A/N (please read): If you've never read Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Bright, you probably won't understand a thing going on, and will be totally weirded out. I don't recommend the book to everyone because it's A: a horror novel, B: full of gay sex, drugs and violence, and C: about supernatural things such as vampires, psychics, etc. The characters are immoral and terribly addictive.

If however you've survived and enjoyed the book (high five), please enjoy my attempt at a fic.

Nothing lounged on the new mattress in the back of the black van, dozing while Molochai and Twig chattered up front. The rain had been off and on all day, tapping its little fingers on the windshield. He rolled over to reach for a half empty bottle of Chartreuse, swinging the bright green liquid back proficiently. It had been three years since Christian and Zillah's death. Three years with no one more than Twig and Molochai. Though Nothing had come to love them very much, he couldn't help but wonder what life would have been like with Ghost and Steve, the band members of his favorite band, Lost Souls. He might have learned an instrument or found out he had a good singing voice. Maybe they would have even let him join the band. At the very least he could have been a roadie. Most of all though, he would have been with him. The memory of Ghost's fair skin and silvery-gold hair, those eyes. The song on the radio called to him, only emphasizing his weary thoughts.

If you were here
Would you calm me down
Or settle the score?
The feelings I fight (I'm a stranger in town)
Burn so bright (but if you were here)
The feelings I fight (would you ease my mind?)
(Come on!)

The sleep fled from my eyes
And I, I know that I need some
Give a thought to the one that you know...

The ghost of you lingers...

Nothing forced himself to push the thought out of his mind. It never led anywhere but heartache. Oh Ghost, he thought as the van stopped, Twig catching sight of a hitchhiker. If only I'd stayed with you.

A/N: Song by Spoon. I own nothing.