The Renesmee Diaries

The Renesmee Diaries

Chapter One

Dear Diary,

Hi. My name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen and I am six months old. The whole reason I'm starting this diary is pretty stupid. I know that I'm probably good at writing (not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty much good at most things, except for being normal, but in my family, who is?), but I really don't have much enthusiasm for words when I can simply put ideas or images in people's heads. It all started this morning:

We were sitting in the living room, Mommy, Daddy, Jakey, and Me.

"What should we do today, Renesmee?" Mommy asked, as she peaked over a book she was reading. It was a Shakespeare.

"Hmmm," I thought.

I considered going to see Grandpa. He was always fun. Then again, he would probably say something like "Gosh, you are getting so big!" I was pretty sick of people pointing out the fact that I looked more like a six year old than a six month old.

I thought of going hiking, Jakey would like that, but we had already been hiking twice this week. I figured that Mom and Dad needed a break.

Finally I came on a good idea. The park! There was a good park a little way out of town. It had a really nice play ground, a duck pond, and there were a couple cute shops near by. True, I was pretty grown up, but I did kind of like doing kiddy things. Going to the park was something I got to do rarely, but I really liked it.

I looked up at my family. Daddy was grinning at me. He must have been reading my thoughts again. I knew he liked to do that. It didn't really bother me yet, though I was sure once I hit my teenage years it would drive me insane.

I stood up and walked over to my mom, climbed on to her lap, and touched my hand to her face. My vision of me at the park with her, Jakey, and Dad flashed through her head. She smiled at me and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear.

Mommy turned to Jake, "Looks like Renesmee wants to go the park today."

Jake nodded, "Sounds good."

I glanced at Daddy, who I knew already had heard my plans for the day. His face looked a little concerned, when he saw me noticing, he changed quickly to a smile.

"Okay, honey," Mommy said, "If you want to go to the park. Why don't you go get dressed?" I had forgotten I was still in my pajamas.

I touched my hand to her face again, showing her the outfit I had picked out for today. Mommy nodded and I scurried into my room to change. On the way to my room, I caught another glimpse of my father's face. It had the same look of distress I noticed moments earlier.

I came back out to the living room moments later, dressed in the Ralph Lauren Polo dress that Auntie Alice had brought me last week on one of our shopping sprees. Jake gave me a disapproving look. He didn't like that I wore expensive clothing, but I really didn't have much of a choice. All the clothing in my closet was designer labeled.

We walked to the garage and got in the car. We could have just ran to the park, it would have been quicker, but when family takes me out places they put on the human charade. I jumped in the back seat with Jakey, while mom took shotgun next to dad. We drove to the park. We got there in a couple minutes.

I reached forward to touch my mom's face, showing her that I wanted to go to playground first. She smiled, taking my hand as I got out of the car. I jogged a bit, not too fast, dragging my mom along. She smiled warily at me as I steered her down the path towards the brightly colored jumble of metal and plastic.

"Remember dear," Dad said to me, his face now pulled into a grin, "don't break anything."

I gave my eyes a comical roll and let go of my mom's hand and ran (still in human speed) to the slide. I climbed up the ladder and slid down, bursting into happy giggles as I hit the ground. My family smiled at my as I ran quickly up the ladder and flew down the slide again.

I was on my way up a third time when I girl tapped me on my shoulder.

"Hi," she said. I was puzzled at first. Why was this girl talking to me?

"Hi," I said, confused.

"My name is Lydia," the girl said and then asked, "Who are you?"

"I'm Renesmee, but everyone calls me Nessie," I told her, still confused. I had never really talked to anyone "my age" before.

"That's a weird name," Lydia pointed out, "I'm five. How old are you?"

I obviously couldn't tell her my real age. I decided that I could pull off five. "I'm five year old too."

"Really?" Lydia said, "Do you want to play with me, Nessie?"

"Sure," I agreed. I wondered what six year olds actually played. I glanced back at my family. Mommy was staring at me curiously, while Jakey looked a little protective. I looked for Daddy, but he wasn't there. I turned back to Lydia, "What are we going to play?"

"Princesses," Lydia exclaimed. I played with Lydia for a while, but her game of princess was pretty silly. I knew what real Princesses were like, Carlisle had told me about them, because he lived when there were real princes and princesses, and Lydia's made up world of unicorns, castles, and fairies was nothing like reality. I still had fun but I got bored quickly. We decided to go over to the swings. Jake pushed me. I noticed that Daddy had returned, holding a bag from a store. I could see their mouths moving slightly, but I couldn't here, which meant Daddy was speaking too low for me to hear and Mommy was speaking too high for me to hear. I didn't think it was fair that they could ease drop on me, while I couldn't ease drop on them.

"Who is he?" Lydia asked, interrupting my interior rant.

"Huh?" I asked.

"Him," She pointed to Jake, "Who is he?"

"Oh," I said, understanding, "that's Jakey. He's my best friend. He's kind of like a big brother." Or a pet dog, I thought.

"Okay," Lydia said and then turned to Jacob. "Will you push me too?"

Jacob rolled his eyes, chuckled, and agreed to Lydia's idea, giving her a big push as he continued to push me at the same time.

Lydia gave a giggle as swung through the air. "You're a good pusher, Jake!"

Jake took a quick bow and I smiled.

Mommy and Daddy walked over.

"So, Renesmee," Mommy said, "who is your new friend?"

"Here name is Lydia," I told my family proudly.

"Hello Lydia," My mother said sweetly to the girl.

"Hi," the feisty five year old said, "You're pretty!"

My mom smiled, "Thank you."

"Okay Nessie," Daddy said, "I think we should go get you some lunch."

"'Kay," I said, as I jumped off the swing, landing easily, "talk to you later, Lydia."

"Bye," Lydia said, disappointed that Jake was leaving her to push for herself.

We sauntered out of the park slowly and happily. We were nearly out of the playground area and on our way to the duck pond when a voice interrupted us.

"You must Renesmee's family," the loud voice said.

I turned around to be face to face with Lydia's mom. She was tall, lean lady who was wearing orange tank top with denim short and matching denim visor. She appraised my parents, obviously noticing how gorgeous they both looked. Her eyes lingered on Daddy, I'm sure she thought a few jealous thoughts.

"Yes," Daddy said, "We are."

"Well," Lydia's mom went on, "I just couldn't help but notice how well our girls got together. I was just thinking they should have a play date sometime."

"Sure," Mommy said smoothly, she reached her purse and drew out a notepad and pen. She scribbled down a phone number and gave it to the lady. "I'm sure Renesmee would love to have a friend to hang out with. Here's our number."

"Oh," Lydia's mom was delighted, "That's great! Talk to you soon."

My family smiled as the lady walked away. Once she was out of earshot, we burst into laughter.

It was nearly two o'clock when we left the park and made our way to the little strip of stores. We passed an ice cream parlor and I smiled. Reading my thoughts, Daddy opened the door and we went inside. Ice cream was one of the only few human foods I liked (along with chocolate, cake, cookies, and mangos).

We sat down at a table in the far back, where we could deflect stares and Jakey went and ordered me a vanilla ice cream on a cone with sprinkles. I licked happily away at my cone. Daddy turned to Mommy and she nodded. I realized I was about to find out why Dad looked worried this morning.

"Renesmee, dear," He said, "I got you a gift this morning."

I smiled and thought, Thank you, knowing he would hear it. He put the shopping bag on the table pushed it over to me. Inside was this pink leather bound diary. I gave him a confused look.

"Look honey," Daddy said, "I know you are talented. You really are. But, you also need to start putting your vocabulary to use. I know you don't often talk to us, because you use your other… method, but I would still like you to be practicing with words. So, I got you this diary. I want you write in three times a week and on Fridays, I'll read it and if you did your assignment well, I'll get you a treat."

I flat out frowned, but I agreed.

So that is why I am writing in this diary. Darn! I said that I didn't want to write and I've already written three whole page. I guess I'll have to get some more practice at this!

For now,

Renesmee Carlie Cullen