"Let's make a bet" offered Allen.

Kanda scowled in reply, but Allen knew him well enough to know that the long dark haired boy was waiting and giving him permission to continue. Not that Allen needed permission to speak, especially not from this stupid Bakanda.

"Since we've gone through just about every possible competition we could have, I think it's time we find something new to compete against."

Kanda remained silent, which was more than enough to tell Allen that he was waiting to see what the white haired boy was trying to tell him.

"Well since we are always competing against each other to see who is best (although we both know it's me" mumbled Allen under his breath) I thought we would try something new. Something more challenging then anything else we've done so far"

Kanda scowled. The smaller boy was beginning to start rambling, and he really wished that he would just get to the point.

"What the hell are you trying to say Moyashi?" demanded Kanda.

Allen visibly twitched at the mention of that horrendous nickname, but just for today he would let it pass.

"I'm suggesting that we have a completion. Whoever wins will be the one to be declared best. So if you win, I'll admit you're better than me, but if I win, then you must admit that I'm better"

Kanda couldn't help but sneer at the other boy.

"Alright then. What's this brilliant idea of yours?"

Allen smiled back at him, an evil sort of glint in his eyes.

"The competition: To live in the mortal world for three months without using any of your powers or magic. You are to seduce a human, and like I said, you can't use your powers at all. If you do, you are instantly disqualified, and the other will be declared winner. First one to get a human to declare that they love you and agree to sleep with you, is the winner"

"Sleep with you?" asked Kanda "I know that you're technically thousands of years old, but you have the mortal looks of someone who's barely out of their diapers. So how are you going to convince someone to sleep with you?"

"Fifteen, Bakanda, I am the age of a fifteen year old mortal" growled Allen. Like Kanda said, he was thousands of years old, but when you are practically immortal, you don't exactly age all that quickly. Not to mention, he was a rather small fifteen year olds. "It's not that bad. There are plenty of fifteen year old mortals who have already lost their virginity"

"Besides," said Allen as he gave an uncaring shrug with his shoulders "Isn't it better that I only look fifteen? That will give you an advantage, although I doubt that will raise your chances much of winning against me"

"You're just so full of yourself aren't you?" snapped Kanda "I'm going to beat you and wipe that ugly smug look right off your face"

"Alright, then if you are so sure that you're going to win, how about we raise the stake? Loser has to serve the winner and do whatever he wants for one whole millennium. How does that sound?"

"You're on" growled Kanda.

"Then tomorrow morning is the start of our new lives as mortals" grinned Allen.

Uh...I'm not exactly sure how I got this idea, nor do I probably really want to know.

Anyways, I didn't mention this, but Allen and Kanda are some what like angels, which is why they are immortal. I hope everything else made sense. When I was typing it, everything sounded alright, but when I went back to re-read it...well, lets just say it sounded pretty shitty. Hopefully as the story progresses, the writing will get better and be less shit-tastical.