A/N: Since DarkwolfKnight and I received so many requests for the doctor's visit we decided to give our readers and reviewers a special treat…so here it is…the infamous doctor's visit.

The Doctor's Visit

Elphaba and Glinda managed to wobble their way towards the infirmary. By the time they got there they still didn't exactly know how to describe their injuries. It wasn't as if they had the same injury so they could say they hurt it the same way. No. They had to have totally separate injuries that were difficult to explain. How else could two roommates both end up injured, only one on their back and one on their front?

"Come on Elphie." Glinda tugged the uninjured wrist of her love into the infirmary. She motioned for the green woman to take a seat and that she would get everything settled.

"Sign in please." The nurse at the counter didn't even look up to meet Glinda's gaze. She just handed a clipboard of papers over to the woman before continuing on in her reading.

Glinda huffed at the rude introduction but did as she was told. Soon Elphaba and Glinda were all checked in and just had to wait for the doctor to call them back.

"Don't worry my love. It'll be okay." Glinda tried to reassure the nervous girl that everything was going to be fine. "This wasn't your fault and I don't blame you." She added, because she knew that Elphaba was probably feeling guilty over this in the first place.

Elphaba sighed and turned her attention towards the girl she had just injured while making love to her. "I can't help thinking that it is. I should have listened to you Glinda. I shouldn't have thought that we could do that on a balance beam. I'm so stupid." The green woman brought her uninjured arm up and hit herself in the head.

"You're not stupid." Glinda pulled the arm away before it could do any more damage to the green woman's flawless skin. "And I wanted it just as much as you did so you can't blame yourself. It wasn't your fault we toppled over. I was the one who leaned back a little too far."

"But you wouldn't have leaned back that far if I hadn't of made you have such a happy ending." Elphaba still wouldn't let Glinda take the blame for what happened.

"Are you saying that you would rather me have had a horrible ending rather than a happy one?" The blonde teased the distraught green girl.

"That's not what I meant." Elphaba sighed. She still wasn't accepting the fact that what they did wasn't entirely her fault. She chastised herself for not listening to the blonde. She was always doing stupid things like this. She was lucky this time that they didn't get hurt more seriously. Next time they might not be as lucky.

Glinda could tell that Elphaba was in no mood for simple teasing and so she let up in her attempt. Elphaba needed time to herself to process what had just happened between the two.

Before ten minutes had passed, the doctor came out and greeted the two women individually.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Carlos and I'll be taking care of you two today. Who wants to go first?" The doctor in the white jacket looked between the two women to see who wanted to be checked out first.

"Can we go in together?" Glinda asked as she tightened her grip on Elphaba waist. She was using the green woman's body to help steady her on her feet. Her back was still hurting her an awful lot.

"I don't see why not." The doctor smiled. "Follow me." He spoke as he led them back into the actual doctor office.

The two women settled in one of the rooms together. Elphaba was on the examination table and Glinda was smiling lovingly at her from a chair next to her. They had decided Elphaba's injury should be the first one to be looked at because she might have a broken bone. All Glinda's would probably be was a pulled muscle or something just as small.

"So how did you girls acquire these injuries?" The doctor asked casually as he jotted down a couple of notes on his pad of paper.

Elphaba and Glinda both froze at the question and remembered that they hadn't come up with a lie yet.

"We tripped down the stairs."

"We fell in gym class."

They spoke simultaneously, each one canceling the other's reason out.

"Uh…I mean we fell in gym class and then on our way here we tripped as well." Glinda tried to salvage the situation since Elphaba was too flustered to do so.

The doctor eyed them both carefully before shaking his head. He knew that that was not the reason they were here, but frankly he didn't care. At least they had come in, which was more than he could say about a lot of students who hurt themselves.

"So what appears to be hurting you?" He asked Elphaba as he placed his clipboard down on the counter.

"My wrist. It hurts to bend it and it's really sore." Elphaba managed to find her voice once she was asked questions that she knew the answers to.

"Ah, I see. Well let me have a look then." The doctor placed his spectacles on his eyes as he picked up the swollen wrist of the green woman. "Your wrist appears sprained but we won't know more until we take an x-ray."

"That sounds bad. Is that bad?" Glinda became concerned for her love as the doctors talked about x-rays.

"It's only bad if the x-ray says you broke a bone." The doctor had a whimsical sense about him as he walked over to retrieve the cover for Elphaba's body. He then proceeded to place the heavy apron type thing over the green body.

"What's that? Is she going to be okay?" Glinda continued to ask a million questions about Elphaba's health. She was concerned for her love and didn't know what exactly was going on.

"It's so that we only get a good view of her wrist. We can't have other bones getting in the way, now can we?" The doctor assured Glinda that everything was going to be okay.

"All right." Glinda calmed down but placed one of her hands in the free hand of Elphaba's. Screw the rules. She needed to hold onto Elphaba to make sure that she was okay and was not going to go anywhere.

Elphaba felt the blonde's hand slip in her own and gave it a soft squeeze. She knew that they were breaking some major rules by doing this, but she also knew Glinda. Glinda would not be doing this unless she really needed to feel comforted. Elphaba could at least allow her this one small thing. It might help her own guilt in the process.

"Now hold still." The doctor informed as he moved an instrument over Elphaba's wrist. "This won't hurt at all." He smiled as he went over to press a button.

Glinda listened as the machine made some sort of odd noise. She kept a tight hold onto the green woman's hand. Elphaba gave her a reassuring smile to show that it wasn't hurting her at all.

"Okay, all done." Doctor Carlos made his way back over to Elphaba before removing the heavy apron.

"It's done?" Glinda's eyes widened as the doctor said the x-ray was over with. She had expected it to be some long drawn out process.

"It's done." The doctor assured her. "Now all we have to do is wait for the results. In the meantime I'm going to go deal with other patients. Can you two keep yourselves entertained for about twenty minutes or so while we wait for the results?"

Elphaba and Glinda both tried to resist snickering at the question the doctor asked. Could they keep themselves entertained? Ha! They both knew for a fact that twenty minutes was enough time for a lot of entertainment.

"I'm sure we can manage." Glinda smiled as she poked Elphaba in the ribs for letting out a small chuckle.

The doctor eyed the pair carefully before walking over to the door. "All right well if you need anything then let me know." He smiled as he closed the door behind him. Now it was just Elphaba and Glinda left alone in the doctor's office.

"I'm sure we can manage?" Elphaba mocked Glinda. "Hell yes we can manage!" She grinned as she helped Glinda climb onto the examination table.

Glinda giggled at her love's silliness. She only winced slightly when she tried to lift her back some to stretch it out. Elphaba noticed this and frowned.

"Please tell me you're going to be okay my sweet." Elphaba brought her good hand up to stroke Glinda's cheek. "I don't know what I'd do with myself if I knew I caused you so much pain."

"It was worth it." Glinda smiled as she leaned her face into the caress. "Never in a million years would I have thought of sex on a balance beam. You're so creative." The blonde chucked as she used one of her hands to trace squiggly lines up and down the green woman's arm.

Elphaba smiled at the compliment. "You're pretty creative yourself. I mean seriously, who else would think of sex in a freezer or a janitor's closet?" She closed her eyes at the feel of Glinda rubbing up and down her arm. She had to admit that it felt nice.

"I'm sure we aren't the first to use the janitor's closet." Glinda giggled.

"Glinda! The things you say." Elphaba shook her head in surprise at the blonde's statement. "But you're probably right." The green woman sighed.

"Yeah." Glinda agreed. "There aren't many places that we have tried that haven't probably been done before."

"Oh really?" Elphaba quirked an eyebrow at the statement. "Are you saying that we aren't as original as we initially thought?" She teased.

Glinda caught on to the playful manner and decided to play along. "That's exactly what I'm saying. I mean anyone could have sex in a closet. But how many people would risk having sex in a doctor's office?" She challenged with a smirk.

"Are you suggesting that we make love in a doctor's office just because it's never been done before?" Elphaba smiled in return. She liked where this was heading.

"That's exactly what I'm saying." Glinda smiled as she scrunched her nose up in thought. "But I mean if you want to be unoriginal then we don't have to." She shrugged, knowing that Elphaba wasn't going to back down from the challenge.

"Us be unoriginal? I wouldn't dream of ruining your reputation." Elphaba licked her lips once before pulling Glinda in for a kiss. She was careful to avoid touching the blonde's lower back.

Glinda beamed as she pulled back from the kiss. "You know what I just realized Elphie?" She asked.

"What's that?" Elphaba watched Glinda's luscious lips utter the question that had caused an interruption in their activities. She wanted nothing more than to be kissing those lips once again. Once she did that then she wouldn't feel as guilty for hurting her earlier.

"You made love to me but I never made love to you. That hardly seems fair." Glinda whispered as she inched her face closer and closer to Elphaba's until they were a hair apart. "Can I fix that for you?" The blonde's voice dropped an octave as she playfully tugged on Elphaba's bottom lip with her teeth.

The green woman shuttered as Glinda teased her bottom lip. She wanted nothing more than to be taken right now on that examination table. She was still worked up from before and hadn't been able to receive a proper release like Glinda had.

"Yes." Elphaba squeaked out as she lustfully pulled Glinda's lips upon her own. She knew they only had about ten minutes left, so she needed to get this done as quickly as possible.

Glinda smiled into the passionate kiss she shared with Elphaba. She was a little surprised at how forceful the green woman was. It was as if she was already prepped and ready to go. That's when she remembered that she was. They had been doing so many sexual things before that there would be no way Elphaba couldn't have been turned on. Maybe that was the cause of her moodiness in the waiting room earlier. Instead of guilt, maybe she was just sexually frustrated. Glinda knew just what to do to take care of that problem.

"Lean back." Glinda whispered lustfully as she broke the kiss from Elphaba's lips. She began to lightly suck on the green woman's pressure point on her neck. She understood that they didn't have too much time and that Elphaba was already waiting for her.

Elphaba wasted no time in fulfilling Glinda's demand. She carefully leaned back on the table while Glinda shifted her position so she was in between Elphaba's legs. The green woman wrapped her legs around the blonde as she pulled her closer to her.

"I've got you this time." Elphaba chuckled slightly. Her chuckle was interrupted when a certain blonde gave her a pout. Glinda didn't seem to think that was funny at all. "I'm sorry." The green woman suddenly apologized, her eyes asking for forgiveness.

A small smile began to worm its way onto Glinda's face. "Ha ha! Gotcha!" The blonde giggled.

Elphaba responded by sticking out her tongue, which Glinda immediately sought to capture between her lips. She knew the clock was ticking and the longer they teased each other; the higher their chances were of being caught.

Elphaba moaned into the kiss, as she made sure to place her faulty hand to the side. She didn't want it getting in the way with what she was about to do.

The green woman continued to deepen the kiss with each second that passed. After a good minute long kiss, the green woman reached up with her good hand and began to rub over her clothed breasts. She needed to be more stimulated in order for them to be finished by the time the doctor came back.

Glinda felt the green woman shift beneath her and broke the kiss to see what all the movement was about. Her voice caught in her throat as she witnessed Elphaba caressing her own body. Elphaba never did that and hated it when Glinda would.

The green woman's eyes were closed so she didn't know that she had an audience. She just figured that Glinda was getting ready to move on to something else.

"Allow me." Glinda's blue eyes darkened as she moved Elphaba's hand to the side and began to rub where the green hand had just been. She wanted so badly to kiss her green flesh, but she knew time wasn't on their side.

Elphaba moaned softly as she felt Glinda take over for her hand. She pushed back her pleasure enough to look at the clock on the wall. She groaned in frustration when she saw that they only had five minutes left. They were too far-gone now to just wait until they got back up to their room. Elphaba had already waited before and couldn't stand it any longer.

"Please." The green woman pleaded as she pushed the blonde's hands down to the hem of her skirt. She guided them in just enough that they knew what she needed. "We only have five minutes." She explained while she was rushing the process after receiving an odd glance from Glinda.

Glinda smirked as she casually moved her hands upwards. She was going to drag this out for the entire five minutes they had left. She just prayed to the unnamed God that the doctor didn't return from rounds early.

"Glinda." Elphaba groaned at the slow movements of Glinda's hand. She needed to let go of all of her pent up sexual frustration, and she needed to do it now. Oz help the doctor if anything interrupted them this time. She had already had to wait and was now twice as ready. She wasn't going to be responsible for her actions if she didn't find a release fast.

"Do you love me Elphie?" Glinda continued to tease as her hands ran up and down Elphaba's inner thigh. She moved her head down to place small kisses on the flesh that was visible right below her collarbone. She knew in her mind that this wasn't going to do. She needed to make love to Elphaba completely unclothed. That way she wouldn't be restrained in what she could or could not kiss. She made a mental note to do that once they were back up in their room, but for now they would have to make do with what they had.

"Yes." Elphaba replied breathlessly as her breathing began to pick up pace. She reached her uninjured arm up once again to stroke her breasts that were being ignored at the moment. She needed to feel some sort of pleasure and right now Glinda was denying her that. "But I'll love you even more once you're fucking me." She added with a silly grin.

Glinda stopped her hands movements to look up at the self-satisfied smirk that played on Elphaba's lips. She couldn't help but want to kiss those lips at that particular moment. And so she did.

"I'll fuck you when you're being a good girl. Right now you're being too wicked." Glinda purred into Elphaba's ear before tracing a couple of kisses down her cheek and to her neck.

Elphaba glanced quickly at the clock once again. "Fuck!" She hit herself in the head for making that statement to Glinda. Now they only had three minutes and there was definitely no way she could finish before the doctor came back. Even if Glinda gave in to her wishes right now it might take the whole three minutes for her to scream out her lover's name in ecstasy.

Glinda noticed Elphaba's defeated state and looked towards the clock as well. Her eyes widened at seeing the time. She hadn't meant to spend so much time on other things. They only had three minutes left and she wasn't about to leave Elphaba hanging like she did before.

"Are you ready?" Glinda wanted to make sure that Elphaba still wanted to do this. She knew that the chances of them actually finishing were very slim.

"Just do it." The green woman said a little too harshly. She immediately regretted it when she saw a frown start to appear on Glinda's face. "Oh sweet Oz Glinda, I'm so sorry." Elphaba apologized. "I just…"

She was cut off by Glinda's voice. "I know. I'd be the same way." She smiled to the green woman before leaning down to kiss her. She knew that they only had two minutes left now but she was going to make good use of those minutes.

Elphaba kissed Glinda back with just as much oomph to show her how truly sorry she was for snapping at her earlier. With the green woman occupied with the kiss, Glinda finally brought her hand up to the warm center and slipped it in to the silky underwear of her love.

Elphaba's breath hitched as she felt Glinda slip two fingers inside of her. She hadn't been expecting to be taken so suddenly. They had only just been talking a couple of seconds ago. She didn't care however; she just loved the feel of Glinda finally inside of her. She needed all of her.

"Faster." Elphaba breathed against the slouched over blonde's neck. She closed her eyes as Glinda fulfilled her request and picked up speed. She knew that they had little time before the doctor arrived and so instead of lying mainly still while Glinda did her thing; she decided that aiding her might be the best option.

Glinda grinned as she felt Elphaba shoving her hips into her fingers. She could just stay still the entire time and Elphaba would take care of herself. But she wasn't mean enough to do that to her like she had in the past.

"Oh sweet Oz." Elphaba said breathlessly as the intensity of her feelings built. She was so close to finally being able to let go of all of this sexual energy that had been swirling around in her for hours.

"I love you Elphie." Glinda spoke as she glanced at the clock. She noticed that the dial was fifteen seconds away from the twenty-minute mark. She wasn't going to stop and tell Elphaba this however. She could tell that her lover was so close to going over. Elphaba needed this release and Glinda was not going to deny it to her.

"I love you too." Elphaba responded as her chest heaved up and down. She was moving faster than her lungs would allow oxygen to come in. The green woman squinted her eyes as she felt the release her release just on the horizon. A couple more thrusts and she would be in paradise bliss.

Glinda could feel Elphaba's movements slow themselves as she came upon her breaking point. She was the one in charge now to make sure that Elphaba received her release.

"Stay with me my love." Glinda whispered as she reached over to place a smoldering kiss on Elphaba's lips. She wanted to make sure to stifle any noises that the green woman might make.

Elphaba's eyes fluttering back into her head as a contented sigh escaped her lips. She could feel the waves of pleasure seeking a way out. It was only a matter of time before she would succumb to her body's reactions.

Time wasn't on their side however.

As soon as the green woman was about to call out Glinda's name in pleasure the doctor returned with the test results.

Glinda and Elphaba both heard the door to the doctor's office begin to open. They tried to spring apart from each other but Glinda's hand in the process pulled Elphaba's underwear off with her and flung it across the room on accident. Their eyes both widened at the intended target.

"So it appears that you don't have any broken bones Miss Thro…" The doctor led off when he brought his clipboard down from in front of him. His mouth hung open as if to form the last syllable but no noise came out. His vision was obscured from him as a piece of material landed over his glasses.

The girls took this time to scramble to their separate little areas while Elphaba tried to fix her skirt. She hadn't been able to finish and was even more pissed off than before. She didn't care what the doctor had to say. All she wanted was to get out of here so Glinda could finish her off.

The doctor waited a beat before a small hand reached up and pulled the black material from his head. He looked at the discarded piece of clothing and then back at the two flushed girls. Elphaba was an extreme dark shade of green and her skin was sweating profusely. It also looked as if she was having some sort of panic attack from the way she was breathing.

The doctor immediately discarded the article of clothing and rushed over to Elphaba. He was afraid that she was suffering some sort of attack.

"Are you all right Miss Thropp?" The doctor pulled out his stethoscope and placed in on Elphaba's beating heart. "My Oz I think you're having a tachycardia attack."

Both Elphaba and Glinda's eyes went wide as the doctor thought something was wrong with her. This wasn't good at all.

"Here lye down!" The doctor became frantic as he nearly pushed the green woman on her back. In the process he wasn't mindful of where he placed his hands. One of them accidentally pressed up against a nerve in Elphaba's pelvis causing the woman to shutter with delight. She had almost given in to Glinda and now the doctor was completing the job.

"Oh fuck." Elphaba called out as she clutched the side of the bed to keep herself steady.

Glinda watched wide-eyed as Elphaba orgasmed in front of herself and the doctor.

Elphaba tried to contain herself because she knew that she was in front of a doctor, but she couldn't. All of the tension that had built up within her needed to be let out and it needed to be let out right now. She clung tightly to the bed as wave after wave of pure pleasure coursed through her body.

The doctor was thinking Elphaba was having some type of seizure, while Glinda was the only one to know that those facial expressions meant otherwise. Elphaba was having one of the greatest orgasms of her life right now and all Glinda could do was watch from afar.

The doctor started to panic as Elphaba's body tensed up and shook slightly. In all his years of medical training he had never seen a patient go from tachycardia to what seemed to be a state of bliss. Unless the patient wasn't actually suffering from tachycardia. This got the doctor thinking. He then remembered the flushed expression on both of their faces, not just Elphaba's, and the discarded pair of underwear that flung towards him once he entered the room. His eyes widened in realization as he looked up to see Glinda now hunched over the bed running her fingers through raven tresses while whispering comforting words in her ears.

"Uh…I…I think I'm going to…a…to go take my dinner break. You ladies have a wonderful evening and everything is going to be okay." The doctor forced a smile as he inched towards the door. "Just put some ice on your wrist, and Miss Glinda take some pain medication for your back." He finished his diagnosis before finally slipping out of the door.

Glinda and Elphaba both followed the doctor with their eyes before Elphaba brought her good hand up to rub at her eyes. Glinda in the meantime tried to contain a fit of giggles.

"I can't believe I just did that in front of the doctor." Elphaba groaned as she opened her eyes to look at Glinda. As soon as brown met blue the blonde burst into laughter.

"It's not funny." Elphaba frowned as Glinda continued to giggle. She didn't find the situation very humorous at all. She had just had an orgasm in front of the doctor for Oz sake.

"Yes it is." Glinda continued to giggle. "You scared the doctor away!" The blonde continued to laugh as she helped Elphaba sit up.

Elphaba continued to frown as she looked at Glinda. "Well I wouldn't have done that if you would have just stopped teasing me." She chastised her love.

"And where would the fun be in that?" Glinda grinned, knowing full and well that Elphaba wasn't really mad with her. She was more embarrassed if anything. "Come on orgasmic girl, let's finish this in our room." She joked as she helped Elphaba off of the bed.

"That's not funny." Elphaba scolded as she followed Glinda out of the door.

"Would you rather me call you doctor's pet?" Glinda continued to laugh as she made her way out of the doctor's office. The two women only received a few stares on their way out.

"That's not funny either." Elphaba pouted as Glinda dragged her up to their room.

"Yes it is." Glinda smiled.

"No it's not."

"Yes it is."

"No it's not."

Glinda stopped Elphaba halfway up the stairs and stared her in the eyes before placing a chaste kiss on her lips.

"Yes it is!" The blonde squealed as she ran away from the green woman and up to their room.

Elphaba smiled before giving chase. "No it's not!"