Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye was a morning person. Well maybe not really a morning person but a strict person and as they had to be at the office in time she had to be up on time.

Black Hayate had as usually had woke her up by sneaking into the bed and licking her face. That pup was a darn good alarm clock.

To Riza's huge relieve her cloths had dried and she was now in her military suit in the kitchen taking the liberty of making some breakfast for all the others and some tea against the colds.

When she had passed by the hall she had taken a quick peek into the living room finding the colonel still in a deep sleep on the couch. He actually looked pretty cute like that.

Riza shook her head to get rid of the thoughts. That was not a way to think of a superior.


Ed was struggling in his sleep. He had been haunted by nightmares the entire night again.

His mother, the human alchemy, Al, his arm, little Nina, Winry,...

Ed was still fighting his blankets, patenting while the sweat ran down his face.

Winry...Winry's parents...they're dead...they were killed...Ishbald war...the colonel...executed two doctors...they had a kid of Elycia's age...the Rockbells... Ed shot up gasping his eyes wide as he was breathing heavily.

"Winry... the colonel..." Then realisation hit him.

"That bastard!!" Ed hissed as he threw the blankets away and stormed down.


Riza didn't knew if it had been her imagination or not when suddenly she saw something flash by the door. Curiosity took the better part of her and she went to the hall where she just saw a blur run into the living room.


"MURDERER!!" Ed yelled as he had jumped the sleeping colonel and hit him in the face.


Al woke up, hearing a yell from downstairs. MURDERER!
''Oh Ed, what have you done this time..'' He sighed, seeing his brothers' empty bed and getting up from where he sat and making his way downstairs as quickly as possible. 

''What's going on??''


The Colonel, sound asleep felt something move towards him and blearily opened his eyes just as a fist drove itself into his face, smashing his head back against the seat.

He thought he felt his own nose break as stars burst giddily before his eyes.

In an instant he was up, snatching the gun from under the cushion and trailing in on Ed.

''I'm not sure I deserved that.'' He wiped the blood from his nose.

The room was spinning before his eyes. Blearily he made out Edward standing in front of him, looking furious with blood on his automail arm.

His eyes narrowed as he slowly placed his other hand into a pocket of his pyjamas, slipping on one of his gloves.
''Explain yourself! You have thirty seconds.''

Ed was blinded by anger and couldn't care less about the gun as he shot the colonel another furious glare.

"YOU KILLED THEM!" Ed yelled furiously as he trembled with hate and anger and had some dried tears on his face from the nightmares.

"YOU KILLED WINRY'S PARENTS. THEY WEREN'T KILLED ON ACCIDENT DURING THE WAR. YOU KILLED THEM!!" Ed yelled as he launched himself at the colonel again, knocking them both on the ground as he started hitting him wherever he could reach.


Riza had followed right behind Al in complete confusion of what was going on.

When she entered the living room she froze in shock. As Ed attacked the colonel again Riza shot in action and quickly grabbed her gun. "Get of him now! Major Elric step back!" She warned while aiming her gun but not shooting in hope Ed would stop but he couldn't care less as he kept hitting Mustang.


Mustang's gun fell to the floor as he dropped in and took the beating, every hit was a inch closer to messing up his face, which usually would have irked him a little but he didn't care.

He stumbled, letting Elric take out his anger of his face and body as the punches kept coming.
''They disobeyed orders. I was commanded to execute them.'' He said calmly, eventually catching Ed's hands.

As Mustang caught his hand Ed actually stopped hitting. Not because he really wanted to but because he was too horrified.

''I didn't want to." Mustang continued.

''I'm not saying that makes it right but don't you think I've suffered enough without your childish vendetta tearing me a new one!?''
His voice grew sterner as he stared at Ed's angry face.

''Do you feel better now, Major? Now that you've beat my face in? Does it bring them back, or make anyone feel better?? I have never forgiven myself for their deaths and I don't need you telling me I was wrong, understood?!'' His eyes turned into a hard stare as he finally let go of Ed's wrist, his voice cold.

He heard last night.. obviously, how stupid was I?

Al ran forward, catching Edward and pulling him back. ''Ed!! Stop it!! Don't do this to him or yourself!! It's not worth it!!''

"Never forgiven yourself? Bring them back?" Ed said his voice sounding unnaturally high pitched. "You should have thought about that before just carrying out orders like a brainless idiot." Ed snapped trembling.

"You weren't the one who caught her crying. Who saw your best friend yell at you." Ed continued not even trying to get out of Al's grip.

Meanwhile Riza had rushed over and helped the colonel up.

"You know what was the first time when I thought about human transmutation?" Ed said his voice still shaking.

"It was when Winry's parents died."

"But worse of all. You know Winry, you saw her when we met you for the first time, her and auntie Pinako, you saw Winry each time she came to central to help us. All these years she thought her parents got killed in the war by the Ishbaldish. But all this time in reality they got killed for doing what all soldiers were too much of cowards to do. They were hero's and she has been lied to for ages." Ed said still trembling.

''No, I wasn't. But unfortunately that's what war is about.'' Mustang replied in a voice that suggested he was trying to suppress emotion.

''Believe me, I wasn't something I ever wanted to do..''

His hands were shaking by his sides, and even Alphonse who was also angry at the Colonel, could see how sorry Roy was.

The colonel looked at Edward through dead eyes, his head bowed. ''I don't care if you hate me, but don't blame everyone in the military for what happened. What I did was unavoidable. If I didn't then I would have been shot and they would have died by someone else's hand.''

Now was the time he'd usually reprimand Ed, but he really couldn't be bothered.
He actually deserved this.

Ed was quite as he had an expression mixed with hate, anger, guilty and fear.

Ed looked down to the ground his fist shaking. "Why…why didn't you told the truth?" He asked again.

Riza stood at the colonel's side biting her lip. This had gotten him straight back where it had started yesterday.

''I was ordered not to.'' Roy look at the ground, his fists clenched to stop their shaking.

Ed didn't replied anymore.

He stood frozen for a few moments before eventually pulling himself free from Al's grip and walking out of the house.

Roy sighed, his shoulders sagging as Ed left.

''Uhm..'' Al left too- though he knew it had been wrong and it had hurt Winry, he knew that Mustang was right. They were doomed anyway, and he knew it haunted Roy even still, so there was no point adding to that, even though he might deserve it.

''Big brother, wait for me.'' He caught up with Ed, saying nothing.

Once both Elric's had stormed out Riza looked at the colonel. He hadn't needed this. He felt guilty enough anyway.

She went to the bathroom before coming back with a first aid kit.

"Don't move." She said as she gently disinfected the wounds Ed had left on the colonel's face because of his automail arm.

Riza carefully attended to his wounds. She wanted to say something, anything that might make him feel better. But she didn't knew what. So instead she concentrated to take care of the wounds and cleaning his face.

Roy for once stood still and let Riza disinfect the wounds on his face.
They weren't too bad, just a few cuts and a bruised nose but it still hurt like heck.

''You know, I don't know why I'm worrying.'' He said suddenly. ''This may sound callous, but its buried in the past, and this is Fullmetal's problem to deal with if he hates me.''

He didn't mean to sound so harsh. But in a way it was true.
''Nothing has changed, apart from the fact a state Alchemist now hates me and as Colonel I'm already used to that.'' He realised, shrugging.

''It doesn't change what happened but we're late the Fuhrer will have our badges.'' He gingerly felt his face and frowned.
''I've a date tomorrow, this had BETTER be cleared up by then.''

Riza was quite while finishing to disinfect the colonel's face. (Though at the date comment she seemed to be a bit rougher.)

"Then I hope your date will understand because I doubt it will be gone completely by tomorrow." She said rather coldly while disappearing to the bathroom to put back the first aid kid and coming back next.

''Agh..'' Roy could help but wince at Riza suddenly finishing cleaning his face a lot more rougher that when she started. And also her voice got a little colder after the mention of a date.
He couldn't help but smile a little.

"Colonel, we can't let them run around in central alone. Fullmetal is upset and we all know how impulsive he can be, and with Scar on the lose again." The lieutenant said.

"I took the liberty of calling second lieutenant Ross and sergeant Brosh this morning. But unfortunately they are with major Armstrong on mission for the moment. I also called to see if there was anyone else for the job but with Scar and the troubles in the desert everybody is busy." Hawkeye reported.

"The only possibility I see left sir is to take them along to the office. It's in the heart of the HQ and Scar would be very stupid if he risk himself there. Beside we can keep a close eye on them then." Riza added. "Though I think we could better not tell him that Scar is back or that it is out of their protection. Elric is way too stubborn to stay then but he can't ignore a straight order." Hawkeye finished.

''Good idea, however I doubt Fullmetal will want to listen to me at this time. Come on, I'll drive.'' Dumping some food in a dish for Black Hayate, turning of the cooking fires, he dressed and washed quickly, pulling on the military uniform.
On his way out, Roy ran down the stairs to a military car parked out front.
''Come on.'' He repeated, holding open the door for Riza.

Riza ignored the smiling and followed when the colonel suddenly rushed out.

Riza looked a bit surprised that the colonel held open the door for her and decided to drive himself this time, usually she was the one at the wheel.

But they were in a hurry so there was no time to argue.


Ed hadn't react on his brothers calls as he walked on in silence.

He was deep in thoughts. He still couldn't believe it. How to tell Winry? Should he tell her? How could that jerk have done such a thing? He might have sounded regretful but it didn't change a thing.

''Big brother...'' Al walked alongside Ed quietly. ''Telling Winry will only dig up painful memories.'' He said, as though reading his brother's mind.

''It may not be right to keep quiet ... she has the right to know her parents were heroes, but I don't think telling her the full story would help anyone.''

He lapsed into silence, not wanting Ed to yell at him too.

"Don't worry." Ed said as he walked on for a little longer before standing still but not looking at Al.

"Winry has the right to know. And I disagree with the part of digging up painful memories. Those memories are there all the time anyway." Ed said bitterly.

"But I won't tell her. That is not up to me. If someone should tell her then it's that colonel bastard." Ed said while kicking a pebble.

Al nodded. That was true, the last bit anyways.

''Well we're going to have to report to Headquarters sooner or later, so maybe we could do it before Colonel Mustang gets to wor-''

As much as he hated Mustang for hurting Winry and Pinako. he saw the colonels side too.

But Al was interrupted by a black military car pulling up beside them with Mustang at the wheel.
''Fullmetal, Alphonse. Get in the care and that is an order.'' He said shortly, mentioning nothing of the scene earlier.
''You're coming the offices.''

Ed was about to answer to Al's suggestion when a black military car stopped beside them.

Ed looked a bit sourly at the colonel. "Why colonel? We were about to go to the national library." He said coolly. Like hell he wanted to pass a day in the same space as that man.

Roy's first reaction was to tell the Fullmetal idiot what was going on and that he was saving his ass on no account but his own, but decided against it.

''It's an order, Fullmetal.'' Roy gestured towards the backseat.
''There's a library at headquarters, you'll have to study there.''

Ed looked very, very pissed but didn't protest this time. It was an order, and as he was still the dog of the military he couldn't ignore such a straight order of a superior twice on a row. Not to mention the consequences that would still follow for beating up that same superior.

Ed held the car door open for Al. Once his brother had entered he followed and slammed the door violently as he sat behind Mustang and was looking out of the window in silence.

The lieutenant looked at the colonel for a moment. This was going to be an interesting day at the office.




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