The Cycle

Okay, I had no clue what the title of what this story was going to be, and so I had to use the cycle and you're all gonna find out soon. This is the sequel to Tired, so don't read this if you haven't read the prequel. This sequel was requested by Chocolatexpudding so this story is for you.


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Summary: Mikan and Natsume, now dead, are banned from the Heavens, and are happily watching over Hotaru and Ruka raise baby Mikan. Mikan and Natsume weren't accepted by the Heavens, reasons will be revealed, and are now accepted by the Underworld, but they MUST have new names. Their new names are Miki Sakura and Daisuke Hyuuga. 5 years had past and Alice Academy had changed. They allowed students home during breaks, and were able to contact their parents. Mikan had met a boy of the name Natsume Takahashi when they were both 5 years of age. They became best friends, sure they argued a lot like Miki and Daisuke, but when Natsume turned 10, he was transferred to the academy leaving Mikan. Mikan had found what her alice ten days after Natsume had left her. Hotaru and Ruka wouldn't let Mikan transfer to Alice Academy until 2 years had went by. Mikan and Natsume met again at the academy, but it seems they both have forgotten each other, but reasons will be revealed soon. Will Mikan and Natsume go through the same adventures Miki and Daisuke did? Or will they go on more slightly different adventures? Read and find out.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Hotaru and Ruka are married and they have a 2 month old daughter. "What should we name her?" asked Ruka. "We should name her Mikan." said Hotaru and smiled because her daughter, Mikan, smiled at the name. "And maybe one day she can find her Natsume." said Ruka. Mikan and Natsume were glad for Hotaru and Ruka. They both smiled at each other and flew away. They were both fallen angels because they had broken the laws of Heaven. Natsume's wings were tainted black with a couple red feathers. Mikan's wings were black on the tip and most of her feather's were white, along with a couple of red ones.

After, Mikan and Natsume came down to earth from the Heavens, they were banned from the Heavens for several reasons.


"Mikan Sakura! Natsume Hyuuga! You are not to leave the Heavens, or you will be banned!!" yelled God. At this time Mikan's wings were pure white and Natsume's wings were also pure white. Hey how else am I supposed to explain it "Who cares about being banned?! We still have to watch over Hotaru and Ruka!!" yelled Mikan. "And don't forget about baby Mikan." said Natsume being calm. "How can you be so calm in a situation like this?!" yelled Mikan. Natsume shrugged his shoulders. "We have to watch Hotaru, Ruka, and baby Mikan whether you like it or not!! and who cares about getting banned from the Heavens!!" yelled Mikan. "I'm still going to go to Hotaru, Ruka, and baby Mikan!!" added Mikan dragging Natsume to the door that leads to the human world. "AS OF NOW, MIKAN SAKURA AND NATSUME HYUUGA ARE BANNED FROM THE HEAVENS!!" yelled God. At that moment Mikan and Natsume wings became what they are now.

End of Flashbacks

This is the reason why Natsume and Mikan were banned.

1) because they wanted to see Hotaru, Ruka, and baby Mikan

2) because Mikan and Natsume made miracles in the past 5 years to keep baby Mikan healthy

3) because they weren't allowed to visit anyone they knew of before they died and

4) because Mikan yelled at God.

When baby Mi, I mean, little Mikan had reached the age of 5, Mikan and Natsume were accepted by the Underworlds, but they names had to be changed from Mikan Sakura/Natsume Hyuuga to Miki Sakura/Daisuke Hyuuga. They were the first fallen angels to be in the Underworlds so they were both famous. 10 days after Mikan had turned 5 she went to the park and sat underneath a Sakura tree for a reason that she hadn't known yet, but she had a feeling that something good was about to happen. Hotaru and Ruka were always spying on her ever since she went to the park. One day, Mikan met a boy playing by himself at the sand box while the other kids were playing hide-and-seek. Mikan walked up to the boy and smiled brightly causing the boy to blush. "I'm Mikan Nogi. And you are?" asked Mikan. "N-Natsume Takahashi." said Natsume still blushing. Mikan noticed that his face was red. "Your face is red. Are you sick?" asked Mikan putting her forehead on Natsume's forehead to check his temperature. "You don't seem sick." said Mikan withdrawing her forehead.

"Daisuke, why does that seem familiar?" asked Miki. "Because you used to do that to me." said Daisuke. "You were actually blushing, weren't you?" asked Miki slyly. "..." was Daisuke's reaction.

Another 5 years had past by and Mikan and Natsume became best friends, although they were arguing like how Miki and Daisuke did, but when Natsume had turned 10 he was transferred to Alice Academy. Mikan became sad that Natsume had left her. At first she thought that it was only sisterly/brotherly love, but when she asked Hotaru why she felt this way. She learned that she was in love with Natsume and was happy to hear that she was able to go to Alice Academy in a year.

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