Fairly Odd Magic

Ten years of "fairly odd" magic!

Chapter 1

"Mom, look at that cake!" eight year old Poof said to his mother. Poof was no longer round; he had his father's hair but purple, and his mother's smarts. Instead of a rattle, he had a wand like his parents instead. He still had his purple eyes through, and eyebrows.

"Yes Poof!" His mother agreed. "It's wonderful!"

"Oh my gosh!" Cosmo gasped. "Nobody told me that Timmy was getting married! I'm not even dressed right!"

"Relax Cosmo," Wanda comforted her husband. "It's Timmy's graduation cake, not his wedding cake!"

"That exclaims why there are no people on it!" Cosmo replied. Wanda just sighed.

Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof were no longer Timmy's godparents/god brother. Now because they were all sad to leave their wonderful godchild, 2 and a half months later, Jorgen said that they could all go to Timmy's graduation party uninvited. They were all thrilled to hear the news, Cosmo even hugged Jorgen (Jorgen didn't like that!) They were all happy to see Timmy again after two and a half months. The fairies were all disguised as ants.

"I'm going to eat a piece of cake now!" Cosmo exclaimed, and headed towards the cake. He was about to grab a piece, Wanda said,

"Cosmo wait until everyone has left the party, and see if there's any left! We agreed on that remember?" Cosmo looked at the cake, and then jumped back down to his wife and son.

"Aww man!" Cosmo said. "I hate not having Timmy as our god kid anymore!" Wanda toughed her husband's shoulders.

"I know its hard sweetie!" she told him. "Since Timmy turned 18 in March, it's been hard on all of us! We just have to face facts dear!"

"I know Wanda." Cosmo sighed. But I just wish that we could be Timmy's fairies and friends forever!"

"And we will honey!"

"We will? How?"

"No matter where we go, Timmy will always have a special place in all of our hearts!"

"Thanks Wanda!" Cosmo told her. "I kind of feel better already!"

"Don't mention it sweetie!" Then they both hugged.

"Hey mom?" Poof asked.

"Yes dear?" Wanda looked at her son.

"I don't exactly understand! Why do we have to leave Timmy at a certain age? Why can't we stay with him forever?"

"Because Poof," Wanda started. "Timmy no longer needs us!"

"But why?"

"Because he's a growing boy, and he doesn't need us anymore." Poof looked sad.

"I'm going to miss him mom!"

"We know dear! We all are going to miss him! Oh Poof, we all knew this day will come!"

"I know mom, it's just…"

"Here he comes!" Cosmo said excitedly. Poof and Wanda, looked up to see Timmy and his parents come out of there garage door. The fairies all went outside where they couldn't be seen by Timmy, his parents, and all of Timmy's guests.

"Make the speech honey!" Miss. Turner told her son.

"Yeah, make your speech!" Mr. Turner agreed. "After all, you've been rehearsing it all morning!" Timmy cleared his tourt.

"I like to congladuate you all for coming to my graduation party!" Timmy said. Everyone applauded, Timmy waited for the quiet again to continue.

"It's been fifteen whole years that I've been attending school, and waiting for this special day to finally arrive!" Everyone clapped again. Again Timmy waited for the silence to speak.

"I like to thank my parents for their love and support while I attended school every school day! Claps until silence again.

"You know what's weird?"

"What?" his guests all asked at once.

"Sometimes I get the strangest feeling that I had some fairies to help me though the years." Everyone laughed.

"Hey, Timmy remembers us!" Cosmo said excitetedly. "He loved us so much, that he remembers us!"

"I don't think so sweetie," Wanda said to him. "Jordan wiped his memory of us!"

"Oh yeah!" Cosmo remembered. "I forgot!"

"But I know that's impossible!" Timmy laughed. "If I had magic, it's my parents!" His parents smiled.

"Awwww!" The guests all said at once. They clapped while Timmy hugged his parents.

"Wow, Timmy sure has grown up!" Wanda observed.

"Yeah!" Cosmo agreed teary eyed. "I'm sure going to miss him!"

"Ok everybody, enjoy the party!" Timmy shouted, when his parents were done hugging him.

Then everybody clapped, danced to some music, and rushed to eat the some cake!

When the party was over, everybody went home. Timmy's parents exclaimed how they loved raising a good son all of these years. After another hug, Timmy went inside to take rest.

"Awww, our son is finally going to go to college in the fall!" Mr. Turner said.

"I know!" his wife agreed. "We're getting old, but in a good way!" Timmy's parents laughed as they went inside the house.

"Now it's time for some leftover cake!" Cosmo started running towards the cake. "Come on Poof!"

"Coming dad!" Poof ran to his dad. Wanda fallowed.

When Cosmo got to the table, he grabbed the last pieces of cake. He handed one to his son.

"Thanks dad!" Poof said, grabbing the cake. Cosmo bounced off the table, and handed a piece to his wife.

"Here you go sweetheart!" Cosmo said. "Enjoy!" Wanda took the cake with pride.

"Why, thank you pudding!" she said. "That's very kind of you!"

"You're welcome!" They found a place under some trees to eat their pieces of cake.

"Look at all the stars mom!" Poof cried. "They're so pretty!" Poof's parents looked at all of the stars too.

"Yes, they are pretty!" his mom agreed, smiling. "In fact, I remember all of these stars out about 8 and half years ago, when we first met Timmy!"

"Really?" Poof looked at his mom. "Cool!"

"They did?" Cosmo asked his wife.

"Yes Cosmo, don't you remember?" Wanda asked him. "There were stars out that night too!"

"Oh yeah, now I remember!"

When they were all done eating, Poof and his father fell asleep together.

Well Timmy, Wanda said to herself, looking at the stars. You were our very best godchild we had, and we'll always remember you no matter what! Then she began to sing a lovely song.

Before we came to stay,

You were oh so misible each and every day!

Shouting freedom you couldn't say,

With the price you couldn't pay!

Before we came to stay,

You had to work each and everyday.

Doing all of those chores nasty Vicky's way!

When you thought that you life couldn't get any more lame,

That's when we came!

When we came to stay,

You grew happier each day!

Instead of doing chores like cleaning the dishes,

You now can relay on us to grant all of your wishes!

With us by your side, you could finally do things your way!

With the price you could now pay!

We didn't mind at all,

We loved to hear your call!

When we came to stay,

We all enjoyed our exciting adventures together!

Then one day you decided to grant our wish,

You gave us a cute baby that we could claim our own!

Saying no to him we couldn't resist!

One day when you were a certain age, our lives together had to fade away!

We could no longer stay with you.

But we prominse to remember for eternity.

When weeee cameeee tooooo stayyyyyy!" After the song, Wanda poofed her and her family home.

When they were home, she turned all of them back into fairies, put them into their beds, and went to bed herself.

"Goodnight Timmy!" She said to the stars. "May you have a good future ahead of you!" Then she turned of the lamp, and then was sound asleep.