This is the start of my 300 word Quote of the day oneshot series. Enjoy!

Alice pov

Hmm. I wonder if Bella would like to go shopping today. Rosalie, too. That would be so much fun!! It might be hard to convince Bella. Nah not too hard. Edward on the other hand…

"Alice, Bella isn't going shopping today!" Edward's voice yelled from upstairs. Oh yes she is. We need a good girl's day out. Anyway, why do you care? You're going hunting.

"Bella won't want to go!" Oh of course. He thinks he knows what Bella wants. It'll be good for her. She'll thank me one day!

"Oh she will?" Fine Edward. Be that way. Come down here so I can talk to you. I know how we can settle this. He was down in an instant. "What?" I smiled.

"I'll play you for it. Rock, paper, scissors" He groaned. HA!

"Why don't you just tell me who wins?" I smiled." I do. Excellent." He frowned at me. "Why can't you leave Bella alone for one day? She hates shopping." It was so funny to watch him whine. So much fun.

He glared at me. "I can hear you! Remember?" I smiled. "Oh right. I forgot you can hear my every thought. I can't believe I forgot. I am so stupid!" I rambled on sarcastically.

Ohh. Now I was getting the evil eye. If looks could kill… I decided now would be a great time to show him my vision.

"Bella, would you please come shopping with me and Rosalie? Please Please Please?" Bella frowned at me. "Alice… Why can't you just go with Rosalie?" I smiled at her. "Rosalie spends too much time lingerie shopping. I need someone to look at shoes with me. Please?" She sighed. "Ok fine. Three hours tops"

I smiled at Edward. "See?"

Someone knocked on the door. "Hey Bella,"

Contest!! If you can tell me what the quote is and where it is used in Breaking Dawn, I will tell everyone you are the winner. Hopefully I can come up with a better prize. Hard to do on fan fiction sites…