Chapter 5

"Cosmo, time for breakfast!" Wanda called to her husband. Wanda and Cosmo were at their house in Fairy World. It was a beautiful morning, Wanda was downstairs in their kitchen fixing French toast for her and her hubby, Cosmo was upstairs watching cartoons.

"Cosmo!" She called when Cosmo didn't come down. "Breakfast!" She put down the plates of French toast and flew upstairs to her and Cosmo's room. Cosmo was still watching cartoons, he laughed at whatever he was watching. Wanda flew in the room and found that her husband was laughing to Thomas and Jerrison.

"How is the show?" She asked.

"Hilarious!" He answered. "Jarrison just took Thomas's hammer and hammered Thomas's toes! I just love the animosity between the two!"

"How violent for a kid's show in the 1940s!" Wanda said.

"I know!" Cosmo answered. "But that how the world was in World War II and other bloody wars!"

"I'm so glad this cartoon isn't so turbulent like that." Wanda said. Then she looked at her husband as he laughed as Thomas was being chased by a bulldog. "Um honey. I got French toast for us on the table. And after that Ocean World should be open."

"I'm on it!" He said as he turned off the TV.

"Uh, you didn't have to turn off the TV." She told him. "I could've just poof our breakfast up hear and we could watch TV while we were eating."

"I want to talk to you baby!"

"About what?" He shrugged.

"I don't know." He admitted. "Random stuff that pops into my empty head I guess." He smiled innocently.

"Right!" She sighed. "Let's go downstairs and eat."

"All right baby angel!" So they both flew downstairs to eat their buttered French toast.

After their breakfast, Wanda flew up.

"Ok, let's go to Ocean World shell we?"

"Aw right!" Cosmo cheered, when they poofed all their stuff away. "Lets go "sea" what Slamoo, seamoe, and cliado are up to!" Cosmo poofed into his stuffed Slamoo hat. "Come on babe, I'm ready!" They were about to poof away, when Jorgen poofed in.

"Uh come on Jorgen!" Cosmo said. "Why do you always have to poof in when we're going somewhere?"

"Because I like to spoil your guy's fun!" He answered. "By poofing in at the most inopportune time imaginable!"

"Aw that stinks!" Cosmo said. "Can't it wait? We were about to go to see Slamoo and friends at Ocean World."

"Uh it can." Jorgen replied. "But then you have to risk letting your new godchild get tortured some more." Wanda gasped.

"Oh my gosh! We're getting reassigned?"

"Yep!" Jorgen answered. "To a nine year old boy with a silly pink hat." Wanda squealed with delightment.

"But we never had a godchild in over…lets sea, I mean see." Cosmo started counting on his fingers. "1, 2, uh. 1, 2 uh. 1, 2 uhhhhh….."

"It's been like 30 to 40 years, I know." Jorgen told them. "So what do you say? Let you godchild get harmed some more, or go see Slamoo the killer whatever?"

"I vote go see our godchild!" Wanda said. Jorgen looked at Cosmo. "Cosmo, how about you?"

"Well…" Cosmo sighed and took off his plushie hat and looked at it. "Sorry Slamoo, but we can't just keep our god kid waiting, you understand, don't you?" He hugged the hat and poofed it away. "Okay I'm ready! We can go to Ocean World later."

"Okay!" Jorgen said. "But you might not go in a long while."

"We don't care." Wanda reassured him. "We just want to get our jobs again."

"Hopefully Slamoo won't hunt us down for this." Cosmo said. "He'll understand that our jobs are far more important, I'm sure."

"Okay, here we go!" So, Jorgen, Wanda, and Cosmo all poofed down to earth.

Down on earth they poofed on the windowsill as ants as they watched as a boy was being told what to do by his red haired babysitter. She threw a pail and mop at him and told him do the dishes.

"Mom told you to do the dishes!" The boy told her, popping out from the mess on him.

"Oh yeah!" She said. "Except that your mom isn't here now is she? If you don't work, you can always do what my little sister does when I give her chores and she refuses." She then walked to the phone, picked it up, and dialed a number. Then they a heard a girly scream at the end of the line. Then the teenager hung up.

"Fine!" The little boy narrowed her eyes at the red headed girl. "I'll do it. But when my parents get home from the movies…" The teenager hopped on the sofa, and turned on the TV with the remote.

"Relax twerp." She told him. "I'll order pizza for us as a reward."

"Fine!" Timmy said, going to the kitchen. "But no anchovies this time."

"Whatever." The girl ate some popcorn as Timmy disappeared in the kitchen.

"Boy, that teenager seems downright cruel!" Wanda said. "That poor kid."

"She's icky all right!" Cosmo agreed. "That's for sure. If we had a child, there's no way I'm hiring that girl to baby-sit him/her, that's for sure."

"She's icky with a V." Jorgen said. "That's why her name is Vicky, because she's icky Vicky."

"Hay Icky Vicky!" Cosmo observed, "That should be a title of a song!"

When Timmy was done in the kitchen, he exhaustedly crawled toward where the pizza box was sitting. He slowly went towards the stool looking awful, and took a peek. He gasped when there was no more in the box.

"Hey!" He shouted. "No fair, you ate all the pizza!" Vicky swallowed her pizza piece, and then looked at the child.

"Relax runt." She told him. "I saved you a piece." Timmy looked and screamed as she showed him his piece; it was covered with moss and dead mosquitoes. Vicky laughed evilly and threw the pizza away. It hit Cosmo in the face who fell outside in the bushes! Wanda and Jorgen checked to see if he was all right.

"Cosmo are you all right bisket?"

"I think so." Cosmo told her. "Except, who turned out all the lights? Wanda? Jorgen?" The pizza fell on the grass leaving a mess on Cosmo's face. "Well it's a little better, but it's a little dark still!"

"Come on Twerp." They heard Vicky say, dragging Timmy upstairs. "It's bedtime for you!" Timmy trued to get free, but the teen's hold was just too strong for him.

"But I don't want to go to bed yet!" Timmy complained. "It's not even 7:30 yet and you're hurting my hand!"

"Oh wah! Quit being such a crybaby and suck it up, will ya?"

"Let go of me! Let go, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!":

"Ok that's it!" Wanda said. Cosmo was done climbing and laid exhausted on the windowsill. "This is where I draw the line! That girl is evil all right, and I won't tolerate it any longer! We'll take the job Jorgen, that poor boy needs us!" She turned back into a fairy.

"He sure does" Jorgen agreed. "Well I'm going to leave" Jorgen said. "Have fun with the job you two, remember Da Rules book!" Jorgen poofed away.

"We will!" Wanda promised, then looked serious. She looked at the tired Cosmo."Come on Cosmo, let go and make our new god kid happy!"

"But can't it wait until I get a glass of water first? You see I climbed up a tree, and jumped to the side of the house to climb the rest of the way, and I'm…exhausted… right…now. Wanda?" He then noticed his wife flying to the kid's window. "Wanda!" Cosmo poofed into a fairy again, and flew after his wife. "Wanda!"

"Wanda are you crazy?" Cosmo asked her when they were at the window. "She'll she us and then we'll have too…"

"Shhhhhh!" Wanda shushed him. "Be quit or they might hear you." They looked inside, Vicky and the boy talking about how he wasn't tired and her favorite TV show.

"Whoa! This kid sure has a lot of neat toys!" Cosmo observed.

"Cosmo!" Wanda madly whispered.

"Oh right, sorry." He looked inside again. "So how are we going to get inside?" Wanda searched the room until her eyes landed upon a Magic 8 ball.

"We'll hide in that Magic 8 ball until it's time. Come on!" She flew into the room towards the ball.

"Wanda!" Cosmo called to her. "Wanda! This isn't such a good idea. We might be seen and…" He sighed when it was no use. "Ok relax Cosmo. You married this girl, which means you're stuck with her; even if you think her ideas are wacko! Come on Cosmo, you can do this, you can do this!" He flew after his wife. When he got there, the two fairies poofed inside the Magic 8 ball.

"Ow, Wanda your foot is crushing my skull!" Cosmo told her. They were cramped inside the ball.

"Sorry sweetie." Wanda said, raising her foot off of her husband's head.

"Man, this must be the worst hiding place ever! I hope we get out of here soon, I feel like a huge pickle trapped inside a miniature pickle jar!"

"We'll be out soon." Wanda told him.

"Really? When!?" Suddenly, they heard Timmy say "That's dumb!" and began to throw the ball to the wall.

"Like now!" Wanda said.

"What?! But Wanda w-a-i-t!" They both tumbled like clothes in a washing machine as the boy tossed the ball towards the wall.

"Come on!" Wanda told him after they were done screaming and the ball stopped. "This is our big chance!"

"Wanda I…" Then Cosmo focused himself. "She may be crazy at times, but come on Cosmo you can do this, you can do this!" He took a deep breath and then poofed out with his wife.

"HEY TIMMY!" They both said together when they saw their god child. They flew towards him.

"I'm Cosmo." Cosmo told him.

"And I'm Wanda." Wanda said.

"And we're…" They both said and backed up. "YOUR FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!" The words "Fairy God Parents" flashed and glittered beside them.

"So that is how you became dad's godparents?" Tammy asked. "Because of an evil babysitter?"

"Yup!" Cosmo replied. "That is exactly how we became your dad's fairy godparents."

"Cool! Just like us with Vickybot Tammy!" Tommy observed.

"Hey yeah!" Tammy realized, and then looked at their new godparents. "Just like dad!" Cosmo and Wanda smiled. Then they heard the Fairy Odd Parents theme

"Oh hang on." Poof said. "That's my fairy cell ringing, I got it." He took out his mobile phone and answered it. The music stopped.

So are you guys ready for some wishing?" Tommy asked the two.

"Oh yes!" Cosmo answered. "Just give as a command and we'll do it general Tommy!" He suluted like he was an army solider. "You wish is our command!"

"Great then follow my lead!" They followed Tommy to the door. They peeked outside and saw that Vickybot was talking on the phone ordering pizza (for herself.)

"Now I wish that phone cord will turn into a chocolate brown snake and coil Vickybot up!"

"You got it." Wanda said.

"One giant chocolate brown snake comin' up!" They lifted up their wands and poof! They all looked and gasped, instead of the cord turning into a huge snake, VickyBot turned into a giant milk shake!

"You know," Wanda told her husband. "Tommy said turn the phone cord into a snake, not turn Vickybot into a chocolate shake." Cosmo looked at his wand.

"Shoot! I got to get this fixed again!" Then he looked at them. "But it was still funny, wasn't it?"

"Well yeah!" Wanda agreed. "I guess it was funny huh?" Then they all laughed as they went back to where they were before. They stopped when Poof hung up and put his phone away.

"Guess what?!" He sounded excited.

"Ooooh let me guess." Cosmo said. "You lost a tooth and the Tooth fairy is coming!"

"No. Besides I don't have any more baby teeth dad."

"Oh shoot! And I thought I would meet the Tooth fairy again!" Wanda nudged her husband. He thought some more, and then snapped his fingers.

"You won us free tickets to see Slamoo at OceanWorld?"


"You…" Poof was so excited that he just blurted out.

"I got assigned to my very first god child assignment!" His parents were shocked to hear this.

"No way!" Wanda said.

"Yes way mom!" Poof told her. "I start today!"

"That's awesome news honey." Wanda said. "Who's your god child?"

"A kid with braces named Frankie."

"Hey!" Tommy said. "Frankie is my friend!"

"Well I guess we'll see you around kiddo!" Cosmo told his son.

"Guess we will dad." Then the two parents hugged their son goodbye.

"Be safe son and take care." Wanda told him with tears in her eyes. "And remember no matter where you are, you're still be our baby. We love you Poof."

"I love you too mom and dad." Poof said. Then he flew towards the window and took one last glance at his parents. "I'll be the best darn godparent you ever seen!" Then he flew off. The parents waved, Cosmo had happy tears in his eyes.

"They grow up so fast." He said dabbing his eyes with a tissue. His wife smiled at him, then looked at Tommy and Tammy.

"Yes, yes they do." She said going over to their god kids. "But no matter where they go, they'll always have a place in our heats." She rubbed their heads, making them both laugh.

"You know what guys?" Tommy said. She and Tammy hugged their godparents. I think this is the start of a beautiful, awesome friendship."

"And if our dad knew that you guys are here," Tammy added. "He couldn't agree more."

"I couldn't agree more Tammy." Wanda told her.

"Yeah!" Cosmo agreed. "We'll be the best friends you'll ever have, just wait and see."

The End