A Favour For a Favour.

Summary: Being alone on Earth with Barricade puts Starscream in an embarrassing position. Unable to trust Barricade with his needs, Starscream turns to the other potential solution – an unwitting Sam Witwicky.

Rating: M for intimacy/suggestiveness

Pairings: Sam/Bee (heavily implied) Sam/Starscream (of a sort)

Warnings: If you don't like slash, read no further. Total crack.

A/N. A request from Dragonrosefang from . for Sam/Starscream fiction let to this little bunny being born. Thanks for KDZeal specifically and the rest of the Nerdene Hyrde in general for allowing me to bounce this idea off them and them giving their opinions.

A Favour For a Favour.


Starscream lay back in his room in the Decepticon base, vents cycling down as he recovered from the small overload he had managed to give himself.

The problem with self-stimulation leading to overload is that it was difficult to do, and didn't give him anything like the relief he craved. He needed more than he could drive himself to, and seeing as he was still waiting for the reinforcements he hoped would come in response to the beacon he had placed in orbit about the microplanet Pluto, the only other Cybertronians around were Barricade and the Autobots.

He refused to approach Barricade for release, the antipathy Barricade felt for Starscream was mutual. That one would exploit his need, file it away as a weakness he could use against him. As for the Autobots, the thought of approaching them to ask for release was beyond ridiculous!

That was when another thought entered his head, and he began to wonder about something. Getting to his feet, he strode out, converted to his jet form, and zoomed off. This would take thought, and to help, a little reconnaissance was in order.

oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo

"Hey, Bee!" called Sam to the yellow Camaro sitting in the drive of the Witwicky house. "Mom and Dad are out shopping, and Mikaela's with her Mom, sorting out her Dad's parole date. Fancy a wash and wax?"

The response of Sam's car/guardian/friend was to rev his engine slightly, so the sound was akin to a purr. Grinning, Sam disappeared inside.

Bumblebee loved being washed by Sam, and didn't really object when Mikaela joined in. It was one thing, in Bumblebee's opinion, that the Decepticons missed out on by condemning the humans as disgusting – the feel of dexterous, warm little hands getting the dirt and dust and grit of this world off plating and out of areas where it had no business getting. It was a very sensuous experience for the Autobot scout too, something that Sam knew and accepted.

Sam came out with the buckets, sponges, and leathers, and started by getting Bumblebee nice and soapy, scrubbing inside the wheel arches, round the hinges, around the door edges and any seams. This made Bumblebee purr even more, and shake a little as he felt slender organic fingers substitute for the sponge in tight or awkward to reach places, dislodging dirt and rubbing against the sensitive metal. Sam then moved on to the tyres, and the areas of Bumblebee's underside he could reach.

When the scout was well and truly soaped up, Sam refilled the buckets, and sluiced Bumblebee off with warm water till all the soap was gone. Then he used towels to dry him off, paying particular attention to the crevices and wheel arches, and then applied the wax, rubbing with a leather until the yellow Camaro gleamed. Then Sam went in with the buckets and cleaning stuff, returning with a can of beeswax and a soft cloth. Bumblebee purred even more, as Sam climbed in and began applying the wax to his dash. He loved it when Sam polished him inside his alt, some parts of his dash were very sensitive, and Sam had discovered them all.

Sam polished Bumblebee's insides, concentrating on the sensitive spots, knowing when he was doing things right by the feel of the seat tightening and rubbing against him. At one point, Sam heard the horn blare and the engine rev up to max, and knew he had brought his Cybertronian lover to a climax. He patted the dash softly and climbed out, running his fingers down the hood affectionately. He knew Bumblebee was more sensitive in robot form, and vowed to arrange another trip in Bumblebee to an isolated spot where he could caress Bumblebee in his bipedal form. Not tonight unfortunately: tonight, Mikaela and he had something organised for themselves, although Bumblebee would be there. Perhaps he could arrange it for the next day.

"Hey, Bee, Mikaela and I are going to go up to the Lookout tonight to watch the stars, drink some beers, and cook some sausages over an open fire. That okay with you, pal?"

Bumblebee responded with another long purr of assent, still recovering from his overload.

As Sam went in, neither of them realised that they had been being observed from far above, and that Sam's question had been overheard, and plans were being made.

oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo oOo

Sam sighed as he and Mikaela carefully stamped out the small fire they had lit and ground any embers into the dirt. The food had gone down well, the beers he had purloined from his Dad's crate would wash them down nicely, and then he hoped for a snuggle with Mikaela in Bumblebee.

"I managed to sneak some beers from the garage. They're in Bee's trunk. You want one?" he asked.

"Sure, Sam." said Mikaela. As Sam started towards Bumblebee, the latter spoke, his voice was tense.

"Sam! I just detected a Decepticon signal. Be careful!"

"Hey, Bumblebee, you've detected signals belonging to Barricade and Starscream before, they're just lying low at the moment, they won't act till they've got reinforcements, at least that's what Optimus thinks, and so far he's been right. Apart from the odd raid on fuel storages, they've pretty much kept quiet." Sam said.

"He's coming down, headed this way." Warned Bumblebee. "I'm going to transform, get back!"

Mikaela and Sam backed off, knowing that Bumblebee needed room to convert from car to robot. It was just as Bumblebee's own transformation was almost complete when a dark silhouette blotted out the stars as it dived towards them, than itself unfolded with a similar sequence of sounds to Bumblebee.

As Bumblebee brought his cannon online, the dark shape flew at them, about to skim over their heads, or so they thought, ducking instinctively. Then Sam felt himself suddenly pulled off the ground as a metal hand whipped out and scooped him up. He yelled, in shock and fear, and then felt himself jerked suddenly upwards as Starscream flew almost straight up, in robot form. Sam heard Mikaela's scream join his own, heard Bumblebee squeal, heard him say to Mikaela "I can't fire, I might hit Sam!" and then the sounds receded as Starscream carried him up, levelling out after a while.

Sam didn't know what Starscream wanted of him, but was sure that it was not likely to be anything good. The new Decepticon leader had no reason to be kindly disposed to Sam, and Sam had every reason to believe that his life expectancy had just been severely curtailed.

He had no reason to believe that Starscream would understand the concept of mercy.