Challenge Word: Wrist

Rules: 100 words

Players: Onyx Moonbeam, Enkidu07, NC Girl, Nana56 and IheartSam7

I do not own them, Sam I Am.

Can you play?: Why yes you can! Let us know if you're interested.


Dean moved in front of his brother in the small bathroom carrying all the essentials: peroxide, Neosporin, gauze... hunting knife.

"I know it's huge Sam, but it's the sharpest thing we have. I sterilized it with the blowtorch."

Sam sucked in his whimper as Dean pulled the makeshift bandage off the wrist, definitely infected. He'd found Sam in a dank basement hog-tied after thirty-six hours.

Holding Sam's hand tight, Dean slid the knife under the skin letting out the puss. He could almost feel the cut himself. Fuck, he'd never built up any resistance to his little brother's pain.


Dean tossed the paper bag onto his lap.

"Thanks," Sam pulled out a sandwich and coke. He hesitated, decided to wait on the snickers at the bottom.

After finishing lunch Sam reached into the bag, grabbed the snickers. Under the candy bar he found a small plastic bag. What theā€¦

Sam reached over, swatted Dean upside the head.

"Dude, no fair. Was just trying to help."

Sam lunged for an evaded swat.

"Seriously, Sam, it was this or a haircut."

Sam tore into the plastic bag, grabbed one of the pink hair elastics and snapped it hard against Dean's wrist.