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Paying for the Three of us


"Yes number four what is it?" Xemnas asked calmly, he was sitting at his desk in his office, when Vexen barged, in looking like he wanted to kill someone. Xemnas as always remained as cool as a cucumber and calmly waited for the Chilly Academic to explain why he has just burst into his office looking like his dog just died, when they couldn't feel anything at all.

"Someone has been sneaking into MY lab, and messing up all my experiments, and totally trashing my lab," Vexen seethed slowly.

Xemnas barely blinked, "Number four, why don't you just put a lock on the door, you know as well as I do that we cannot teleport into locked areas," Xemnas suggested as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"I did Superior," Vexen stated straining not to raise his voice, "Whoever it is, must be finding a way around it, because it doesn't help."

"Well number four, unless you can give me a name, there is nothing I can do. I am trying to get our hearts back, and don't have time for pranksters. If you find out who it is, feel free to do what you see fit to stop it, OTHER than killing them. Now leave!"

Vexen turned his heel and stormed out of The Superiors office, still seething. Oh I'll find out who it is, though the Superior makes a good point, whoever is doing this is a prankster, and that left four suspects. Axel, Roxas, Demyx, and Xigbar, Marluxia maybe, but he doubted it. Now the only thing I need to do is find out who is doing this, then I'll have them, and I have something planned for whoever it is, that won't kill them but make them wish they were never born. Oh yes I will find out who is doing this, if it's the last thing I do.

"Guys do you really think it's a good idea to keep doing this?" Roxas asked his two best friends as they walked down the hallway, "I mean one day we're going to get caught."

"Oh come one Roxas, where's you sense of fun?" Axel asked, smirking at his younger friend. The two of them and Demyx were walking down the hallways toward Vexen's lab, that's where they went when the Chilly Academic wasn't in the lab, and they were bored and wanted to find something to do. There was always something to do in Vexen lab. The problem was, not that they ever intended to do it, they always destroyed all of there superior's work, and totally mess up the lab before leaving.

"I just don't want to end up on the receiving end of extra mission's punishment," Roxas stated clearly concerned.

"Relax Rox, we haven't been caught yet," Demyx reminded the younger blonde.

"And besides, we need you to unlock the door," Axel added, as they approached the door that was titled 'Vexen's Lab' and KEEP OUT written underneath it. Axel put his ear to the door and silence fell between them for a long moment until the flurry said, "All clear," then moved out of the way motioning at Roxas.

Roxas let out an uneasy sigh before summoning Oathkeeper, and pointing it at the lock. A minute later it was unlocked and the three of them stepped in.

Axel sighed to himself eyeing Vexen's bubbling potions, "So what is Vexen cooking up today?" he picked up two of the bottles and examined them at eye level.

Demyx strolled over to where Number Four kept his notes, and started looking at them. Roxas did as he always did, just stood there silently watching his friends and anxiously stealing glances at the door hoping that no one would walk in. He used to do exactly as his friends did, but there was a time when he knocked over two potions and the entire lab blew up, they all got away of course, but it was two close for Roxas' comfort, so now he just sticks with being the look out.

His ears perked up at the sound of heavy footsteps coming down the hall, he was about to warn Axel when BOOOOOOM!

At least it wasn't the entire lab, only part if it. Roxas was lying on the ground tangled up in wires, Demyx was lucky to be far enough away, not to get singed. Axel was surprisingly standing up in the middle of were the explosion was, completely covered in ashes wide eyed, and holding two potion containers in both hands.

"Axel, what did you do?" Roxas asked coughing and trying to untangle himself from the wires.

"I…I just wanted to find out what color it make if I mixed them," Axel explained.

Roxas was about to tell him how stupid that was when they heard the door knob rattle, "Everyone run," Demyx whispered and he and Axel made a dark portal and fled away Unfortunately Roxas had to take a brief moment to untangle himself and was about to make a portal himself when a hand slapped on his shoulder.

The boy's blood froze, he turned around to face a very angry looking Vexen, and he gave an uncomfortable laugh, "Hi Vexen."

"A-ha, I knew I'd finally find the culprit, and now that I think about it, it should have been obvious, you and that keyblade can unlock anything!"

"V-Vexen, it's not what you think, really," Roxas suddenly became very worried about what Vexen was going to do to him, and took a step back.

"Oh it's exactly what I think," Vexen grabbed the back of Roxas' uniform "You have been sneaking in here and destroying my work. Now your about to pay the price, I'm going to give you a lesson that you will never forget." Vexen dragged Roxas's trembling form by the back of the uniform over to the other side of the lab where he had his desk, and pulled out his desk chair and push Roxas in to it, "Stay put!" he ordered, then walked over to his closet and opened the door.

Roxas was vaguely aware that this was the time to make a run for it, but fingered that Vexen already knew that he was apart of it and would get busted any way, so instead he asked, "What are you going to do?"

"Oh you'll see soon enough," Vexen's voice sounded behind the open door. When he closed it, the blonde Key of Destiny saw him holding a thick leather belt. Roxas swore he could have fainted at the site of that, he knew exactly what Vexen had in mind, an old fashion tanning. The poor boy paled and his trembling got all the more worse, "Vexen n-no y-you can't," it was more of a plead than an order.

The Chilly Academic smirked devilishly at him, "I can and I will" he grabbed Roxas's shaking form by his collar after placing the belt on his desk, "Vexen please don't," Roxas pleaded as his superior sat down where he was previously sitting and yanked him over his lap, pinning his left hand to the small of his back and moving the leather organization coat out of the way so Roxas' clothed bottom was revealed.

"Number thirteen this is for all the trouble you have caused me, messing up my potions, disorganizing my notes, destroying my lab. You've had this coming to you, for a while now," with that said Vexen brought his hand down hard on the smaller blondes clothed rear, making him jump in surprise, then the Chilly Academic brought his hand down again and again.

Roxas closed his eyes tight and clenched his teeth. He wouldn't cry, he couldn't cry, he had broken bones on missions and not cried, and he wouldn't cry from something as pitiful as a spanking. Vexen couldn't go on forever.

But Vexen intended to make the boy cry, he wouldn't stop until he was blubbering like a baby. Only that would be far from when it would end, no once Roxas was crying hard, then the real punishment would start. Roxas would pay for all of his misdeeds, and what Vexen didn't know was that he was in fact paying for his friends misdeeds also.

Vexen continued to spank the boys small bottom, Roxas thrashed around, trying to get free but it did no good, Vexen was two strong. A tear or two had slipped from his closed eyelids, and Roxas was just beginning to think that he couldn't handle this much longer, then it stopped.

The smaller blonde smiled a little bit, thinking that he made it through, with only barely shedding a tear. But that thought was gone in an instant, for Vexen took about a five second break then grabbed the waist line of his pants and roughly pulled it down, not even trying to be careful of Roxas's privet parts.

Roxas froze in shock at the newly felt exposure of his posterior now only on undergarments, if he was barely able to not cry when he had his pants up, he would never be able to do it now, but he had to try.

Vexen didn't take long to start spanking the key bearers now boxered bottom, hitting slightly harder and switching from cheek to cheek. Roxas tried, he really did, but it was too much, after a solid minute the flood gates opened and he started crying and thrashing to get away, with tears falling from his cheeks. But Vexen kept his hold in him and kept going on for another two minuets.

Roxas was bawling and pleading for Vexen to stop too tired to kick and move anymore by the time Vexen took another break, but he was far from done, no they were barely half way through. Only Roxas didn't know that, he was praying that it was over, but far from, number four grabbed the waist line of Roxas' boxers, and quickly pulled them down. The fabric caught lightly on poor Roxas' sensitive privet parts, making him scream out loudly.

Vexen could now take a good look at the boys rear, it was deep red, but it could be redder. He started by lifting his knee so that the Key of Destiny's more sensitive spots, which were ignored during the first part of the spanking, were exposed and started smacking them. This made Roxas squeal loudly and more tears fell from his bloodshot eyes making a puddle on the floor.

Once Vexen was satisfied with the child's sobs, he decided it was time for the real punishment to start and picked up the belt. Roxas noticing that Vexen had stopped, could only pray that it was all over, but no, no not yet. He looked over his shoulder and caught of Vexen holding the belt and putting it in a loop, and the little blonde let out a loud wail, "No Vexen please, I'm sorry." He started struggling once again with new found strength, but he was already exhausted and the stronger male was able to hold him down without much effort, "This should have been done long ago number thirteen."

Vexen whipped the belt across Roxas' cherry red backside, resulting in a loud shriek, the poor boy didn't even care anymore if anyone heard him. The only thing he cared about was getting through this punishment, with each strike of the belt the key bearers shrieks got louder and higher pitched. At last he finally went limp with no energy left and just sobbed and squealed over Vexen's lap, and only barely noticed when Vexen had put the belt down, "That should teach you to never mess with my stuff again."

Roxas kept screaming and crying loudly, to most it would be annoying or heartbreaking but to Vexen it was music to his ears. It was the sound of a well punished brat that finally got what he deserved. Even though it was over, Roxas continued to lie over Vexen's lap, two exhausted to get up.

Vexen, lifted Roxas into a standing position, and the boy would have completely collapsed on the ground if the older member wasn't there. The younger blonde tried to wipe the tears away without success, for they only came back. He was still sobbing, and the hiccups had started, "All right number thirteen calm down, its over." Vexen said.

The older member bent down and in one fast motion pulled up the sobbing boys boxers. Roxas let out another loud shriek, as the cloth made contact with his flaming posterior, and caught once again on his already tender privet part. He slapped the older nobody and pushed him away before he could pull up his pants, then unstably bent down and very gently pulled up his black slacks.

When Roxas slapped him, Vexen almost decided to turn the boy over and start the whole punishment again, but decided against it, he couldn't injure the boy; the superior would have his neck. "Alright, I hope this has taught you a lesson, now get out," Vexen demanded, grabbing Roxas's arm and pulling him over to the door. He pushed him out into the hall then slammed the door shut.

Roxas stumbled a few steps before falling to his knees; he curled up into a ball and cried uncontrollably. He had no idea how long he laid there before he heard his name called, "Roxas!"

The well punished boy looked up to see Axel and Demyx running towards him, "Roxas what happened to you, why didn't you follow us?" Axel asked as he fell to his knees beside his sobbing friend.

Roxas looked onto his friends eyes, telling him without words how upsets he was. Axel and Demyx both stole a glace at Vexen's door, "What did he do to you?" Axel asked.

The smaller blonde once again didn't answer, only hid his head in his arms, "Did he hurt you?" Demyx asked.

Roxas only responded with a hiccup, and more sobs; he felt embarrassed about crying in front of his friends, so he pushed past Axel and teleported to his room and fell face first on his bed and sobbed into his pillow.

After five minutes his sobs slowed down to the occasional sniffle and hiccup, that was when Axel and Demyx teleported into his room. The Key of Destiny felt his weight shift as Axel sat next to him, and rubbed his back slowly.

Roxas turned over to look at his friend, and started to roll over onto his back, but when his still sore rear made contact with the bed, he jumped slightly, with a small squeak. Axel and Demyx both looked at him confused, and then the lights slowly turned on for both of them.

"He thrashed you didn't he?" Demyx assumed.

Roxas looked away ashamed, and waited for his friends to start laughing, but instead he felt Axel lift his small body into his arms and give him a comforting hug, "I'm sorry Roxas, you didn't deserve that."

Axel shifted a bit and put Roxas' pillow in his lap, and let Roxas lay down on his stomach with his head on the pillow in his lap, and rubbed his back slowly. Exhaustion finally took over and he fell asleep.

Axel and Demyx stayed with him while he slept, and kept glancing at each other, they both felt terrible about what happened. Roxas was barely apart of it, yet he paid for all three of them.

The End

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I'll update this, whenever I get idea's, I'll do requests also. I wrote this because I've read a lot of discipline story's that had little details about the spanker just pulling down the pants of the person that's being punished, and leave out the part we're you need to be careful when doing that, especially for boys, because you could injure them.