It was a good three days' journey from Shiz to the Emerald city—and this was in the best of weather. And only the wealthy could pay for a constant change of horses. For Glinda and Elphaba it took more than a week. And it was a bleak, cold-scoured week, as winds of autumn ripped the leaves off trees with a dry screech and a rattle of brittle protesting limbs.

Neither of the students could afford much. They traveled as third class passengers, riding in carriages that were filled with people old and young, short and fat, tall and lanky. The two women made sure to sit together as close as possible. They were both frightened, though Elphaba would never admit it. Glinda would put an arm though Elphaba's when a stranger sat too close or a man gave her an unpleasant look. Her pale, creamy fingers would find long slender green ones and they intertwined. Elphaba cocked her head slightly and looked at Glinda out of the corner of her eye. Glinda's eyes looked down before they met Elphaba's. They shared a moment of understanding before quickly averting their eyes, like it was a crime they should ever meet.

The carriage stopped in a rinky-dink town that had a tiny inn, a pub, and one or two shops. It was otherwise surrounded by farmland. Elphaba and Glinda shared a single room in the inn. It was a shit hole. There was one single bed with fraying and holed blankets, a small door led to where the chamber pot was—it was the rat's favorite place and the entire room was covered in shit. Next to the bed was a small, one-drawer nightstand with a lamp on top.

Elphaba set their bags down and looked around the room. She thought of worse places. Glinda followed behind her. A small gasp came from the blonde as she saw the condition of the room. A shiver ran up her spine. Their eyes met and they shared that 'look' again, but said nothing. They had hardly spoken since they left.

Outside the sun had already set and the pub was beginning to fill with farmers and travelers trying to drink their problems away. The few lamps on the street were lit and cast ghastly shadows on the cobbled streets. Glinda looked out the window as the moon began to rise, but quickly turned away when she saw a man look up at her. She had never been so scared in her life.

The young woman turned back to her green friend. "I suggest we sleep in our clothes," Elphaba said as she pushed back the blankets on the bed. Glinda nodded in agreement and lay on the bed. She hadn't realized how tired she was. Elphaba lay down next to her leaving no room for either to move. A slight smile came to Glinda's lips before she started to giggle. Giggling. Elphaba was much too mature for that. But seeing the delight in Glinda's eyes made her light green lips turn upward and begin to giggle.

After their laughter had subsided there was still a careful smile on Elphaba's lips. She opened her arms to Glinda, who allowed them to wrap around her shoulders. The small blonde snuggled deep into Elphaba's embrace and felt very safe. She might not have fallen asleep in such a disgusting room, but now there was no reason for her not too.

The dark haired girl watched as her friend fell asleep in her arms. Her heart fluttered when she felt Glinda's cool breath on her chest. She would never fall asleep. Though she hadn't planned to. There was too much to think about and to many disgusting natives that made Elphaba sick with worry. It would be a long night.

Elphaba looked out the window at dawn. Her eyes were heavy lidded but she mentally slapped herself to keep awake. She looked down at Glinda. She hadn't moved all night.

"Glinda… Glinda," Elphaba whispered releasing her hold on the blonde.

Immediately her blue eyes opened and she looked up in her friend's dark eyes. With out thinking an emerald hand came up and brushed golden curls from her forehead. Elphaba's hand then rested on Glinda's cheek. Glinda's breathing became slightly shallow as she unconsciously tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Elphaba looked at Glinda's serene face then looked at her pink lips. Then unconsciously, like Glinda, the green woman slowly pressed her lips to Glinda's.

Both of their lips moved very little, neither really opening to the other. They were nervous and new to such a feeling. It made their bodies tingle in the oddest places and their hearts race.

Elphaba pulled away first, looking down embarrassed. Glinda's eyes fluttered open as she tried to catch her breath. The blonde placed her forehead against Elphaba's chest and put her arms around her slender neck. Elphaba was surprised at first then leaned her head against blonde curls.

They stayed that way for a moment or two. "Come. We need to get to the carriage. I do not want to stay here another night," Elphaba whispered with a grin.

"Me too," Glinda agreed.

Together they gathered their bags and left the room. A question hung in the air between the two but neither wanted to ask it or find out the answer. This feeling was too good.

The carriage was ready just before six o'clock. Glinda jumped on and found comfortable seats for them to share. Elphaba, after paying the cabby, got on the carriage and found Glinda. She had already created a quaint little nest for them. The green woman smiled as she sat down.

In the next few moments the carriage was full and the cabby snapped the rein a few times and they were off.

Elphaba's head nodded off every now and then, jerking forward when she fell asleep. Glinda's eyebrows knotted together with worry. To her knowledge she was sure that her friend had gotten sleep. Apparently not, Glinda thought.

"Here," the blonde said quietly not wanting other passengers to hear. "Rest you head against my shoulder or you'll hurt your neck."

Elphaba nodded her head sleepily and rested her head on a pink clad shoulder. Their hands found each other again and wound together. Only then did Elphaba allow herself to sleep. Only for a few moments, she said to herself. She fell asleep for almost the entire ride.

Because the horses had rested well they were able to push on further. The next town they stopped at was much better then the last. It was a little bigger and much, much cleaner.

"Elphie," Glinda whispered when the carriage stopped. "Elphie. Wake up."

Brown eyes fluttered open and she lifted her head up. A look of vulnerability and fright passed her eyes before she cleared her face and rubbed her eyes. She grabbed their bags and stepped off the carriage Glinda following close behind. The blonde looped her arm through Elphaba's free arm and they walked to the inn.

The room was a dull blue with flower wallpaper. The blankets covering the bed were clean—or cleaner then others—there was an actual toilet and sink in the corner room and two nightstands on either side of the bed with candles sitting on top of them and one vanity with a small mirror.

The two travelers had both held their breath when they opened the door and were now breathing a sigh of relief. Glinda giggled but covered her mouth quickly when Elphaba glanced at her. Elphie shook her head and set their bags at the foot of the bed, Glinda set her purse on the vanity and pulled out a brush. She sat at the vanity and brushed her hair.

"I must say Elphie," Glinda began as she pulled the brush though her soft curls. "I don't think that traveling is something I would do often. It's quite disgusting sharing such a small amount of space with so many people. Especially when I have no where to wash."

"There's a sink in the bathroom. You could take a sponge bath, though it's not glamorous," Elphaba said as she pulled out a book.

Glinda jumped up at the idea. "Oh, I didn't think of that. Thank you Elphie," Glinda said placing a small kiss on a green cheek.

Elphie's eyes went wide as she watched Glinda shut the door to the bathroom and turn the faucet on. Her hand went up and touched the spot that now tingled and burned all at the same time. In her chest, her heart was beating erratically. Slow down Elphaba. A friendly gesture, that's all. Elphaba thought to herself.

Glinda was pleased with her bold move and was grinning wildly to herself. Their earlier kiss popped into her mind causing her heart to beat erratically. I wonder if Elphaba's is doing the same, she thought.

As the sink filled with water she began to take off her clothes. But she then remembered that her entire mid-section was laced tightly in a corset. She huffed and blew a curl out of her eye. But 'that' smile appeared on her face again.

"Elphie," she called as she opened the door. "Can you help me out of my bodice?"

If Glinda had ever seen an emotion on her dear friend's face it was this one. Elphaba's eyes went wide and her mouth had dropped to the floor. But she was a smart cookie and regained composure quickly.

"Yes," she replied her voice only a little shaky. Glinda turned her back to her friend and leaned against the doorframe of the bathroom. Shaky long fingers found the laces and untied the knot then began to pull the laces to loosen the corset. Glinda felt immediate relief when her breasts were no longer crushed together and she could breath normally. Elphie lifted the article of clothing over the blonde's head then turned her back quickly. It wasn't only nervousness that gripped her but shyness as well. Glinda was so much more beautiful, the dark haired woman thought.

She wasn't the only one who felt it. Glinda was not one to be shy but in front of her friend she felt different. What's this feeling, she asked herself quietly.

"Thank you," she whispered to Elphaba before she disappeared into the bathroom again.

Elphaba went back to reading and Glinda began to wash. Both of them were trying to ignore these strange feelings that they had for the woman just in the other room. It seemed an eternity before Glinda appeared out of the bathroom.

By the time the blonde came out of the bathroom the sun had set and stars were beginning to appear in the dark sky. Glinda's light hair was now dark with water and it clung together, making her thick hair seem thin. She was wrapped in the single towel there was in the bathroom. Elphaba paid no attention to her friend and kept her eyes glued to her book but she had already lost the last sentence she had read and what was going on. She gritted her teeth together, pretending to read now.

Glinda rummaged in her one other bag for another outfit she had brought. It was a much better choice then the one she was wearing. It was a light blue shirt and matching skirt, the shirt was long sleeved and stopped a few inches from her wrists; the skirt had a sheen to it like stars were embedded in the fabric. She pulled out fresh panties and a bra as well. The blonde pulled on her panties under the towel then removed the towel to put her bra on.

Elphaba's eyes were no longer on her book. They drank in Glinda's gorgeous curves and porcelain skin. Elphaba didn't know this feeling either, but she resembled it as longing. Desire. She watched as Glinda's back muscles moved in order to put her bra on and shivered. There was a tingling feeling between her legs. Swallowing past the lump in her throat her brown eyes went back to her book just as the blonde turned back to get her outfit.

Her blue eyes twinkled as her pink lips pulled into a smile. She thought Elphie looked so cute when she was concentrating on a book. Giggling, only to herself, she pulled the skirt over her legs and then put her shirt on.

"Blue is quite becoming on you," Elphaba said without thinking. She had stolen a quick glance then returned her eyes to her book.

The dark haired woman played it cool but inside her body was a whole other story. Her heart was beating as if she had been running, her stomach was a knot, and it felt like butterflies were flying inside her body. Sweet Oz! What the hell am I doing? Elphaba asked herself.

"Really," Glinda asked looking at herself in the small mirror. "Better then pink?"

"Much better," Elphaba smiled looking up into Glinda's blue eyes.

In that moment Glinda wanted to walk over to Elphaba pull the book from her hands and kiss her. And kiss her, and kiss her, and kiss her. She just smiled and got into the bed next to Elphaba.

Almost immediately Elphaba finished reading and put the book on the nightstand. She turned to Glinda and opened her arms. Glinda smiled and leaned into her friend placing her head against Elphaba's chest. The blonde took a deep breath and she could smell Elphaba. She smelled like the woods after rain.

They both were thinking of their kiss. They were so close. It could happen again. They were both thinking it.

"Elphie," Glinda said in a half whisper.

"Yes," Elphaba replied.

"Would you do anything for me," Glinda asked her eyes looking up at Elphaba then back at the fabric of her clothing.

Elphaba didn't need to think, "Yes."

There was a moment of silence.

"Then kiss me."

The green woman looked down at her friend. She placed a green hand under Glinda's chin and tilted her head back. Then she slowly placed her lips over Glinda's.

Hearts were hammering. Glinda's hand went up and knotted in Elphaba's hair as Elphaba's hands went around Glinda's slim waist. Neither knew exactly what they were doing but their bodies seemed to understand. The small blonde helped her friend open her mouth and allow their tongues to meet for the first time. This made their hearts pound even faster and their bodies tingle all over.

They came up for air after an eternity. Glinda's blue eyes met Elphaba's brown ones and they both smiled—and even Elphaba's smile was genuine and big.

"I—" Elphaba started but Glinda covered her lips with her fingers.

"Sshhh," she whispered her face getting closer to Elphaba's. "Just don't stop kissing me."

Elphie's grin grew bigger and she pressed her green lips to pink ones.

Both of their hands traveled over fabric covered skin. Glinda could feel her friend's muscles work smoothly as she her green arms circled Glinda's waist tighter. The blonde felt as if her body was on fire and she could no longer breath. Her body was being consumed by this primal need that she had never felt before. She groaned as Elphaba's lips roamed over her chin and neck. Glinda placed both of her pale hands on both sides of Elphaba's face and brought her up so their lips could meet again.

As their lips crushed together—almost painfully—Elphaba growled deep in her throat. Glinda's hands were trying, and failing, to touch Elphie's emerald skin.

"Oh! Please Elphie! I need to touch you," Glinda pleaded, as they pulled apart to breathe.

Elphaba looked at Glinda sweetly and nuzzled the blonde's neck with her nose. Her fingers began to unbutton the double-breasted, heavy blouse. Glinda helped to push the blouse away from her shoulders and onto the floor, she had already begun to place kisses on an emerald shoulder. Elphaba's breasts were small but beautiful; the skin was a light green while the nipples were much darker. Glinda laid her head in the valley of Elphie's breasts. The dark haired woman smiled and kissed her friend's head.

Then Glinda pulled away and began to take off the blue shirt she had just put on. She pulled her bra off with it and looked back at Elphie. "You're… Gorgeous," Elphaba breathed her arm reaching out to wrap around the blonde's waist to pull her closer.

When their breasts touched an electricity shot through their bodies straight between their legs, making them shiver. They smiled nervously at each other. Glinda was the first to make a move; she laced both her hands in Elphaba's hair and gently kissed her. The green woman's hands traveled up the blonde's back. She loved the smoothness of her skin as well as the quivering muscle underneath it.

Glinda trailed her lips over Elphaba's cheek then down her neck. She kissed as much green skin as she could. There was something about her skin that made Glinda crazy. Ever since they had first met she had loved it, been mesmerized by it. And she was so afraid of those feelings that she treated her terribly. So far, that had been her only regret.

As pale lips caressed her collarbone Elphaba felt no shyness or nervousness anymore. Glinda made her feel, dare she say it, normal. When Glinda smiled at her Elphaba felt her heavy heart grow lighter. When Glinda touched her hand or her cheek Elphaba didn't have green skin. Around Glinda Elphaba was just a person, not what she looked like.

"You're beautiful too," Glinda said as she brought her lips up to Elphaba's again.

Using the arms she had around Glinda's waist, Elphaba pushed the woman over. The green woman began to kiss her way down Glinda's neck finally sucking on the light pulse she could see under the porcelain skin. She moved lower placing feather light kisses on the blonde's collarbone and chest.

Once Elphaba reached Glinda's breasts she laid her head down on the woman's chest and listen to her heartbeat. It was doing the same, fast thump thump thump thump that Elphaba's was doing. She loved the sound. She loved the way Glinda's chest rose and fell as she breathed. Looking up at Glinda she smiled and kissed the space between Glinda's breasts before kissing the flesh of each breast and finally taking a pink nipple into her mouth.

Glinda gasped loudly as she felt a warm mouth on her breast. Elphaba slowly sucked then kneaded the flesh with her teeth while her other hand massaged the other breast. She worked unhurried memorizing how Glinda's flesh pebbled with pleasure and which touches made her moan loudly. To Elphaba, Glinda was perfect. And she wanted to remember everything about her friend's body, down to the last freckle—though Glinda was much more perfect then that.

"Elphie," Glinda whispered as she took in another sharp breath, Elphaba had moved on to the other breast treating that one the same way as the other.

Her lover's—they were lovers now—soft whisper made her smile and she went up to kiss beautiful pink lips. They were sweet pecks. Then Elphaba pulled back and looked at sparkling blue eyes. Glinda's hand came up and brushed Elphie's jaw. They could communicate anything through their eyes. But speaking their wants aloud made things so much more exciting.

"Don't stop touching me," Glinda whispered brushing hair from Elphaba's face. Her eyes never left Elphaba's.

Elphaba gave a light smile kissed Glinda then moved down to kiss her stomach. She unzipped the side of the blonde's skirt and pulled it down, along with her underwear, slowly. Her lips kissed jutting hip bones and along the hairline of Glinda's sex. Long fingers ran through the blonde curls between Glinda's legs. Almost as if she had thought about this before, day dreamed of it on a cloudy day. Then Elphaba's fingers ran along the line of her sex, doing all the way down before coming back up.

Glinda's hips thrust upward at the contact. The green woman smiled at her eagerness even though she was every bit as eager to feel the inside of her. Elphaba's thumb circled Glinda's clit then moved over it back and forth. Glinda gripped Elphaba's back, moaning loudly. Those same long fingers found Glinda's entrance and hesitated before going any further.

She looked at Glinda and nuzzled her neck again, how a wolf might nuzzle its mate—Elphaba seemed like a wolf to Glinda. "Is this what you want," Elphaba emphasized those two words feeling doubt rise in her chest.

"I want you Elphie," Glinda whispered nuzzling her back. She leaned in closer to Elphaba, "I want you inside me."

There was no hesitation left in Elphaba. And with Glinda's blessing she pushed her fingers inside, gently then roughly to get past any blockage. The blonde winced and dug her fingernails into her lover's back.

"Are you ok," Elphaba asked.

"I'm fine," Glinda smiled and kissed Elphie's cheek.

Elphaba moved her fingers in a slow steady motion, moving with Glinda to lessen any pain, allowing the blonde to dig her fingernails deep into her own green flesh. She thought of how easily how wholly Glinda had given herself to her. And at that moment Elphaba no longer had a heart. For it was now Glinda's to have.

Glinda had shut her eyes to any pain and hid her face in raven tresses. She felt that the pain was too much and that it would never pass. But when it did she though that she might die from so much pleasure. Her hips were much more eager to meet Elphie's hand and her moans and sighs held only desire. Her legs slid up Elphaba's and wrapped around her waist. "Harder," she asked her voice quivering.

Her slender legs helped Elphaba thrust harder into her before sliding down her back to tangle with green legs. The thrusts got faster and faster it seemed making Glinda's stomach muscle's tremble and tighten as her nails, also, began to rake the flesh of Elphaba's back.

The green woman growled in a sensual way tossing her head back then kissing Glinda's neck, her fingers going deeper and deeper and wetness pooling in her underwear. Then the muscles of Glinda tightened hard around her hand and she felt liquid fire. And Glinda screamed Elphaba's name and opened her eyes to meet her lover's. There was a spark in Elphaba's eye, as well as Glinda's, that made Glinda grip her lover harder as her climax suddenly rushed on to her faster.

They both went so high they never wanted to fall back down. It was better than heaven. As they slowly fell back to Oz they caught their breaths, resting.

"Are you all right," Glinda asked brushing sweat covered locks from Elphaba's forehead.

"I'll be ok," Elphaba whispered. Glinda kissed her forehead and Elphaba laid her head on Glinda's chest taking in deep breaths. The blonde put her fingers in her lover's hair, slowly massaging her scalp. Elphie groaned as she kissed Glinda's collarbone. Tightening her hold on Elphaba's hair she pulled the green woman up to kiss her lips. Very gently Elphaba pulled out of Glinda as they kissed. The small woman's eyes flew open as she gasped into her lover's mouth.

"I'm sorry! Did I hurt you," Elphaba asked her hand out of Glinda.

"No… No. It's just, I… I like you inside of me," She said slowly. Elphaba gave her a crooked smile then kissed her forehead. Then she licked all of Glinda's juices from her hand. Even though she wasn't doing it sensually Glinda felt a tingle between her legs. She pulled Elphaba's hands away from her and kissed her lips. Elphie's mouth tasted like herself and the very thought of that thrilled her. It was Elphaba's turn now Glinda thought to herself as she pushed Elphaba over so that she was now on top.

Kissing Elphie's collarbone she pulled down her dark skirt and tossed it on the floor. She nuzzled Elphaba taut stomach with her face. Glinda was completely intoxicated by her lover's skin. Green, she thought. Emerald. Jade. I need more green in my wardrobe Glinda thought as she kissed her way up Elphaba's stomach and back to her lips.

Elphaba, this time, took control of the kiss and thrust her tongue into Glinda's mouth making sure she searched every crevice and memorized the very taste of Glinda. And that was something that not even her brain could figure out. She touched Glinda's everywhere feeling muscle and skin and sweat.

But before Elphaba could take control again Glinda pulled from her mouth and began to kiss her neck and collarbone and breasts. Though most boys—and maybe even some girls—would find Elphaba's breasts too small or strange Glinda thought that her breasts were beautiful, charming even. She put her mouth over a nipple and bit down harder then she'd meant to, causing Elphaba to arch her back up and groan loudly. The sound made Glinda want more. She bit down again only lighter and got the same reaction. So she continued to bite and nip and suck until Elphaba's nipples were swollen.

Glinda then moved lower. She didn't want to do what Elphaba had done. She wanted to taste Elphaba as well as be inside her. She moved down to the patch of dark curls between Elphaba's legs and kissed it. Her fingers went up and down Elphaba's sex, brushing her clit when she got to the top. Then she allowed her tongue to do the same.

"Oh," Elphaba gasped her hips bucking upward for more contact. Glinda pushed her hips down to the bed and slide her tongue into Elphaba's sex. She brushed her tongue up and down; side to side, and in small circles. And then she pushed her tongue deep into Elphaba and licked hungrily. Elphaba arched her back up and grabbed the sheets moaning her pleasure. Then she put a hand in Glinda's curls and pushed her head forward wanting everything Glinda could offer.

The blonde licked for a few more moments then pulled her tongue out of Elphie. Just as Elphaba was about to protest she felt fingers ease their way into her. Glinda looked up at Elphaba and asked with her eyes if Elphie was all right. Elphaba nodded and pulled Glinda up so they could kiss. Glinda moved her hand slowly letting Elphaba feel her.

Elphaba made a few yelps and winced at the pain. She locked her jaw, gritted her teeth and waited for pleasure. Her lover saw this and snuggled against her neck whispering to her that she would be fine and that she was right there. The green woman let herself hold Glinda tighter and let Glinda take care of her. And she did. The pain was gone soon after and Elphaba allowed Glinda to go slightly faster.

Neither girl's had ever felt so raw before. They never knew so much pleasure could ever be felt in reality. And as Glinda thrust into Elphaba she realized how vulnerable that her friend was leaving herself. That was so unlike Elphaba. She was so guarded, protected, and un-open to everyone. What allowed Elphaba to let Glinda in past guarded walls? Glinda thought as Elphaba gripped her nails into her skin. The green woman put a thigh in between Glinda legs and let her rub against it so that they could get even closer.

Their stomachs touched with every thrust making sweat mingle with sweat. Glinda pressed her thigh harder against the green thigh feeling both Elphaba's and her own climax not to far from them. Elphaba closed her eyes and buried her face in Glinda's golden hair the feeling in her body, though good, made her uneasy and frightened.

"Glinda," she whispered pressing harder into her neck.

"You'll be ok Elphie… I promise," Glinda told her just as she felt Elphaba's walls close over her hand. They kissed each other, then Glinda pulled away and kissed Elphaba's neck and chest. Elphaba tilted her head back trying to pull air into her hot lungs. Glinda laid her head on Elphie's chest catching her breath as well.

"I love you," Glinda whispered against Elphaba's chest. She hadn't meant to say it. She hadn't known she felt it until this moment. She swallowed nervously and tried to act calm.

Elphaba looked down at Glinda unsure of what to say. For the past few months she had wondered about this one word, love. She wasn't sure what it was or what it felt like. One part of her was sure she felt it. But the other part, the much more practical part knew there could be no such feeling.

It was a long time before either of them said anything. The air between them seemed filled with anticipation but it also seemed stale.

"I-I… I don't know if I can say that," Elphaba finally said.

Glinda's heart sank. "But… Do you feel it," she asked trying to keep her voice normal even though she there was a lump in her throat.

"Yes," Elphaba whispered. Glinda barely made out the remark, but she never thought one word could make her feel so joyful. She finally got the courage and stole a look at Elphaba who was already looking down at her.

The dark haired woman looked at her lover's blue eyes and gave a tired smile. She kissed her forehead. Glinda blushed a little and snuggled closer Elphie. They held each other tightly. And just before they fell into a blissful sleep Glinda whispered ever so slightly, "I love you."

She knew Elphaba heard her and wasn't expecting her feelings to be returned. She just wanted to say it.