders come after them again but then Naruto picked her up over his head so she can kick both of them at once doing this Naruto had a nice shot of her panties and was going said something but he knows batter. The spiders get kicked both in the head which made their go flying back into two nearby trees which knock them out cold. Naruto kept dancing with her but once a loud mouth with blue hair and little girl with hat come to them yelling about poor Tsukune

Being hurt.

"You two really know how to kill someone fun don't you?" Naruto yelling back at them which get him a smirk from sliver hair woman. "Dammit their ruined are fun!" was the thoughts of both Naruto and Moka.

"You transformed hurry and go back to normal" blue hair teenage yelled.

"I starting to think you have two minds in my body" Naruto said looking at her in the eyes.

"Yes and so you will not be seeing me for while.." she get cut off by Naruto. "I guess I have do this so you remember me to the next time I see you" he warped his arms around her then lean her back after he warped his arms around her. he moved his lips closer to her but as this was going on the boy name Tsukune woke up to see Naruto putting his lips on adult Moka form which he notice that she not fighting back but enjoying it which was killing his heart to she the woman he loved being kissed by someone else and enjoying it. After about ten more second their finally broke the kiss and Naruto was going said something but was cut of by Moka.

"Name Moka and other me will not have same feels for you then I do after all you took my and her first kiss" Naruto smirk and gave her a fast kiss on the lips. "His kisses feel so good but why am I falling for someone this fast? But I really hope I see him again and soon"

"I know how that feels to have two minds in one body I used be like that but me and him become one so I hear him still but the body is my both my form and his"

"What do you mean?" ask the little young girl.

"I was born a human but the day I was born Oct 10th a nine tail demon fox attacked that was named Kyuubi no yoka the king of all demons. No mortal could hurt it so the leader of the ninja village the hokage gave his life to seal the demon inside a new born baby which was me" after he get done talking all four of them was in shock.

"How did the village treat you? Did their treat you like a hero to have that inside you? He was asked by the same little girl.

"I was treated like hell if it was not for fact that I had Kyuubi healing powers I would of die at age of four when I get stabbed in the heart by one of the people in the village and that just first it happen because of the demon in me I because outcast by everyone. But when I turned 15 me and Kyuubi become one being but I still talk to him. One good thing he cant take my body over anymore because I have the power over both my form and my demon form now. But that also come as down side to it because I become one with him the village kicked me out and here I am" two girls minus Moka was crying and boy was wondering how he is still sane but Moka was remembering her past being alone.

"Wait a min. WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU ZADOK!!" he yelled at top of his lungs.

"Over here" a crimson hair boy come walking to them.

"Where the fuck did you run off to leaving me here"

"I had faith that you would live" he reply calmly.

"Moka do you really have going back?" he turn around look at her again.

"yes but here take this" she walked to him and kissed his neck that turn into a bite which really cause pain to poor Tsukune heart to hurt like hell. Naruto moved his arms around her lower back and kissed her neck back. Blue hair girl moved and put the rosario back onto the chain which made her to back to her normal same with pink girl and smaller body. When she opened her eyes she pushed Naruto away and ran to her friends.

"I guess this goodbye for a while sliver hair goddess" Naruto start to walk to the school with Zadok walking behind him.

"Are you ok Tsukune?" Moka asked him.

"Yes" he reply back looking down at the ground.


Moka was laying down onto of her bed.

"Why did you hurt Tsukune" Moka said angry at her other half.

"I did not hurt him, I am aloud to like anyone I want, just because we share same body does not mean I have like the same person"

"But what wrong with Tsukune?"

"He is weak and does not have a backbone!" yelled her other half.

"Will you made me like him?"

"Is it because you starting to like him and that why you acting because you know I cant made you do anything you don't want to but I WILL NOT LET THE FIRST PERSON TO SLEEP WITH ME BE TUSKUNE! UNDERSTAND!" she yelled at her other half pissed.

"I understand that we share same body but I want him be my first but you want most want lose your to person you love"

"I don't love anyone! I only like! And good night!" after that her other half stop talking.

"You love him all right"


"What wrong Zadok?"

"Naruto I forget to ask for a room when I come here" his voice was sad.

"You can crash at my place I pay for a nice room but you have sleep on the floor but I try get 2nd bed soon" he said trying cheer up his friend.

"Thank you and I don't mind the floor" his voice was happy now.

Their get to Naruto room he took his keys and opened it. When their walked in Zadok notice a lot of red. Naruto bed had crimson silk sheets and crimson pillows also the floor was red tile floor in each room of his place which was bedroom, a bathroom and a living/kitchen . All the wood in his place from walls to the wood in the kitchen was paint red. He also had crimson color open-weave silk window panel that match his bed sheets.

"What with all the fucking red!" Zadok yelled at him.

"I like red and here" he takes out a cot from under the bed and sets it up. He gives him a crimson pillow and blanket.

"Way to much red and how you have all this?"

"Hokage want me out but she want me be someplace I would like so she pay the school give me a room like this" Naruto lays under his crimson sheets.




The next day inside homeroom.

Shizuka Nekonome was looking at the clock and wondering where the two new students

that joining this class today.

"Can two students go and find two new comers to this class?"

"Me and Moka can do that"

"Thank you Yukari Sendo and Moka" the teacher hands them a paper with the room name for them.


"Here the place" Yukari knocks on the door that had room number 150.

The door opens and their see a crimson hair boy which their know.

"Zadok you late to class!" yelled the little girl.

"I know I know but asshole here not waking up" he lets them in and their look around.

"Way to much red!" little girl yelled.

"That the same thing I told him"

"He get good taste" was the thoughts of the other half.

There see him in bed moving around let he living a nightmare but for real.

"He been doing that for 8 hours and no matter what I do I can't wake him. Putting ice cold water on him does not work and it looks like his past is going to kill him at this rate"

"I think I know a way" Moka walked closer to him and said into his ear. "your sliver hair goddess is nuked and waiting for you" after hearing that Naruto woke up fast and start looking around but only find three people laughing.

"Not funny!" yelled pissed off Naruto.

"Tell him that I will kiss him next time I kiss him as a make up gift"

"The other me said she going kiss you next time you see her as a make up gift for us being mean" that made him give them one of his foxy smiles.

Naruto start walking to the bathroom but gets stop by Zadok.

"Bad memories can kill someone but good ones can save someone life" Naruto just walked pass him after he said that.

"I wish I could help Naruto but I don't think anyone can save him from this point"

"I wish I could try" adult Moka said

"Maybe one day he can be saved just need to wait"

"Lets get back to class now! He can catch up with us later" said a girl with a hat on her head that getting piss because woman she want be in bed with is starting like someone beside Tsukune. Their leave the room with Naruto by himself.


"Tsukune can you do me a fever" teenage Moka asked him.

"Yes but what is it?" he asked worried.

"Please take off the rosario for awhile" she asked him.

"Ok" he takes it off her and she turns into her adult form. Then starts walking off to Naruto place.

"Why she want me to do that just to walk away?" he asked his friends.

"That because" the witch girl start telling them why.


"What wrong Moka" asked Zadok.

"What other side wants to help Naruto but only way is to remove the rosario but only one that can do that is Tsukune"

"You should let her out once in a while, and now be a good time for both of them"

"I guess your right" teenage Moka said back.

"Thank you my other side" was the thoughts of the adult Moka.

Flashback end