Crossover couples that nobody will ever think to write let alone want to read.

Here there be dragons. Harry Potter / Stargate fluff.

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Hermione Granger gazed lovingly at the man at the desk across the living room, he was hunched over a laptop typing furiously. How ever did she get so lucky.

She and Ronald Weasley had tried to make a go of it but somehow their relationship lacked substance. She needed an intellectual man in her life. Having spent years in a pitiful dating scene that was the wizarding world she withdrew. No amount of magic could make up for the silence when it came to discussing a good book, physics and theories or the latest in politics. Instead she found herself going back to school in the muggle world and emerging from University with a physics degree. She found a good job and rented a flat. Two years into her job she was recruited to go work for what she was told was a joint government effort. Jumping at the chance to do something more exciting with her life she signed the non disclosure agreement. Which was how she came to have met her current lover.

It started over his teasing that he'd be able to teach her chess yet. Despite her protests that many had tried and she never did get any better. They'd meet for lunch and play a game over the horrible stuff that passed for food. Then lunches evolved into evenings and from there it grew. Both were rather shy but she'd managed to make the first move in only a few months. He'd been shocked and protested at the age difference but that he'd lasted long. She'd not been so happy since the fall of Voldermort.

Standing she crossed the room and laid a hand on his shoulder. "You shouldn't work so late." he smiled up at her " Come to bed love." And with a gentle nod Radek Zelenka rose from the desk, wrapped an arm around Hermione's waist and together they headed for the door. Perhaps an odd couple, but par for the course here in Atlantis.


She'd been bound and determined to drink him under the table. Half a bottle of Tequilla later she was seriously reconsidering that thought.

Vala Mal Duran had accompanied Daniel Jackson on his latest trip study and help with the objects found in Merlin's underground structure in Glastonbury. Halfway through the trip she'd gotten bored and with permission was now on a little trip in London shopping and wandering, with an airman of course. The young airmen seemed slightly irritated but that was part of the fun. She'd been all over today and was looking food a good place to get a drink when she saw a sign for a small pub. It was somewhat busy but not packed. Dashing in she grabbed a seat in the back, while the airman rolled his eyes and took a table of his own towards the door. She ordered a drink with a paper umbrella and stretched her longs legs out for a moment. She had insisted to herself that she needed to wear the impossibly tall leather boots with her mock corset top and dark jeans. Unbelievably hot but not practical for shoping at all. She flirted for awhile, danced with a man or two and by the time she was ready to order her third drink of the evening the waitress was already bringing her one. Upon setting it down she informed her that it was from the tall man dressed in black at the end of the bar. She glanced up to smile at him only to see him heading her way.He quirked up an eyebrow and spoke in a low sultry voice. "Care to dance?" He wasn't a truly handsome man but was rather striking, that coupled with his voice let her know that he just might be worth her time after all. She extended her hand and let him lead her to the dance floor where she found his body was as fluid as his voice.

Several drinks, some light conversation and a few hours later she was practically in his lap. She shushed him for a moment, and signaled to the airman that she was ready to go. The man again quirked his eyebrow at the fact that she seemed to have a bodyguard but didn't seem put off. They hailed two cabs and returned to the hotel they were staying at for the night. The airman retiring for the evening and another taking his place on babysitting duty.

Vala and the man retired to her room where clothes hit the floor and the smell of sex flooded the room. No surface was untouched and while the sex was far from perfect it had been exactly what she needed. Something to take her mind off the man who refused to give into the sexual attraction she knew that both of them felt. And for right now this was heaven. Somewhere a few hours later tall dark and orgasmic was getting dressed again. He leaned down to kiss and tease her mouth once more before crossing to the door. "Wait she called out. I didn't even catch your name, and while it's unlikely we'll see each other again, I'd like a name to put with a pleasant memory." He smirked slightly at this. "I'm Vala by the way..." Dragging his eyes across her body longingly he turned the door handle. "I'm Severus. Vala It was, a pleasure." And with that he left smirking again at the airman as he passed by on his way to the elevator.

Authors Note:

Yes that was a bit odd I know. I was just compelled to write it for some reason. Please no flames, I know the couples were OOC and would never happen.Lets also assume they moved Merlins artifacts from the cave to somewhere closer lol. If you have an odd harry potter/stargate couple you want to see written here review with it and i'll try to write it.


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